[color=Khaki]][img]Turbo Round 434
Waiting In The Shadows! Betrayal?[/img][/color=Khaki]]

[color=Khaki][img]Turbo round 434 started out quietly enough, rules were set for an all-out killing spree with no range. The first day was quiet. Collectors build ops and killers build du’s. Nobody jumped to level four. Would there be a bloodbath? Who would claim the round?
Killing had a different start, everyone built but, nobody was killing. Very few missions were done and only a limited amount of battle trophies would be seen. This could be the product of the new looting rules and being there was no range for the round. That was, until after day one when we see the 2fast2furious family start to get their battle trophies, building up over a million du's. They felt safe as they went to sleep on the second night. That’s when, out of the shadows came CIC, immediately jumping to level four. He builds over 3 million du's and starts the onslaught. First, the 2fast2furious family loses 3.5 million bt's, all du's to him. Once he was done with them he starts in on everyone with trophies. When complete, CIC has gathered 5.2 million bt's. Otherwise, killing for the round was relatively quiet until the last few hours when players start doing missions and attacks. Socrates being the only survivor from 2fast2furious took the free killer gold and CIC retained 4.8 million bt's to keep the supporter killer gold.
Killing family saw 2fast2furious take the lead however, after the mid round attack they were unable to recover and Take_Care took killer family gold followed by Cool_People_United and the sister family fast_and_furious.[/img][/color=Khaki]]

[color=Aquamarine]"All the talk of farming out there, it was time to show people that a well-timed attack and smart play can beat the farmers"-CIC[/color=Aquamarine]
[color=Khaki][img]Collecting, Ranking, and Boosting
Boosting wasn’t needed as there was no range and transfers within the family were on. Op building got off to a good start and continued through the round as there didn't seem to be any ops being whacked. So, the collectors build and build some more. Get up, go out for dinner, sit down, check TMB and so on through the round.[/img][/color=Khaki]
[color=Gold][img]We see CIC jump early but, obviously he was killing. As the round got closer to eor we see Patriot, Hang_Man and Suicide jump to level four, all three sporting the RU_IU icon. The last hour approaches, we see families made and collectors start to collect. Cash was passed around the families as people try to find ranks. Then, we see Lexus jump to four star and start to collect. Lexus also showing RU_IU icons they were obviously passing the cash to one another as the ranks are being passed around. We see Suicide bank up the family. Lexus doesn’t pass the cash and receives a last minute transfer to take the lead. With two seconds left we see a withdrawal by Suicide and with 1 second left he moves ahead by 303 billion. But, what went on? Who were these two fighting it out for the win, or, did only one know of the plan? Well, it was none other than TMK (Suicide) and his own consign, Italianboss (Lexus). [/img][/color=Gold]

[color=Chartreuse]"I wasn’t after Jackpot, and was definitely not trying to steal the win from my boss. A mistake on my behalf and a misunderstanding with some others caused this to happen." -Italianboss
[color=Orangered]"I called him (Sheik) , I told him there’s a big shit in my pants, my own con almost fucked me. All he said was, ‘Did you win?’" -TMK[/color=Orangered]
"I’m proud of you TMK, for not losing to someone who wasn’t going for the win.’” -Siilentbob
[color=Khaki]Back to the other ranks, Bill got level three gold followed by roper and Margot, not knowing who they were I couldn’t reach them for comment. Congrats on the ranks.
Level two saw Yoshie beat out Ketchie and Crippler for the gold. Level one saw Mr_Hustler beat out Criminalistics and Luan for the gold.
Collecting Families moved around, all over the place. The notable thing would be the last minute withdrawal by Suicide. One_Love takes the lead and wins gold. Unloveable saw some love and took the silver. Suicide's late withdrawal from the family bank brought Sheik_Says_No down to the bronze followed by Take_Care and High_Rollas. Overall it was an interesting turbo with some good killing and last minute excitement. What will the next turbo bring? Hopefully more drama and a clean pair of pants for TMK.

Congrats to all the winners[/img][/color=Khaki]
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