Greetings Mafiosos. Better late than never, we present the Main Round 1031 Round Up. So, Foundhell/IU just had a round stolen by S3XTOY and the main role players weren’t seen anywhere, leaving many in TrapHouse to talk about the S3XTOY victory without much contesting.

So kicking things off, TrapHouse ’s HAHAHAHA would decide to take over the tradition of someone building big out of the gate. He wouldn’t go unharmed for long. Later that night we would see quite a few moves that would show just because TrapHouse won, didn’t mean they were going to have free reign to do as they wish.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles we see West coast touting a new name… West_Coast_Never_Dies clearly a theme name statement to Omerta’s declaration of war rumored to be because of leaked screenshots of west coast’s family skype chat where the plot of hitting Omerta’s member Chaos who was banked high apparently holding loose cash that west coast would take advantage of the inability to max as they would loot 4 trillion in responses to Saints KP hunting of west coast members.

We asked a few members of each family what was going on exactly and it was clear Omerta was out for blood.

Benny-Blonco would take full advantage of HAHAHA’s overconfidence. Benny built to 11million DU’s and although he had a revenge to kill HaHa’s defensives HaHa was banked at 3 trillion taking Omerta's strategy from the round before to bank out of range and protect his ops from mass murder. Although Benny wouldn’t be able to have the range to get to his 4.8million ops, that’s what having friends are for after all.

Clearly not happy about his families op protecting strategy being copied, enter Saintbread building to 2million ops and collecting 1.7trillion and joining the attack with Benny taking his hit on HAHAHAs ops. Afterwards we would see Saint inviting Superman over to Omerta, from FoundHell to pass off 1.5tril, who would take it back to Foundhell allowing Benny to personally bank and having the range to spend the remainder of the round leveling HAHAHA's ops.

TrapHouse would not take kindly to this, as we saw the next day. TrapHouse and Omerta right back to war, as we see Wolf and S3XTOY as the names most popularly on the profiles attacking Omerta's ops. Given its widely known about Saintbread and Da_Secret being strong allies it wouldn’t be long before Griffoboi would jump in killing some of the TrapHouse members that were hitting his allies in Omerta. Leading to the rumors of a ceasefire between nameless and TrapHouse coming to a swift end.
It wouldn’t be long before TrapHouse would decide that Benny’s killing of HAHAHAs ops needed to be dealt with. Hype would be the TrapHouse member that would decide to claim that glory. It took me a while to confirm…. but after speaking to multiple sources, it was verified that Hype was far too eager to claim that glory and it backfired on him. Hype built over 6.5million du’s and went for the kill.

While we could make a million jokes here I'll choose the diplomatic path and just say to Benny’s surprise, he didn’t suffer a single defensive loss in the attack. Hype however was killed. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t buy guns…

It is believed that this comedic hit was the opening needed for a ceasefire talk to take place, and it seemed to gain success.

A ceasefire was agreed between Foundhell and TrapHouse to take effect at the day 6 mark. Benny would then return the range cash back to Omerta and no longer be op hunting HAHAHAHA.

The rest of the round would continue in bloodshed, in other places, leading us to the final 24hrs. It seems war is just something this newly reformed Omerta loves. Having dealt a significant blow to West Coast,with not one member would be able to maintain over 1mil ops, it seemed there was no other target being set in the sights of some of the trigger-happy 13 members.

Aires from SS hit a couple of the guys in Omerta, and then hightailed it over to Alchemist.
Rumor has it members reached out to Clutch to explain the new recruit was causing problems and Clutch responded by telling them: he would block them and to go fuck themselves. Saint clearly wasn’t a fan of this and builds to 3.6million Du’s, but it wasn’'t an early build to make his claim for the end of round. Instead we’d see him decide to turn his guns on Clutch’s 1.1mil du’s and 0'ing him.

Then the rest of his guys in Omerta would take out the rest of Alchemists. Is there another war on the brink here or was it something that had been building for a while now? Guess it's something we'll see later on.

The final hour finally comes about, it was clear Saint would be involved in going for the round. Building up to over 10mil ops, Would TrapHouse challenge? Nope.... because while a lot of attention was paid to Sheikh in IU starting to build,
then from out of nowhere, a member of Mitche's Money Making Mafia skyrockets to over 40mil ops.

Saint already collecting didn’t even bother challenging this person and sent off 80 tril to Dirtynick. We would find out that the person from Money Making Mafia who built, was none other than TMK! Did he just steal the round from Saint? When we asked Saint, the only response we got was “Leave me the hell alone”

Congrats to TMK on taking another round. Does this mean he's back for revenge? All I know is this round coming up should be interesting to see nonetheless.
Congrats to all the other medalists as well!

-Level 4-

-Level 3-
2.Grobar $7,008,434,542,545
3.TIME $2,806,516,770,452

-Level 2-
2.Z-42 $1,863,637,033,133

-Level 1-
3.12 $2,000,104,164,000

Sup Killers-
1.Benny-Blonco. 6,667,521
3.SaintBread 4,037,002

Free killer

1. MoneyMakingMafia Boss Lospollos$101,189,055,577,217
2.13-Omerta Boss SaintBread $55,015,139,391,890
3.Inner_Circle Bosss SnoMan $37,270,401,733,771