Greetings Mafiosos, we have been hanging onto this interview for a few weeks. Now it is time to show everyone a brief glimpse of the shady wheelings, death-dealings, of a well loved member one of the games most prolifically successful families ever. So without further ado and drama, we bring you the LuckyNate Expose!

TMB STAFF: Welcome Nate! Thank you for taking this interview with me. I understand that you've brought some friends with you?

LuckyNate: Yes I have. This game has always been about friends! It’s the only reason I still play. You showed up late, so I called in the A team - Bigant, Righty, Nomrcy, TMK, and RoRo.

Big Ant: Hello!

Righty: TMK is the platinum team. That's why he was excluded from the A team fyi.

Big Ant: Was gonna say ....damn Nate...are you writing a book or what!?!

NoMrcy: About time he showed up, Hey!

TMB STAFF: Howdy boys!

Righty: Thanks for having me Nate.

TMB STAFF: Nate, let's start with the basics. How did you find out about TMB, and do you remember the first family you joined?

Righty: Now here comes the book…

LuckyNate: Well, back in 2007 a friend showed me this game, I started with a small family but I don't remember the name. I do remember being a part of West_Coast when it had like 3-5 families and dominated. Then a family called the donkey_punchers...great name by the way, I wish I could say I was a part of the name donkey_punchers, but I truly can't remember. I partied pretty hard in my 20's and much of it is a blur..

Big Ant: Donkey Punchers, I love that name!

LuckyNate: Ant we had 2 families I think? My drinking days … I remember some fat chick showing me her nasty huge cans. Remember that … it was great.

TMB STAFF: Alright, let's cut to the chase then! You've brought an entourage of notable TMB players with you today. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the IU_RU_HQ crew? Let us know how you ended up from the West_Coast multi-family legacy, to rolling with the most notorious crew in the game?

LuckyNate: Well … After leaving the game for a few years, I came back to join a union that we all know as Brotherhood. I stayed there for a good few months and met one of my best friends in the game - Righty. I was quickly promoted to run my own family in the union. It was myself, Righy, CJ (Hypocrisy) and Damien running the show. We were killing it for a few rounds. DirtyNick came back and blew it all apart however. I left to Legends and Damien went to … I can’t remember.

NoMrcy: Didn’t know you and Righty went so far back.

Righty: What 5 years now? Nate? 6?

LuckyNate: Legends … that was a great time. I met some of my favorite people in this game there. Legends was led by a council just like every other union in the game. While I was there, the leaders were EddieFitz, Circean, Greenes, Scouser, Gale, Vito, and myself. Southside was a part of the union, but considered outside as far as business goes. That’s mean but true.

TMB STAFF: When I think ICS, I think Scouser. Was he the real ICS headmaster, or did he just come in on the tail-end?

Righty: Scouser? I was thinking it was Eddie that was in charge.

TMB STAFF: Eddie was probably union Don/Consig, but the way I remember it, Scouser was the one with the biggest builds each round, and contributing the most cash to the union each round. Definitely correct me if I'm wrong though.

LuckyNate: Scouser is ICS and Legends IMO … But ICS ... he didn't run the show by any means. He taught us how to run a show together … and that is the truth. Gale, Vito, Scouser, Circean, and many more, and me … we figured out how to win some shit. But Scouser … that cranky Brit … piss him off and he will zero everyone. Miss you brother!

Big Ant: This is all before my time brother.

LuckyNate: Eddie was Don during legends, but ICS was family.

TMB STAFF: When you were with Legends and ICS (because it's hard to separate the two) ... who do you remember being your biggest adversaries, in terms of families/unions and individual players?

LuckyNate: We were playing for bronze basically every round. We got respected most rounds as we didn't kill unless we got hit. We did take a few silver and golds along the way however.

TMB STAFF: So when Legends faded away, where did you go next?

LuckyNate: Well my best friend in the game for close to 4 years is where I went. Gale knew Lopov and it was any easy transition.

TMB STAFF: Did you know much about Lopov when you joined, or was it more of playing with Gale? Where did TMK fit into the picture at this point?

LuckyNate: It was 100% staying with Gale. I had zero clue about what I was getting into. He said trust me brother … and that's what I have always done … trusted Gale.

TMK: I’m here waiting for your response Nate … better not trash talk me!

Big Ant: Fuck TMK!

LuckyNate: Your time is coming buddy!

: The candle is lit! Nate, tell us what you think of TMK!

LuckyNate: TMK? Where do I start? No one has any clue about him. They think and judge. If you get to know him, like in his inner circle … well I guess most of you will never know.

TMB STAFF: TMK has been promoting his Twitch channel in his profile description as of late ... have you followed him on Twitch?

TMK: Twitch.Tv/SavageElArab

LuckyNate: I have been acting like an actual man and ice fishing all winter. No gaming for me.

TMB STAFF: Let's rotate back a bit with regards to Gale. Why is he the guy that you decided to follow?

LuckyNate: He is my brother from another mother … no joke. I love that kid. We have talked about everything under the moon … life, love, death, everything. I am very lucky to call him my friend.

TMB STAFF: How did you and Gale link up? You mentioned he's younger than you, so shouldn't he be following you, and not the other way around?

LuckyNate: I met Gale as a complete noob in ICS. Scouser used to sub him because he would blow through his won credits so fast. In my opinion, he was the start of the looters. He is still the fastest and it isn't even close.

TMB STAFF: For me, it's between Gale and Mitsui, in terms of the first REAL looters.

LuckyNate: They are all trying to be like him. Gale was first though … But obviously I’m biased.

TMB STAFF: So you join West_Coast, end up in Legends, follow Gale to IU_RU_HQ ... and then what? What do you try to get out of the game each round?

LuckyNate: You missed a big chunk … ask about when Lopov and TMK took a break.

TMB STAFF: See, I don't remember that happening, because I was focused on other families, but please educate us on your run with IU_RU_HQ. What we really all want to know is how come you (and Gale) chose to join them, and why have you decided to stay up until now?

LuckyNate: So a few years back - this is hilarious now - everyone here took a break from the game. Righty, Antony, and I joined Dan (NoMrcy) in IC. We all did have friends in IC … but it went over like a turd in a punch bowl. We joined the chat and got hated on etc.

NoMrcy: Yeah they weren’t happy about IC-IU.

LuckyNate: That was epic.

Righty: I can add more but I think the snowflakes might get upset easily.

Big Ant: Honestly, all the IC leaders were happy to have us. Mainly Jackie-D blew a gasket about our arrival, It was entertaining. I didn’t end up staying long.

NoMrcy: I made the IC-IU fam with Nate, he brought in Ant and Righty. Was the most fun I’d had playing for a long time and pissed off Jackie-D which was always fun. So here I am now with the crew again.

TMB STAFF: What are you guys trying to accomplish in game, right now?

Big Ant: Just having fun honestly, taking care of those that help.

LuckyNate: We are fucking family. That’s that.

Big Ant: We have a lot of great new members along with the old school ... we are a force to be reckoned with.

TMB STAFF: So what's the story here? I feel like we're being pretty politically correct so far ... who's going to get the smoke in this interview?

Righty: The IC-IU family was epic ... I believe the first round in we took every damn tier and every damn rank.

Righty: I want to say it was roughly around round 680-ish.

LuckyNate: We aren't as we seem. Everyone thinks we are just a bunch of assholes? ... well guess that part is true … but everyone thinks all we care about is winning? … fuck me … that is true too. Okay, so people say we aren't friendly? GO FUCK YOURSELF.

NoMrcy: Yep, I don’t think Babbo was too happy we let IU win hahaha

Righty: Not at all. TUJ (Tony_Uncle_Johnny) and Nick were no’t either.

Big Ant: Seth (Tru) was still playing at that point.

Righty: Seth was fresh at that point I thought?

LuckyNate: Seth was still there for sure. That’s why we went.

Big Ant: Exactly.

TMB STAFF: Tell me more about Lopov. When people look at IU_RU_HQ, most casual players think of TMK dominating with JP wins. Tell me what you guys think about Lopov, his leadership, and how the family/union relies on him.

Righty: Lopov… Hands down the best player in the game.

Big Ant: There’s no IU without Lopov.

Righty: We've tried it ... we really did. Lopov would go on benders.

Big Ant: Smartest, most calculated player in the game.

LuckyNate: IU is Lopov. No one with any respect would ever fly that flag without his consent. This man has taught me so much.

Righty: I've always had the support of the guys in here ... When most of the big spenders left, I stepped up to the plate. Gradually got other guys to follow suit post the ECK ban take II. LuckyNate was a huge huge help towards making that happen. RoRo helped even though he didn't give two shits less either way. Dan helped when he was about.

Righty: Now remember, was TMK away or was he always here?

TMK: I’m always here.

Righty: I'll let TMK explain that....

LuckyNate: TMK. The man no one knows, I know him a little bit … he is soft spoken … generous and extremely loyal. But most of you will never know.

TMK: Lopov is the reason IU runs as great as it does. He is the backbone of the team.

TMB STAFF: Is TMK "RU" and Lopov "IU" ?

LuckyNate: NO. Good question though.

Righty: That's really a long story lol!!

LuckyNate: We are all one.

TMK: The man is a TMB genius. If he has the wallet he’d take every damn round if he wanted to. The work he put in building the team can never be replaced. RU (Russia United) was founded by Mr Feldman, who joined up with IU. Leo (Feldman) had to quit the game and the team was passed to my cousin and I (Sheikh). Sheikh ran the game alongside Coca, Eck, and Loppv (and others).

LuckyNate: This is why we always win. Fight that logic.

Righty: RU gravitated from CCCP or whatever right TMK?

TMK: When Sheikh was running things, I was still a teenager. Eventually I graduated and got a good job and decided to come back to TMB and run RU myself, alongside Lopov running IU. And since then it’s been nothing but fun times and a lot of fucking wins tbh.

Righty: "teenager" ... well put.

TMK: I’m young, the real ones know that.

TMB STAFF: Who would you guys say are the supporting cast for the IU_RU_HQ crew? We've established that Lopov and TMK have a big influence on this family/union, but who are the other members contributing to the wins each round?

Big Ant: Everybody in the family/union now are supporting cast.

LuckyNate: I’d say it’s always … like literally always a team effort.

TMK: Everybody on the team is a big supporter in their own way.

TMB STAFF: That's what everyone says though, don't they? Who are the REAL players in IU_RU_HQ, in terms of spenders and biggest builders?

TMK: All my guys are real.

Righty: I would like to say, everyone has a role. It doesn't have to be repeated. It just works ... like clockwork … and it takes everyone to work to accomplish the success this family has had.

TMK: Money isn’t a big factor. I’m sure you’ve seen the idiots who come here pull out there recti card ... spend 7 packs ... and still lose. It’s all about strategy, timing, speed, and teamwork.

TMB STAFF: Speaking of packs ... and wins ... why doesn't Nate have a JP win?

LuckyNate: I do … lol … and Ant and TMK personally gave it to me.

TMB STAFF: Oops..Let's talk a bit about medals though, real quick, how do you guys explain TMK not getting called a rank whore after taking JP ... after JP ... after JP …? Shouldn't he be sharing the love with the other members of his family?

LuckyNate: He’s smarter than everyone.

Righty: The simple fact that you are talking about it speaks volumes.

Big Ant: I can think of several different members taking JP lately … and of course family taking gold on every JP run. It all works out.

LuckyNate: I couldn’t care less.

TMB STAFF: Are we dipping around the question, or do you guys truly feel like the status quo is A-okay?

LuckyNate: I’ve got like 80 family golds …

Righty: Platinum A-OKAY ... and I don't even play currently, and I can say that.

TMB STAFF: Do medals have as much weight as they used to?

Big Ant: Our fam doesn’t function off of rank. We are a fucking family. This family honestly has zero drama. A real family.

NoMrcy: Do you want a legit answer?

TMK: To keep it at an honest level … There’s a time to give JP’s and there’s a time to just go take it myself. The best part is no one knows what’s going on in our family. Everyone outside my family can think what they like, but I know how to keep my family happy no matter what. If there’s a challenger, I refuse to let one of my guys go and lose. I’d prefer I go big and take the loss myself. But lately the guys are willing to take on anyone ... I wouldn’t try them if I were you. And PS: Big Ant is the next big JP taker, especially when I’m gone, it’ll be his game to run!

LuckyNate: My win, TMK lost money … he refused to let me lose. That’s the truth.

TMB STAFF: You guys talked about Eck earlier, who was that guy? Many new players don’t have a clue who was running the game before IC/IU_HQ/Avengers.

TMK: Eck was a ruthless cunt, miss the fucker. He led by cussing and beating the shit outta everyone!

LuckyNate: You are a better leader.

Righty: He was the guy you didn't want to fuck with or get on the wrong side of.

TMB STAFF: Storm has mentioned how killing almost ruined the game a few years back, by IU_RU (primarily) zeroing the game. How do you guys think the current climate of TMB supports killers? Also, how do you think the IU_RU_HQ family/union has played a role in the development of the game over the past few years?

RoRo: Yes, speaking from outside perspective, IU_RU raped the game back then. Was not fun … so what do they do … add these bots to allow free players and non-big-spenders to have a fighting chance … but holy fuck, looting is the stupidest shit in the world. Yes, I know not everyone is as fast as others but no way am I so slow that one guy can loot the whole town in the time I loot one bot …

Righty:I concur with that. Enough about killing and its changes ... Might have TMK pop a vein and we can't have that.

TMB STAFF: So let’s get this straight ... you guys think this should be a pay to play game? Where free players shouldn’t have a chance at contesting top 3?

RoRo: No but looting is stupid as fuck ... sadly I don't have a better alternative.

Righty: Free players are integral to the game. How does this game grow without free players?

TMB STAFF: Let me ask you guys something ... what’s the deal with jackpot rotations? Are they real? Who’s involved? Why even bother?

LuckyNate: Conspiracy this that blah blah blah … No rotation!

TMK: You’ are out of reach TMB STAFFER … Stay in your lane.

Righty: I've been taking them all ...

RoRo: Greedy fuck, Righty!

TMB STAFF: So is it safe to say that the only rotations are within the IU_RU_HQ crew?

LuckyNate: Lopov said the next 3 are mine and TMK said I’ve got the next 2? OMG ... it’s a huge fight?

TMB STAFF: Nate, what are you doing each round? When you sign in, what’s the first 3 things you do?

LuckyNate: 1-skype. 2-check banker.

LuckyNate: 3-build … lmfao … I fucking love you guys!

RoRo: Right back at you bud!

Big Ant: This is one dysfunctional interview … I like it!

TMB STAFF: Nate, who are you the most loyal to? Is it still Gale? If so, how can you pledge allegiance to Gale when Lopov and TMK are the leaders?

LuckyNate: Gale is my absolute best friend in the game. Nothing will change that. I talk to everyone in my family daily … but Gale is for sure my #1 … always has been.

NoMrcy: Is there anything in particular you want people to know Nate?

LuckyNate: Jaclyn is my #1 as far as girls go. She is probably the most underrated player in the game. This girl is wicked smart and awesome to play with.

Righty: To follow up on Jaclyn ... Didn't you mentor Eck?

iLOveBiTeS: Nate is always around for the family no matter how busy he is ... <3

Righty: Preach.

TMB STAFF: Who’s Nate’s biggest fan?

Big Ant: We are all Nate’s biggest fan! ❤️

RoRo: Nate's solid. He got chewed out for vouching for me back in the day … been friends ever since!

TMB STAFF: Nate, do you think the game has changed over the last year or two?

Gale: What did I miss? Morning guys! Morning to all good people and morning to you Ant.

Big Ant: Morning lover ❤️

RoRo: Super Gale!

LuckyNate: I would like to say a few things ... Jamie is obviously the best killer in the game … bye bye SS. My brother Fatal is single … .ladies..... he is a smoke show. Don't judge because we win … we are a very happy family. But yes, to answer your question … Yeah the game has changed … as it should. I hope it continues to change and evolve. I love this game and I will change with it. That's what keeps me coming back. I hope everyone else feels the same?

Gale: To be all honest. A lot of people see this game as just a game. Trying to compete with each other. A lot of drama and a lot of stress. But we, here in this family. We see it as a fun. The thing that will relax us after work or a hard day. And real friendship just comes. Everyone here became so close. I started this game literally with Nate. To be honest, my first round was with SS but I’m trying to forget it … next was with ICS and Nate. And after is just history. Bonnie and Clyde literally.

TMB STAFF: Yikes!Outside of the IU_RU_HQ crew, who are the biggest challengers to the throne currently, in-game?

Gale: Hmmmmm … that’s really hard question. If you see it like dominating like we do ... so no one. But some families are doing good right now. IC is doing still great job too.

TMB STAFF: Let’s ask this next question to Nate’s entire entourage. Some folks in game say that IU_RU_HQ has no skill, and they only win by spending cash on JP’s. What sets your family/union apart from the others?

NoMrcy: To answer the question, absolutely not. Looking in from the outside I always thought IU just waited for TMK to collect EOR to rank them, but that’s so far from reality. We are a well-oiled machine and everyone has a role to play, so much work goes on behind the scenes and strategy used to kill it every round.

TMB STAFF: JMoney, Freak, ShayneG ... are these guys all just jokes then? They only win when your family/union lets them?

RoRo: Shayne, yes. He’s a fucking tool.

Gale: JMoney is cool.

RoRo: Shayne won turbos only right? From what I have seen, half of IU_RU don't play turbo consistently.

TMB STAFF: What’s the deal with Turbo’s? Are wins and medals in turbo considered equal to main rounds, or are they just bonus?

Righty: If you ask Nino ... he would beg to differ. But I will follow up and say what Gale just said ... it's all important in the grand scheme of things.

TMB STAFF: Nate, thank you so much for doing this interview, and bringing so many notable names to the conversation as well. Are there any players you would like to give a shout-out to before we part ways?

LuckyNate: I want every one of us noted [LuckyNate, Big Ant, NoMrcy, Righty, TMK, RoRo, FATAL, iLOveBiTeS, Gale] ... BlackSwan. Jamie. Fagal. Bono. Baws. Harry. Bob. Vito. I’m drunk …

TMB STAFF: Well that wraps this up folks … Thank you for reading, and catch you next time! google_mafia.jpg

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