Greetings Mafiosos, today Gazetta is checking in for a 2nd main round 1019 review. Also included is a short turbo round overview, which showed a very tense and exciting end.


First off, I always like to start with the impressive early builds of the round. We have Pe_We_Pe with the most du’s at 2.5m hitmen, as well as the most ops at 4m hustlers.

Following with the 2nd biggest build, we have TPK with 1.9m dus and 3m hustlers and lastly, we have action_jackson with 1.8m dus and 2.9m ops.

Another notable mention is boketto, a rogue in a family with only 2 members, building at over 1.4m dus.

Although we are early in the ranks, the family ranks are already taking off and they are tight as hell. Competition is extremely fierce thus far!

We have FH in 1st with 9.2T, followed by TH with 7.4T and IC in 3rd place with 6.6T. It is worth mentioning FH has exploded this round with 2 families, with the first having 18 members and the 2nd having 19. That FoundHell thing is a 37 member strong family!

Perhaps the family ranks have been tight due to the top looters from each family being neck in neck as well. Miko from IC, Sasuke from WC and miru from TH are all within 1k attacks of each other, each at 22k and over for the round.

Good going guys!


Let’s take a moment to quickly review the turbo as it was quite the show and then return to the main round. Turbo was a capped affair at 360k as well as being 10-1 ratio. We saw some eager players get massive builds early in the round, namely, Mini_Mike, 2chainz and Merlin. They all had over 15 million ops and 10m defensive's.

Merlin also did a huge collect to boost his family into first with 360T. Interesting to see such a huge collect that early into the round and it seemed to have payed off as it was able to secure a family gold.
Now, let’s talk about the fireworks that occurred at the end of turbo round 1020.

The timer showed 5 minutes on the clock and the Founders-are-rankers seemed like clear winners with dominant builds and more money than any other family.....That is until there was 3 minutes left on the clock and the TOUCHME family started popping off with huge builds as well.

From Main Round identities, it seemed there were 4 capped players from FH family vs 4 players for TH family competing for JP and family ranks. TH builders started collecting just as hard as they built, and it was quite a showing that required a tremendous amount of teamwork and speed. With 20 seconds left, Oreo from TH was sitting at 1.687 Quad and we had Mini_Mike from FH sitting at 1.180 Quad.

Within 2 second left on the game clock, Oreo just managed to bank a clean 400T for his family to secure a bronze rank.


Well done to TrapHouse for the steal and for the equally amazing challenge and fight put up by the new but fast upcoming Found Hell family.

Here are the comments I was able to gather from these two teams:

from tPk ::

Shout out to Nes and TheQueen for organizing and running Turbo. I didn't have much hand in the turbo.


from The_Queen ::

I just want to say that the JP win and the family Bronze would not have happened without the whole family's support.

This was Nes and My first time out running turbo solo.. though a big shout out to Jason who helped us EOR!

I would like to say FH gave a good showing and even with the extra help they had they were left in TrapHouse dust!

FoundHell refused to comment at all.
Here are the comments from the other families:

from Da_Secret

This was a entertaining EOR to watch, one of the better ones in recent rounds. Congrats to all the winners and let’s see that excitement keep up.

from The_Wolf

"Fam gold and killers. My round! "

- The_Wolf

from Skeemin

We'’ve been kinda busy in real life here at Loco so not much news to report.. we did however get a Level 2 silver but that’s all we can grab as we did not fill up


Now back to the main round! This round wasn’t as action packed as last round but still very interesting nonetheless.

At end of round, we saw TMK build from roughly 3m ops to a clean 6m ops and collect 33T for Traphouse. TPK also collected at round end - and managed to capture a JP win for himself as well as family gold with his last second banking!

This round, Pe_We_Pe took a more passive aggressive position, it seemed. He built over 8 million ops which led me to believe he would make a move for the JP win once again - but he decided not to. Interesting speculations I am sure, are running rife about his rationale behind this. The man is scary.

That being said, he still captured a level 4 silver with 28T. In third came click_clack from WC with 14T.

Well done Everyone!

Recent rounds Family ranks finished quite tight as we have seen these past few rounds. This round - In 1st, we had Trap-House followed by IC and then the two FoundHell families.

It is interesting to see the FoundHell families finishing in 3rd and 4th after a dominant performance from them all round.

Well done to Superman from FH to capture a level 3 gold, followed by 818 from WC and lastly Griffoboi from Nameless. Nameless always managed to steal a few tiers come eor. Great job People!

In level 2 ranks, nothing spectacular expect the last-minute looting Forest from IU did on hemahammer. Forest hit a home run by looting over 1.4T off of hemahammer who was holding 4T cash ready to rank but didn’t get maxed! Luckily, hemahammer still had just enough cash on hand to secure the level 2 gold.
On the killer ranks, we have Hype with an impressive 12.3m kill points!

That is definitely one of the highest kill counts we ha’ve seen within recent rounds.

On free killer ranks, well done to Clutch for securing a gold killer ranks with 310k KP’ S over the 2nd place finish.
Well done to all the winners and looking forward to see what’s to come in future rounds!

Will TH continue its JP winning streak? Will Pe_We_Pe Bust out? Will TMK blow shit up?

Stay tuned folks!

Gazetta out!


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