Round 1025 was yet another action packed main round!...... And what is going on with the bots?!?!?! We see net-worth values coming from the initial wave of bots at over 100 Billion each. WC_SalutesHealthcare family was all over it! They collect an astounding 10 trillion within the first two hours! Where was everyone else??? You snooze, you lose. Please Support your local looter

SALTY FEELINGS: TH vs. IU_RU,FH & CapoDiTuttiCapi WAR!!!

Let’s talk about this cataclysm of a war that is leaving the streets of TMB covered in dead bodies, blood and lot’s of salty emotions flying around.

Both IU_RU & Traphouse kicked off the start of the round immediately with 200k+ DU builds and a slug fest between the two families. Foundhell was seen building Hitmen/Hustlers and not participating in the initial attacks.

It is rumored that Traphouse member Kimbo, gave Bishop and family an ultimatum: Either confirm they were finished warring by the 20 hour mark on the game clock, or be wiped out!

Silence from Foundhell as they continued to build. Exactly on the 20 hour mark and no response from Foundhell, Traphouse strikes first. Zeroing all but Pe_We_Pe who had prebuilt to over 6 million hitmen!

EssentialBread (AKA Saintbread) in the WC_SalutesHealthcare family - donated around 1.4 Trillion to the Traphouse family, two days into the round. Could this be a reason he took a hit from Pe_We_Pe for it…. as the DU giant smacked his ops for over 2 million hitmen?

It appears there are no blurred lines in this war; either you're in it or you stay the hell out.

No further donations were given to Traphouse and Pe_We_Pe had ceased his attacks. IU_RU set the pace for the war with Forest, Fatal, Nuggz & TMK all building over 500k+ DUs. Traphouse coordinated a series of team attacks to bring them down.

Benny_Blonco from Foundhell wakes up late on Day 3, takes a look around and decides it is time to pick a fight. He messages everyone he finds online at Traphouse and challenges them to build. Neither side seems keen on building too high to kick it off, weary from a solid round of fighting previously. Not to mention, Benny had previously gone head-to-head with The_Wolf in a massive build-off just one round before which was very intense.

Benny at 138K Defense Units - was hiring for protection as he issued his challenges. He slipped up in protection for a second and was quickly zeroed by Turks (AKA Hype). Benny rebuilt again to 300K Defense Units, but Hype suicides what he had left. Another Traphouse member stepped up to the challenge and KLASHNEKOFF found a gap in Benny's protection, zeroing him again. Still, Benny would not give in and rebuilt, zeroing KLASHNEKOFF and leaving himself with 489K Defense Units [DUs].

vector Babe.pngThe_Wolf then decided to take point. He got to 700K DUs and zeroed TMK, who had over 500K DUs. He then turned on Benny, who had stopped protecting, and zeroed him leaving The_Wolf with 230K DUs.

Again Benny rebuilds! He begins his protection at 280K DUs and the two players begin circling each other as the real build-off begins. Both players protecting; The_Wolf builds to over 350K DUs. Benny had already been taking hits from Three Traphouse members and stopped protecting.

The_Wolf zeroes him for the final time for the evening and the build-off is over. Benny leaves a passing comment on his profile, before logging off for the night: "Money can't buy experience."

Not quite sure if there was even a winner here but very exciting stuff.

Much of the excitement dies down for the next few days of the round as the reality of attrition sinks in. All sides suffer heavy losses, with the exception of Pe_We_Pe who is quickly becoming Mr. Untouchable with his DUs sitting comfortably at ~4 million hit-men and no attacks received.


Elsewhere in the TMB world, WC_SalutesHealthcare is shaking things up once again ,as Stinky_Socks has built to over 6 million DUs with a rather itchy trigger finger. He hits the Southside_Elite family's bank, zeroing Maxx and taking his loose cash.

Southside_Elite is shocked at a hit from a Non Attack Pact family so early in the round and totally out of the blue?! [Apparently] The hit was not sanctioned by WC_SalutesHealthcare, however, and they compensate Southside_Elite with $3 trillion to smooth things over and all appears to be forgiven. The salt seems to have all been swept away.

black-mrket-gun.pngDAY 5 MARK

Turbo round has begun, but more importantly, Chaos has broken out in every city in every major family!

S3XTOY, a solo member builds and zeroes Pe_We_Pe & Essential Bread! But he isn't finished there and begins indiscriminately hitting every major bank and making his presence known. Pe_We_Pe no longer seems invincible and S3XTOY proves the old adage that everyone has red blood.

Things go quiet in Main. Attention is shifted to the Turbo round. The damage of the war is becoming clear, as Traphouse drops from the top ranks down to 6th. Foundhell still remains in the top ranks, but oddly enough do not support IU_RU with any donations and IU_RU drops to 8th in the family ranks.

0 Days 1 Hour MARK:

At last TOH everyone looks forward to. The heads of the family are maxed and banks are pulled. Inner_Circle and WC_SalutesHealthcare are neck and neck in networth at $73 Trillion each. Southside in 3rd with $28 trillion held by Maxx. 20 minutes left into the round and Pe_We_Pe has built to 40 million ops and 22 million hitmen.

It's clear he intends on taking the round as he collects over $600 Trillion with $100 Trillion banked to try to snag the Family gold, which they do.

What an exciting round! There seem to be no signs of peace are on the horizon as we get an early peak into round 1027 with Traphouse still at war with IU_RU, Foundhell & CapoDiTuttiCapi.

Who will win the war? What are your predictions? Can Pe_We_Pe keep up these massive builds forever? What is TMK doing? Is he taking a backseat as his seemingly new-found ally dominates the ranks? Who knows what deals are made behind closed doors?

Only time will tell.
Catch you all later with more news and reviews.
- The Mafia Boss -