Greetings Mafiosos, we find ourselves midway through the final month of the Year! We hope you have all had a great year this 2019 and we would like to wish all our players a wonderful festive season ahead. But enough with the emotions, let us get down to the business of Blood, Money, Guns and dead Bodies.


THE RISE OF INNER CIRCLE! Yep. That is correct. You read it right. Inner Circle. Round 999 , 1000 and 1002 winners! We saw a change in the top family’s status quo during this round. Inner Circle. Jackpot and Family Gold in the swag-bag. No fucking around, no mercy, just straight up slaughter. Fucking Brutal shit. Babbo is a collecting machine. Wonder if anyone else noticed? He took the JP in Round’s 999 and Turbo 1000. And he deserved it. And that entire family works damn hard.

TRAP_HOUSE NOT SO SAVAGE ? They did take the Jackpot in Turbo 998 but in the Main round, again seemed to be plagued by tech/operation issues at round end. These guys definitely got the stuff to be in good standing to oppose IC , IU and anyone else in their way. They did manage to snag a Silver level 4, Bronze Family and some other notable rankings to stay within reach of IC and IU. These guys are lurking on the outskirts but just fall short at the moment to seal the deal. But I am sure it will happen, if they solidify their end game, would be straight up sleeping beside fish for many other families.

My observation is that they certainly do have some super fast collectors in their midst and I would say if they pulled together to analyze things, they could wrestle the crown away very easily

WHAT HAPPENED TO IU? If I had to take a wild guess from looking at the results, I would ask this question:...does the family become inactive when TMK becomes inactive? I mean, we all know that IU has some extremely experienced players. I’m not trying to poke the Bear, but I mean, it does beg the question: is it like a case of charity to not compete or.... is it something more sinister?

SOUTHSIDE: QUIET GIANTS OR OPPORTUNISTIC MOFOS? Main 999 Silver and Main 997 Bronze. Family. And a couple of slightly lower placed level 4 tiers, these guys don’t seem to be doing too badly. Seems it somehow got the attention of West_CoAsT, who decided they gonna try to fuckup SS this current round, this is going down as I write.

The WAR drama is on the FORUMS here:

At this point the current round standings look like this:

- SS are zeroed and in third place.

- West_CoAsT are much lower down, with some Du’s and ops intact and lagging.

So it’s all down to the wire.

At the end all that will count is who came out of it with the most turns after the dust settles, and bodies are buried.

At least, that’s how I see it as determining who really won and what exactly did they win?

WHERE IS TMK? Some would fondly like to think he is sitting on a secluded island sipping Mai-Tai’s and considering the merits of if the Thai Lady Boy’s actually look hotter than the Thai Escorts or not ....[from a purely objective point of view, mind you]. Others would say to shut up and let sleeping people sleep.

THOSE FU*#NG MULTIES! So we noted a very shitty trend this round when we tried to make a special round with higher reserves, it made people make multies. Duh. No brainer. I guess I was just being stupid to believe anything else would occur. Cheaters will always try to prosper. Anyway, the upshot of this is that we are going to be taking a closer look at how many devices we see on one IP or connection. We have installed some new stuff and any IP’s flagged, you will be hearing from us.


- If we spot more than one user on an IP, this is allowed. But if we spot use that shows too many on one IP, we gonna cap you and remove some accounts. We can’t tell who is cheating or genuinely sharing. So no doubt benefit will be given.

#2 - If any account activity shows suspect logins that indicate one user using two accounts [we can now see time stamps] we gonna cap one account.

REPORTING MISDEMEANORS AND COMPLAINTS: Guys we understand that sometimes you need to report some sensitive things to us about other players, or about suspecting cheating or about things that upset, or annoys you. We are here for you.

We would please ask: Please be careful and DO NOT CC in other players when contacting staff for ANYTHING please. Your info is safe and always confidential with us. We will never tell any player who is accused of anything who told us. But if you start conversations or include the person or people into your query or complaint or report, you are making it unmanageable for staff to address.


NO RANGE TURBO rounds are a very easy steal for looters and killers. Look for the high max % and 10-1 Ratio rounds. People get zeroed you take their cash.

For LOOTING IN TURBO THE LAST HOUR IS ESSENTIAL. Any good looter can tell you this, if you are playing under those above stated turbo rules. You pick up the freshly zeroed collectors loot and sometimes in NO RANGE you can really hit the jackpot!

LASTLY: It is almost peak holiday season and we at The Mafia Boss, wish all our players a happy festive holiday season and we hope you all have a wonderful New Year Celebration! Live long and Prosper everyone!

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