War news has been something I have sort of shied away from for over 20 rounds now. Not because I do not like writing about it, but because it was the same shit over and over again. But this one is almost too big to pass up. The game has developed into almost a good vs. evil side. Which side you are on will probably be determined based off which family you’re in.

As many of you have seen NH has developed into a well rounded union. Ranking and killing and well all out doing what they can to continue to create a splash in the TMB world. It's clear to see that IU/RU has noticed this and are responding with guns blazing. Literally! They have focused on very heavily taking out any ops that are even associated with NH. Likewise NH has been putting a pounding on IU. One could ask if these two power houses are just going to wait to go all out at EOR. We have seen no major big builds accept for a few that clearly has shown in the level 4 ranks. But something tells me the EOR is gonna be exciting every round with these two families.

Most wars have a purpose. Well usually they do. These past 100 rounds of TMB wars have almost really not existed. They were more along the lines of everyone hits everyone. Thus why war news was never really posted on my end. But this bout is a little different. Each side clearly has a purpose in the fight and it's not just to kill one another. NH trying to restore TMB to a respectable form again and IU trying to continue game domination. Who’s in the right is really based off of opinion. But until one of these goals is met, I would imagine this war will go on for awhile as these two sides do not get along well.

On a side note we have seen some old fams popping back up on the map such as windycity fams as well as NYC. Are these fams going to take a side in this huge war of the giants or will they remain to the side in the shadows and wait for the right moment? Something tells me they may just let the big dogs play and continue to grow. Until then, they will sit back and watch the fireworks which I’m sure will be nothing short of amazing. I know I am actually excited to see a war that’s being fought for something. Almost gives me hope that city value may mean something once again. Then perhaps alliances and Naps may step into play. It’s clear to see that the playing field has leveled out a little more and perhaps TMB is starting to bounce back from its little recession it was in. I have seen an increase in players as well as activity. Hopefully it sticks, and we can continue to all have good times killing each other on here. One thing I’m still waiting to see is the post from Pope about the purpose of NH and the goals. It was stated before he would be posting this and I for one would like to read it. AS perhaps then we would really know the purpose of this big war.



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