Greetings Mafiosos, Gazetta is back for a third review and I hope you guys are enjoying them so far! I am very excited to be reviewing this one as it seems ripe to explode at Round End. Just to take a short time out- we hope all our players keep safe and sound during these troubled times. Enough said, let us get to all the latest game news.



Here were some of the impressive mid round builds:

- Roku from West_Coast was the first to build big this round with roughly 6.4m ops and 4m du’s.
- ’Islander’ with 10m operatives and 6m defense. Profile message reads “Build”. I wonder who he is talking to?
- The usual suspect.... Pe_We_Pe... builds with 3.3m ops and 2.1m dus.

As for the family ranks:

West_Coast currently in first place due to a huge collect done by Roku and the rest of WC. They are sitting at 21 Trillion and they don’t appear to be looting this round.

In second place with a completely opposite approach to WC, we have TH sitting at 11.6T only on loots. Quite impressive considering it was only 3-4 days into the round. Well done to Nes and miru for smashing those bots sitting at 35k and 29k attacks out, respectively.

In 3rd place, we have IC lagging behind with 4.7T and they seem to be a mix of both collecting and looting. Well done to tommypichero for the 23k attacks out thus far in the round.



The JP win went to LilGuy-AKA Roku from West_Coast at a cool 202 Trillion. His bio stated he had assistance from Nameless members, namely Da_Secret and SaintBread.

Boss of West Coast: Domiola, had this to say about the turbo round: ‘Great work by all of West Coast, last minute decisions are key with EOR’s and that was what happened here, it’s West Coast’s second jackpot in a few rounds which is awesome to see. Massive well done to the entire family’

Roku added ‘Huge thanks to those who backed me and especially WC because we would have had no chance without the awesome support of our active guys dropping off heaping bags of loot at eor. Truly a beautiful mix of many strong forces in this game. Not to mention another gold for WEST_COSTRA_NOSTRA’.

In 2nd place, we have fly with 118Trillion And 3rd Place followed by seto_kaiba with 38T.

The level 3 tiers went for extremely cheap this turbo considering the hefty payout they have to offer. Level 3 gold in turbo pays out a generous 100k turns and only went for 6.7T! The runner up was not too far off with only 400 Billion difference in net worth!

It is weird to see the level 1 and 2 tiers go much more expensive although they offer a lot of less turns!

Level 2 rankings were seemingly a bit quiet.....

but at level 1 we saw another extremely tight finishing for ranks.

Gold place went for 10 Trillion - captured by bigbang_theory, followed by TB12 with 9.8Trillion and in 3rd place we have the_happy_man with 9Trillion.

Over on the Killer Ranks side, it was a tight race as well for both supporter killer and free killers.

Well done to Wuhan for capturing supporter gold with 7.5m KP’s and having built over 7.8m thugs and bodyguards throughout the round. In 2nd place, we have alphabet man with 6.6m KP’s and in 3rd place we have BunkBed with 4.5m KP’s.

Over on the family ranks, we have On_Fire which really stayed true to their name smashing family ranks with 160 Trillion in the bank. The 2nd place family had 105 Trillion and the bronze family finished with 102 Trillion. Extremely close finish here as well and I bet the 3rd place family is hitting themselves over losing silver for a measly 1.5 Trillion.

That just about wraps up the turbo review folks and let’s head back to main round as it is once again, an extremely interesting round.


Earlier in the round, we saw Islander, who jumped from TH to IU, collect well over 120T and fam bank IU into 1st place. Then, the generous donation followed once again! IU donated over 90Trillion to the new Foundhell underdogs.

Will this trend of generous donations continue? What is going on behind the scenes with all of these families? What deals are being worked out behind closed doors? Very interesting to see how it evolves. It is almost just like real life Mafia.

In the family ranks, we have FoundHell in 1st place with 90T, followed by West Coast with 48T and in 3rd place, we have TH with 41T.

At this point in the round, it is worth mentioning the amazing work done by TH looters, namely Nes and miru. When combining their attacks, they have over 146K attacks out! That is astonishing for only 2 looters and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


And then came the explosive ENDING that nobody expected:

4 minutes left and we saw S3xtoy from TrapHouse pop off to a crazy 35million ops and start collecting hard. He ended the round with 1.7 Quad and family banked at the last second to pop his family into 1st place.

Executed to a tee. Well done to him.

TMK finished in 2nd place with 99 Trillion and didn’t even have enough time to react to his challenger. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that to happen!.

This round saw extremely tight ranks in levels 1 and 2:

- The difference in net worth for 1st place to 3rd place in level 1 was only 1B! Well done to Wall_Street for securing that gold followed by silence and mitch in 3rd.

- On the level 2 side, it was a tight race between the 1st and 2nd spot as well. We have man_in_black in 1st with a finish at 2.2T and in 2nd, we have Adversary with 2T.

- Over on the killer ranks, well done to Roku who took gold supporter killer as well as GOAT who took gold free killer with an impressive 1m+ kps. GOAT is turning out to be a skilled player all around for UC. I pay respects where its due and this is the case right here.

Family ranks saw TH first with 141T, followed by West Coast with 73T who pushed hard for family gold but couldn’t quite capture it and lastly, we have FH with 65T.

Another exciting EOR and here to hoping we see this action continue once again into the next round! Will TMK bounce back and respond to the new JP competitors? Will Pe_We_Pe pop off again and collect 4 Quad to make another statement? Is S3xtoy the new TMB king to come?

Stay tuned to find out!

Gazetta out!


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