Greetings Mafiosos. After another uncontested win for TMK in round 1015, it seemed that someone had enough and wants the throne That someone is Pe_We_Pe. The general round end TMB ritual and strategy, has always been to build during the last few minutes of the round and then fast-collect big, in hopes of winning the top spot...... but that was not going to hold to form in this round.


With the first 30 minutes of the round, Pe_We_Pe built to roughly 30 million ops and 18 million du’s. On top of his monstrous build, he collected roughly $420 trillion. Many thought the round was already over, then and there!

FoundHell Family was already in first place by an incredible margin and there was no way for anybody to catch up, without spending big bucks.

It was quite the showing if you missed it. I do not have a doubt that his name was ringing in everyone’s ears. ‘Is Pe_We_Pe another one hit wonder like so many others we have seen?’ ‘Has TMK finally found a worthy challenger?’..... I for excited to see the rounds to come!


We also saw Salty from TrapHouse as well as DARKSTAR from Inner Circle open up an all thugs and bodyguard bank for their families, respectively. On Loco’s side, we saw Skeemin, the boss of the Loco family, start with an aggressive build, as well, in hopes to bring his family to the top.

The round was off to a slow start as it felt like everyone was still recovering from Pe_We_Pe'’s bombshell of a build. Within the family ranks, we quickly saw top tier families such as IC and TH quickly fall behind in the ranks as underdog families such as SouthSide and West Coast wasted no time getting down to business.

As the round progressed, TrapHouse awoke and started working up the family ranks. On the other side of the world...., Inner Circle was either taking it easy, or hanging back to watch things develop. The other families kept on looting hard and doing some great work.


Up until then, TMK, often regarded as the ruler of TMB, hadn’t said or made any moves. It seemed as if he was feeling out Pe_We_Pe..... until it happened........At roughly 1 AM EST time, when most were asleep, TMK was preparing to attack, like a killer shark eyeing his prey.

He built to roughly 19 million du’s and collected just enough cash to be in range of the mighty Pe_We_Pe and pounced on him, leaving his enemy with 0 du’s and a big loss.

Alas! It wasn’t the end! Pe_We_Pe rebuilt back up to roughly 17.5 million dus and now had over 58 million ops built! That is one of the biggest builds this game has ever seen! It was truly an astronomical amount. With this bold move, Pe_We_Pe confirmed he was out to make a statement and would not easily get pushed around.

As this was going down, the other families kept their head down and continued to do what they do best. Loot, bank, kill and collect. The ranks were led by FoundHell, followed by IU and in 3rd place we had TrapHouse.

IC was falling behind on the ranks until another major turn of events happened....... One blink of an eye and you could have missed something special. ......IC received a generous donation from Pe_We_Pe of over $60T dollars which then placed them in 3rd place for family ranking......Just roughly 30Trillion shy of the 2nd place IU family.

........Was it simply a generous donation? Who really knows the motive behind Pe_We_Pe’s actions? These next few rounds should reveal the secret behind this story.


Now, with roughly 1 day left on the game clock, and many possible turns of events yet to happen:

We have Salty sitting on an impressive 4.4 million du build, followed by DARKSTAR at 4.1 million du’s and then Skeemin at 2.9 million dus. It was going to be interesting to see who ended up on top for the supporter killer ranks!

It is finally down to the last 5 minutes of the round and this is when all the action happens! ....Who else other than Pe_We_Pe? He built up to an astonishing 83 million ops and started collecting like a mad man. TMK is still nowhere in sight.

- As the round ends, Pe_We_Pe finishes first with a over 4 quadrillion collected and no one even close to him.
-TMK took 2nd place level 4 with 48.5T and 3rd place went to Miru from TH with 21.5T.
- Well-deserved tier for Miru as he had over 92k hits out on the most violent page.

On the supporter killer ranks, we had a strong showing from many contenders. Darkstar ends up taking silver displaying a great amount of skill considering he started killing only within the last 3 hours of the round.

In 3rd place, we have Skeemin followed by Sobriety (who is a new name in the rankings) and finally Salty in 5th place.



To briefly and generally summarize all other ranks: FH completely dominated and took gold in every other level. Rarely have I seen a family dominate the ranks as they have done last round.

On the free killer’s level, well done to Fighting_Irish from the Loco family who collected over 1 million KP’s.Very impressive as a free killer.

Family ranks were as expected: Foundhell followed by IC and IU in 3rd place.

Overall,this was a great round for everyone and full of action! Hope y'all enjoyed the brief summary read here!

Gazetta out!

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