Since the dawn of the new rules, one partnership of unions has set the standard for success on TMB. Hate them or love them, the UT/IU/RU trio have dominated the rankings and proved their strength against firm opposition numerous times in the recent past. However, having taken the place of renowned monopolies of old this group of Mafiosos, through their manifesto of “You build, You die” for challengers. Also, the severe operative hits on rival families have managed to alienate themselves from the majority of free players and families. In doing so, they have in a way caused the emergence of the New_Hope union, whose purpose for now seems to be to end this dominance and to bring about change on TMB. Round 407 was the first serious challenge faced by UT/IU/RU from New_Hope, and against the odds New_Hope won causing a wave of excitement on the forums and predictions from UT/IU/RU members that this feat would not be repeated. Enter Round 409.

The killing that greeted the start of Round 409 was of a different sort. New_Hope Union began attacking the operatives, low networth builders and heavy builders of UT/IU/RU from the offset and this was returned in kind. New_Hope’s “Head of union affairs”, Popebenedict proclaimed in a forum post

“Come bring new hope to the game and play your part in defeating the IU/RU menace!”

The result was a completely zeroed game by Day 9 mark. The familiar sight of IU killers, sporting 500,000 defensives and killing anything in range, was missing from the scene apart from the notable exceptions of IU/RU member No_Mercy aka Drob with 400,000 defensives and Lost_Boys member Bomb who boasted 1,500,000 defensives for much of the round. With members from both sides killing, boosting and suiciding upon their counterparts, there were slim picking on the killing fields and its impact could be easily seen in the killer rankings. Supporter gold for instance was taken by No_Mercy with a kill count of 2,800,000 which in previous rounds might not have been enough for bronze.

In the midst of the blood and gore one of the oldest surviving families on TMB, Southside were celebrating the birthday of their don Big_Sarge with a themed round to pay homage to this excellent veteran of old. We caught up with the birthday boy and his partner in crime and life for their comments on the round.

From Big_Sarge (Birthday_Sarge)

Well I had a few turns to burn this round and we had two collecting families building Ops. Andy messaged me asking if we should fill the one family, which turned out to be a great idea. I had built up to over 450k ops and had about 55k turns, which I thought would be a nice collect. I ended up putting about $240 bil in the family bank, which put us into 1st for a while. I honestly didn't think that we would medal. I thought that once all the supporters started their collects we would be pushed down into the rankings. We had a few others in the family that broke out some turns as well. Honestly, I was just hoping for a top 5 ranking family. Most of the big collector families didn't build like they normally would.

I'm happy with the end result and don't believe for a minute that we can run with the big
supporters, but occasionally the smaller families can have a good run of luck. I'm just happy that we were able to do this on our own. SouthSide has always been about the families and working together to achieve our ranks. To say that I'm happy with the end result is an understatement.

Well I decided to collect this round as I had many things going on in life. This was also the first time working with/in the RosatoBros family. Overall, SS did fairly well and I wouldn't change a thing about our wonderful group of players. ~ Lil_Bit
I am hoping for Big_Sarge’s sake that the things she mentions going on in life revolved around kinky birthday sex.

After the disappearance of Tokyo_Syndicate, the new union with fine leadership I mentioned last round it is with great apprehension that I give the floor to IJA, a fine leader from the newly reformed 29 union for his comments on Round 409 and wish him and his union much better luck.

We just missed out on top ten collecting family ranking last round, but I came 5th in lvl1 and daveyboy 6th in lvl2. We have the same 20 in the family again so we are slowly building a loyal bunch and things are showing potential :-D ~ IJA
In the killer rankings IU/RU kept firm control over killing family gold but stiff competition was being presented by UC_Avengers and ICS_Demons for silver. Both families taking advantage of New Hopes war on IU/RU to keep pressure on the leaders. UC_Avengers in particular were locked in a fierce battle for second with IU/RU’s second killer family for most of the round with the slimmest of margins between the two families. Neither UC nor IU_RU however could secure silver in the end though as ICS_Demons leapfrogged both families in the final few hours of the round. UC_Avengers told bronze and IU/RU took gold and fourth place. Such has been IU/RU’s dominance over the killing aspect of the game, that even though they took Family and Supporter gold, this was their weakest showing in the killing ranks in recent rounds.

As the end of the round approached the streets were hushed as once again and all bets were off. Lucky_Lady, aka Danzig, was the first to begin his collect. After his flawless victory in turbo he seemed on his way to taking another Jackpot in quick succession. But just when hopes of a challenge seemed to be dwindling Popebenedict jumped into Level 4 and was quickly followed by fellow union member Chong. Untouchable’s member Zeus, aka Realt, sensing danger wasn’t far behind in jumping levels to help his family member and another JP challenge had begun. What unfolded in the last 10 minutes of the rounds seemed to be a comedy of errors from the veterans of Untouchables, and some perfect lighting fast collecting and transferring of cash by Popebenedict and Chong. Realt accidently managed to max Danzig while Popebenedict was able to transfer all cash collected to Chong allowing him to secure another remarkable main round victory for New_Hope and his first level 4 gold.

We managed to get both Chong and Danzig alone afterwards for these comments on the round and that exciting EOR.

From Chong

Round 409 was not nearly as eventful or as interesting as the previous one, round 407. However, Round 409 was the initial round of the war that New Hope declared on P-U, err I mean IU/RU/UT/LB/RSTLNE (our enemies). Due to the benevolent efforts of the members of New Hope, our enemies found much difficulty trying to solidify a foundation. Our enemies have grown accustomed to being able to build big without consequence, but that changed in round 409. I do not know how many times our enemies’ big builders were zeroed, but it was certainly a lot more than normal.

Also, in the killer family ranks, our enemies were able to get the top spot, but second and third place were extremely close behind them. Normally the gap in the killer ranks is significantly larger than it was in round 409.

I really can’t say enough about how well my fellow New Hope members did last round. I am really proud of all the effort they put forward. At the end of the round, the pot was still small up until around 48 minutes left on the clock.

Last, but not absolutely not least, I want to specifically thank Cheech, Pope, and Ace for all their combined efforts in helping me achieve the goal of a level 4 gold medal. I am very honored to have you all as friends and team members. It took 3 tries to get the medal, but this one more than made up for the others.

From Danzig

Having NH around is good for all of TMB. There is finally real competition. The thing with the old "rotation" it was set up to get people cheap wins. IU and UT working together is only about dominating the game. We enjoy having a challenge and that is the difference. The old rotation system would allow anyone into the fold that could upset the apple cart.

We knew they would challenge and that’s where I dropped the ball. I shouldn't have tried to put a square peg into a round hole. Tony having problems was unexpected but I knew it was shaky from the beginning. Hell I knew Pope could collect fast...but he collects so fast it's almost machine like. (devil)
Collecting Family Medals saw New_Hope take gold in what proved to be a very successful round for the new union. Silver was taken by members of 13_Omerta_Blood family which was made up of the Omerta/Ics/Uml alliance and bronze was taken as Birthday present for Big_Sarge by the SouthSide_Rosatobros family.

Here’s a quote from AndyRosato, the boss of SouthSide_RosatoBros:

RB has had a rank like we did coming to us for some time now, we deserved it, we worked for it, and I won't humble myself by saying we didn't earn it. In my opinion it was more than just luck, it was something we earned and through our work with SouthSide we were able to put the icing on the cake and achieve 3rd and a medal, as opposed to the 6th-10th place we may have earned on our own last round.
Supporter killing prizes were taken by No_Mercy, Bomb and Mastapimp in that order. Free killer prizes saw Timesup aka Darkman from UC_Avengers take his first killer gold followed by ICS_Demons members Gaara and Kitchen_Sink who took silver and bronze respectively.

After last rounds free killer gold winner, Spade305 from UC jumped ship to IU/RU I found it safer to get these comments from Mastapimp who won supporter killer bronze. If we lose Darkman, Constanzia would kill me so here’s Mastapimp with his thoughts on the round and his bronze medal.

From MastaPimp

Last round was decent, I was looking to complete my killing set but bomb came and passed me.. I didn't really mind it, always can grab it another round but Pope gave me hard decisions last round on his late changes he made... a big congratulations to Chong on his level 4 gold!
As far as my fam is going.. it is well.. I am looking to expand in a bit but not too soon.
As a reward for bearing with me and reading another long review I would like to end with the inspiring words of the beautiful Sexy_Jag about UC and their round,

With Splooge leaving I'm sure many mistakenly thought that things would fall apart and UC would die, yes we have had a few rough patches, but every union does. Like we have always said we are UC and we not going anywhere, I'm very proud of all the hard work everyone does, I'm also very proud of how everyone did in the ranks

*Paw Prints*

Here are the medal winners ladies and gentlemen.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Chong $43,337,720,770,638
2. Lucky_Lady $21,834,339,782,107
3. Zeus $11,038,829,344,595

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Harajuku $809,691,621,623
2. Cassius $193,137,050,359
3. xXx $186,901,563,322

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. KillinChris $222,189,855,061
2. IDJBro $137,471,579,005
3. EMIR $56,253,042,458

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. RoKSOLOsA $50,478,987,405
2. Morning_Cow $47,617,039,265
3. cliff $36,954,134,024

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. NO_MERCY 2,882,835
2. BOMB 1,881,117
3. MastaPimp 1,847,890

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. TimeSup 1,278,535
2. Gaara 1,254,697
3. KitchenSink 1,069,477

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. NH_Badboyz MastaPimp $1,541,328,702,042
2. 13_Omerta_Blood MissMack $1,002,415,215,147
3. SS_RosatoBros AndyRosato $765,715,516,540

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. RU_IU 5K 9,878,775
2. ICS_DEMONS Mr_Eight 8,469,893
3. UC_AVENGERS nexus 8,383,625

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