Greetings Mafiosos, welcome to the 1st of July 2020. Today we bring you some short updates, anecdotes and we also pay tribute to some players who have been making waves in this past month and a half.

[from gold to bronze]

1039: Inner_Circle, Traphouse,Foundhell,
1037: IU_RU, Traphouse, Inner_Circle
1035: Loco, Traphouse, Omerta
1033: Inner_Circle, Foundhell, Southside
1031: MoneyMakingMafia, Omerta, Inner Circle

Here it’s anyone’s fave pick for the best performing overall family It’s been a pretty mixed bag but Inner_Circle in the past rounds have been showing their mettle with 2 golds and 2 bronzes. Not a bad haul for family ranks.


1039: J-Money - Inner_Circle
1037: TMK - IU_RU
1035: TpK - Traphouse
1033: SaintBread - Omerta
1031: TMK - MoneyMakingMafia,

TMK staying tough and taking 2 gold wins here, where things have been tense in the preceding rounds. New returning veterans Omerta making a showing and impact with SaintBread taking one gold. Never ever under-estimate Trap House. These guys have been a major disruption to the status quo and it was good to see TpK take a win also after being quiet for a bit on his side. Traphouse are the dark horses who can at anytime create the biggest havoc to the best laid plans.

And how about Inner_Circle making a big push last round with J-Money taking it? This is another strong contender team that at any time can decide to upset the apple cart, and burn the entire neighbourhood down when they so choose.

A massive thank you to these and all other teams and players who came second/3rd and got no mentions. Thank you for the wonderful competition and community to all of our players!

[Supporters and Killer respectively]

1039: J-Money - Griffoboi - [Inner_Circle, Nameless]
1037: TMK, Bigfoot - [IU_RU, Traphouse]
1035: everythingK, Ticio [Loco, Traphouse]
1033: ravenT, VOTAN [Both Omerta ]
1031: Benny-Blonco, Sign[both F/H]

Killer ranks have been a pretty mixed bag also with no clear dominating family or single player and it seems to be a tough slog to the end. I would love to hear the game’s popular vote on the current most efficient or best or notorious killer, its not easy to just go from the results.

We are still working on the kill points, removing all the old code in there so we can give you a clear clean DU vs DU kill point result. It has been a bit slow going but we are now gaining momentum with the testing and we will soon have this live. We are pushing to get it live by next round, it has taken a few days longer than expected due to our coder being ill and off sick.

It will soon be a big benefit to all players who register their emails. We will soon be doing some EMAIL marketing promos and giveaways so make sure you guys all register your emails and in due short time you will be able to get some special offers via your registered email!

- We are aware of a bug that does not allow off switch of email notifications
- Scrambled mailbox text stretching mailbox window
- Disband family Boss glitch
- Name Protection not working
- Android: Not allowing auto login fix needed

7c26b8e2649f57b6d0d3c79c9fb69055.jpgReporting Bugs: Please report all bugs to the admin. We only have one coder so while we might not fix it immediately if it does not impact the gameplay heavily, we will get to it!

New Game Ideas: Please post this on the forums under GAME SUGGESTIONS. Sometimes you guys send it to our inboxes and it would just get lost. So please just post it there. When we are looking for new ideas, we will search there first!

New Blogs, and stories will follow soon, and we are busy revamping our blog team yet again. We DO need help always! If anyone is interested and thinks you would like to be part of a blog team, please contact Tiki, in the game and let her know, she will have a chat with you about what we are currently doing and you can see if you would like to get involved.

I am also looking for people who can do some video recording of the game, and gameplay to help make some basic tutorial videos for youtube. If anyone has any experience with this, and you think you can help, please give me a shout!

Ok people so that's it for this month start, lots of love to everyone, thank you for your support and participation in the game!

- Thank you from The Mafia Boss