A while ago someone created a blog about pet peeves they have on TMB. I liked it so much I decided to do my own rendition. A pet peeve is an irritating experience created by others that you can’t control. One example would be condescending people. People who don’t think that’s annoying are usually the ones being condescending. Sending a long text to someone and getting a one word response is a common pet peeve.


Another is people who park in the handicap space but, aren’t handicapped. It does your body good to take a few extra steps. So, please next time save the handicap parking for those who need it.

This is my top 15 pet peeves of TMB

1. Players who feel like they have accomplished something great by getting blocked. Getting blocked isn’t something to boast about. Most of the time people block you because you’re too annoying to deal with.

2. Players you block and then have their friends message you. Just when you think the person you blocked couldn’t be any dumber. One of their idiot friends message you and you realize you were wrong.

3. IU threads. Enough already, haven’t we learned that talking about bringing them to an end isn’t going to be easy? Creating threads about them isn’t going to help to the solution either. Instead of posting on the forums, get a Skype group together and work something out. After you do create IU bashing threads all you want but, until then you only make yourself look repetitive with these threads.

4. Players who flirt openly on the union board. I mean rated R kind of flirting. That’s just disgusting, you players that think it’s cute to do this but, it isn't. Flirting like that doesn't make you sexy or hot, it makes you look desperate and pathetic. So please keep it in your inbox.

5. Ugly players that post their actual photo on their profile.

6. Self-proclaimed players. Whether it’s calling yourself ‘TMB’s Best Killer’ or ‘TMB Queen or King’ just because you say you are doesn't make it so. Let other people give you a title, it makes it more legit.

7. Boring interviews. I’m not bashing the blog staff, I have respect for them because I know what they have to put up with but, PLEASE stop interviewing boring people. How about a Dante Gotti or Jingles interview? Hey, I even think Mr.Worker deserves an interview. As misunderstood as these kinds of players are, it’s players like these that keep the game entertaining.

8. Players that say, ‘I don't sit on TMB all day, I have a life’. Nobody cares about your life, okay? If someone chooses to sit on TMB all day that doesn’t mean they don’t have a life.*Editor’s note: Yes it does and that’s fine. We do care.

9. Players that say, ‘bring back the old days’. One thing that everyone can always count on is change. Leave the old days where they are and shut up about it, adapt or quit.

10. Players that don't even play but, love to complain about everything about game. I think people who don't activate shouldn't get the privilege of complaining about anything.


11. Farmers who farm but, claim they aren't farmers. Players like these are mainly found in IU/RU, Renegades, UC, and Phoenix.

12. Hardcore internet tough guy players that like to threaten you. Something tells me if you’re a player that likes to tell someone online you will punch their lights out, you are about as hardcore as Justin Beiber.

13. Selfish players. These are the players that act like they play for their family but, would screw their family over in a heartbeat to take their rank if they had to. These are the players that pull money out the family bank at the last minute or farm past a family member to satisfy their own selfish needs. I loathe players like these.

14. Voting polls that are actually popularity contests. Voting polls for turns never turn out right. Am I the only one who seems to notice that?

15. Players that try to be funny but, fail horribly at it. Gay jokes, banging your mother and sister jokes and racist jokes are dumb. If you have to try to be funny, stop it. You can find players like these in the forums or the blog areas.

So, there you have it folks, my top 15. Hope you liked it but, then again if you didn’t I don’t care. I just did it for the credits.