Greetings Mafiosos. So....Round 1035 started out relatively smoothly, as most families took stock of the new game dynamic with sub prices returning to normal. Families that in the recent past commonly held seats in the top 10 family ranks struggled on the tiers as they do not currently possess active looters.


A clash between Southside & Traphouse erupted early in the round as apparently a beef between Meh from Southside & Nes from Traphouse spilled out to include both families when the hits found their way to other members on both sides.

This triggered a build-off between TPK & The_Butcher.

It ended with TPK pre-building to 9 million operatives and 2 million DUs after beating The_Butcher down.

A ceasefire was called between the two families for now.

IU_RU was still at war with Traphouse and Sheikh saw an opportunity to set the record straight that he had not yet forgiven them for grievances of the past. He built and zeroed all of Traphouse family to send the message.

There seems to be still some sore feelings between Omerta and West_Coast, after West_Coast ranged, zeroed and looted the Omerta bank during the last 24 hours of a recent round or 2 ago. Reports from a good source have it that Omerta were hitting West Coast still for this reason.


While there is an unwritten rule that the last 24 hours of the round is a free-for-all, families would be wise to be cautious, and treat every minute of war and post war, with respect.

Wars have and can still start over any slip of the trigger. Saint was making his presence felt with a build of 2million operatives and 1.6 Million DUs. Omerta's ranks were spilling over into a 2nd family led by Roku, bolstering their alliance strength.

Loco made a comeback appearance with EverythingK and Skeemin building to 3 to 4 million DUs respectively and pushing hard on the looting. They climbed from the lower tiers of the top 10 families to the top 3 in just a matter of days.


The guns are blasting as people scramble for their final kill points as we enter the final 60 minutes of the round.

The final bankers are maxed and the loots and collects are sent up. Skeemin leads LOCO family at 60 trillion. DirtyNick isn't far behind with Omerta's bank at 52Trillion. TPK from Traphouse has built to 10 million Operatives, but he did not collect just yet.

2 minutes left in the round and the final moves are made.

- TPK collects to 80 Trillion and banks Traphouse to 42 Trillion, taking Gold Level 4 and Silver Family ranks.

LOCO takes family gold with 51 Trillion and a silver tier 4 for EverythingK!

- Omerta takes 3rd at 37 Trillion.

The Alchemists family drops from 6th in family ranks to 10th, but Clutch has managed to grasp 4th in tier 4.

LEVI from Inner Circle grabs Bronze Tier 4, but Inner_Circle comes in at 8th family rank, just ahead of Alchemists.

UC are steady as a rock seems unaffected by the new changes so far. They take 6th in the family ranks, led by Hollywood_Hubert.

The killers were quite active this round with opportunities lying in wake as the KPs stack up early on Traphouse and IU from their battle with each other.

- EverythingK from LOCO takes gold supporter killers with 11,520,306 KPs and

Ticio from LOCO grabbing that free killers Gold with 1,017,842 KPs!

- RavenT from Foundhell a ways behind in 2nd with 3,935,638 KPs

- Scrappy from Omerta just behind him in 3rd with 3,764,022 KPs.
All in all this was another great and fun round. We still have yet to see the full implementation of the changes to come, and we have not yet seen the full impact of the balance of the tiers, just yet, as most subs carried over from the previous round. This next main round should be quite interesting...

Stay tuned for upcoming rules changes news from admin shortly!

- The Mafia Boss Team