Greetings Mafiosos. We have heard your feedback on killing points and we have revamped how it works. So, in Main Round 1043 - we will be introducing the new killing points build, based on your inputs. This blog will uncover to you the kill points values that you will get from making attacks, and all attack conditions that our enthusiastic killers will need to know more about.


There will be no more generating Kill points, everything you earn will be made from making direct winning attacks on your opponents defensive units [DU's].

You will gain instant points from making attacks, directly based on values of armed DU's. So let's get to all the juicy info that you will need to know!!

Kill Points and Killing Notes and primer:
- No more KP generating,
- KP’s are earned only via making winning attacks on an opponent
- Kill order from weakest to strongest [Unarmed>>>Hitmen with AK47’s]
- All unarmed DU kills count for NO KILL points
- No cash can be passed during losing attacks
- Business attacks will still max as per the round rule setting
- Attack and earn Kp’s until the target is maxed or zeroed, whichever comes first

Here is the numbers to calculate what you will earn:7c26b8e2649f57b6d0d3c79c9fb69055.jpg

If you kill 1 HITMAN armed with:

AK= 1.5
Uzi: 0.45
Shotgun: 0.15
Glock: 0.045
Unarmed: 0

If you kill 1 THUG armed with:

AK= 1.0
Uzi: 0.30
Shotgun: 0.10
Unarmed: 0

If you kill 1 BODYGUARD armed with:

AK= 0.50
Uzi: 0.15
Shotgun: 0.05
Glock: 0.015
Unarmed: 0


This code will be uploaded AT THE START OF ROUND 1043. So in that first hour, there might be some small service interruptions, but as players all start maxed for the first hour, it should not have a big impact on anything.

All kills are made as DU vs DU, and its a pretty easy setup to calculate your KP based on the values we supplied above. For example If I kill 100 hitman all with AK's its 100* 1.5. I will get 150 Kp's. It's going to be pretty simple.

FYI these values are the very same we used in the earlier days of killing before we did the generating Kill points, so our older guys will be very familiar with the values of numbers we have provided.

We will monitor your feedback closely and we do hope that you will all enjoy this new change

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss