Interview with LuckyNate (and friends)...... continued
by Captain Clutch

Clutch: Let me ask you guys something ... what’s the deal with jackpot rotations? Are they real? Who’s involved? Why even bother?

LuckyNate: Conspiracy this that blah blah blah … No rotation!

TMK: You’re out of reach Clutch … Stay in your lane.

Righty: I've been taking them all ... Where the fuck you been Clutch?

RoRo: Greedy fuck, Righty!

TMK: This is Nate’s interview … Get back to him!

Clutch: So is it safe to say that the only rotations are within the IU_RU_HQ crew?

LuckyNate: Lopov said the next 3 are mine and TMK said I’ve got the next 2? OMG ... it’s a huge fight?

Righty: This is Nate’s interview. Get back to him.

TMK: Yeah, get back on that dick, Mr. CNN. Never said that. You can assume what you like.

Big Ant: What’s a JP?

LuckyNate: The next 4 are mine. Simple.

Big Ant: Yup, all Nate’s … he’s a greedy bitch.

Clutch: How does one get a JP win? You know that’s what the readers want to know ...

TMK: There’s no rotation bro … Just build!

LuckyNate: $2k.

RoRo: Pull out your cc and pray u can outbuild

Big Ant: Just ask Shayne G.

Righty: Any of the mafiosos wives or girlfriends (that past the hotness test) can apply for JP ... If they give a nice BJ to TMK.

TMK: I might let you take it.

Big Ant: I hear he’s loaded!

Clutch: You guys are priceless.

TMK: Let’s get back to Nate!

Clutch: Nate, what are you doing each round? When you sign in, what’s the first 3 things you do?

LuckyNate: 1-skype. 2-check banker.

Big Ant: 3-send all nudes to fatal, cause he’s gay.

LuckyNate: 3-build … lmfao … I fucking love you guys!

RoRo: Right back at you bud!

LuckyNate: ... and i love fatal btw!

Big Ant: This is one dysfunctional interview … I like it!

Righty: But it's very organized to the bottom line.

NoMrcy: I hope he just copy and pastes it all.

FATAL: I just closed my Runescape for you guys …

Righty: Oh shit ... that's love!

Big Ant: WTF is Runescape? Lol.

Righty: Is that a vacuum ShayneG sells?

FATAL: These fat girls just went to sleep on me …

Clutch: Nate, who are you the most loyal to? Is it still Gale? If so, how can you pledge allegiance to Gale when Lopov and TMK are the leaders?

LuckyNate: Gale is my absolute best friend in the game. Nothing will change that. I talk to everyone in my family daily … but Gale is for sure my #1 … always has been.

NoMrcy: Is there anything in particular you want people to know Nate?

LuckyNate: Jaclyn is my #1 as far as girls go. She is probably the most underrated player in the game. This girl wicked smart and awesome to play with.

Righty: To follow up on Jaclyn ... Didn't you mentor Eck?

iLOveBiTeS: Nate is always around for the family no matter how busy he is ... <3

Righty: Preach.

Clutch: Who’s Nate’s biggest fan club?

Big Ant: Ummmmm … We are all Nate’s biggest fan! ❤️

RoRo: Nates solid. He got chewed out for vouching for me back in the day … been friends ever since!

Clutch: Nate, do you think the game has changed over the last year or two?

Gale: What did I miss? Morning guys and gays. Morning to all good people and morning to you Ant.

Big Ant: Morning lover <3

RoRo: Super Gale!

Big Ant: I gotta go to sleep! You guys and gals have fun. Much love Nate!

LuckyNate: I would like to say a few things ... Jamie is obviously the best killer in the game … bye bye SS. My brother Fatal is single … .ladies he is a smoke show. Don't judge because we win … we are a very happy family. But yes, Clutch, to answer your question … Yeah the game has changed … as it should. I hope it continues to change and evolve. I love this game and I will change with it. That's what keeps me coming back. I hope everyone else feels the same? (I see gale typing!) … help me buddy! I had no funny … Clutch’s piss poor questions … I’m the fucking funny guy!

Clutch: Nate, tell us a joke!

LuckyNate: What did batman say robin right before they got in the car?

RoRo: What?

LuckyNate: Robin, get in the car! ...

Gale: To be all honest. A lot of people see this game as just a game. Trying to compete with each other. A lot of drama a lot of stress. But we, here in this fam. We see it as a fun. Thing that will relax us after work or hard day. And real friendship just comes. Everyone here became so close. I started this game literally with Nate. To be all honest, my first round was with SS but trying to forget it … next was with ICS and Nate. And after is just history. Bonnie and Clyde literally.

LuckyNate: That’s why I love my brotha from anotha … I’d follow gale anywhere … I’m definitely Bonnie though … I’ma fuck clyde right in the ass though!

Clutch: Yikes!

Gale: And this is the reason why we are still playing because we are FRIENDS. Some of us are friends with benefits but that's another chapter.

LuckyNate: That is the absolute truth.

Clutch: Outside of the IU_RU_HQ crew, who are the biggest challengers to the throne currently, in-game?

RoRo: 52 hitters bro! There’s a whole fkn network of them!

Righty: Me.

Gale: Hmmmmm … that’s really hard question. If you see it like dominating like we do ... so no one. But some fams are doing good right now. UC and BH have the best teams of looters right now. IC is doing still great job too. Wdfwy are there too. They wasn't active so much last few rounds but I see builds again. Everyone do their own thing. But dominating game … Only IU. It’s fun really watching people how they try to compete with us no matter what. And people literally would hate us on game. Don’t know why cause we are cute.

LuckyNate: See clutch … this is family! I have back up always.

Clutch: Let’s ask this next question to Nate’s entire entourage. Some folks in game say that IU_RU_HQ has no skill, and they only win by spending cash on JP’s. What sets your family/union apart from the others?

NoMrcy: To answer the question clutch, absolutely not. Looking in from the outside I always thought IU just waited for TMK to collect EOR to rank them, but that’s so far from reality. We are a well oiled machine and everyone has a role to play, so much work goes on behind the scenes and strategy used to kill it every round.

Gale: If we don't have skills, we wouldn’t dominate this game. We don't ruin this game ... dominate and ruin are 2 diff things. Take SS for example. We gave them peace let them build and have nice gameplay. After few rounds they grow some balls and hit our banker for really no reason and then we kill whole family. So why starting shit if you cant compete and then you cry and claim we ruin this game lol.

RoRo: Basically capt, if IU had no skill, people like The-Freak would have won rounds …

Clutch: Re: RoRo ... freak did win a couple rounds though, didn’t he?

RoRo: How many did he try for tough?

Gale: Cause we let him ... 2 rounds IU gave to him … and third he won by beating JMoney.

Clutch: JMoney, Freak, ShayneG ... are these guys all just jokes then? They only win when your family/union lets them?

RoRo: Shayne, yes. He’s a fkn tool.

Gale: JMoney is cool.

RoRo: Shayne won turbos only right? From what I have seen, half of IU_RU don't play turbo consistently.

Clutch: What’s the deal with Turbos? Are wins and medals in turbo considered equal to main rounds, or are they just bonus?

Gale: The-Freak is just a fool with no brain and deep pocket. And shayne is just shayne ... no need to say anything about him, lol. Turbo is equal important as main ... Especially if there's a war

Righty: If you ask Nino ... he would beg to differ. But I will follow up and say what Gale just said ... it's all important in the grand scheme of things.

Clutch: But in Turbos, not everyone from the main round family/union can join. So aren’t they subpar?

LuckyNate: Fuck me … Just rolled my ankle hard …


Gale: Hahahaha lmfao!

RoRo: lol fck.

Clutch: Yikes!

LuckyNate: What? Is it bad?

NoMrcy: Damn it’s swollen bro.

Gale: Re: Clutch’s Question … We cannot tell you everything!

Clutch: So Nate is clearly drunk ... so maybe we should wrap this up with a rapid fire set of questions (all can chime in)? What do you guys think?

RoRo: Shoot it’s Saturday night ... I wanna go out!

Clutch: Nate, brother, are you still with us? Or did they have to call an ambulance?

LuckyNate: “Nate is clearly drunk” ???

Gale: He’s not drunk ... he’s in love!

LuckyNate: Grilling burgers bud! Ask your questions! I’m here with my friends.

Clutch: Okay, so here’s how this section goes: I’m going to ask 7 rapid-fire questions. You guys answer them, as quickly as possible, with the first thing that comes to mind. Ready?

LuckyNate: Okay, ready.

Clutch: Alright, here we go! 1) Who’s the best looter of all time?

RoRo: Mitsui.

Righty: GALE.

NoMrcy: Gale

TMK: Not me.

RoRo: You even know how to?

TMK: Don’t test me.

LuckyNate: Gale is the best....he was the first to make the name looter. He looted before mits knew about it.

Clutch: 2) Looting or Collecting, ftw?

RoRo: Collecting, omerta way.

iLOveBiTeS: Looting.

TMK: You know my answer, lol.

NoMrcy: To win, collect.

LuckyNate: Tough one … my best pal is a looter. I was a looter. I would have to say looting.

Gale: If you have time and no wife, looting. If you don’t have time, collecting.

Righty: … or the wives take all the collects anyways.

Clutch: 3) Best killer in the game (active)?

RoRo: Jamie.

LuckyNate: Lopov.

Gale: Lopov.

iLOveBiTeS: Lopov.

TMK: Let Storm switch back to killing old days and I’ll show you who’s best!

LuckyNate: Lopov is the best and it’s honestly not close.

RoRo: Bring back OO days!

Righty: Current landscape, Lopov ... but old style ... it's a tie between Coca and TMK … and completely demoralizing the opposition ... Eck or Bono probably.

Clutch: 4) Are the forums relevant in 2019?

RoRo: Forums???

Gale: No.

TMK: Forums is for comedy. That’s about it.

RoRo: How does it feel to be most hated along with Shayne?

NoMrcy: Only good thing on the forums will be this interview.

TMK: Being the top dog always makes you “most hated” you get used to it. I love the block button.

Clutch: 5) Who’s the biggest threat to IU_RU_HQ (seriously)?

iLOveBiTeS: Nobody.

RoRo: IOU.

iLOveBiTeS: RoRo gonna rebuild IOU? <3

RoRo: Yes, the don is back.

TMK: Anyone can be a threat. I take no one lightly. Therefore I never take anyone for granted … Except for ShayneG … Fucking bum! People forget I used to be just a killer, lol ... just recently passed more JP’s than killer golds.

Clutch: 6) Other than TMK and Lopov, who is the most valued member of IU_RU_HQ?

NoMrcy: Legit though, Nate for me.

RoRo: Nate.

TMK: I’m being honest when I say everyone is valued here man. We do our best not to lose anyone.

LuckyNate: I’d say iLOveBiTeS ... everyone puts in an effort though!

iLOveBiTeS: Nate, Gale, Skeet, Nuggz, Ant.

RoRo: No, she bosses us around too much.

TMK: As you see, Clutch, everyone will say different names ... that’s a real family.

Gale: I must say RoknRolla too.

iLOveBiTeS: Yes, RocknRolla is a killer too!

LuckyNate: It is a real family. Love you fuckers!

Clutch: 7) How does IU_RU_HQ stay on top for 2019?

RoRo: Let RoRo be boss.

TMK: We login to That’s about it.

LuckyNate: It’s really that simple. We stay the same family we have been. If there is drama, TMK or Lopov boots them.

NoMrcy: Righty comes back?

Righty: I never left.

Clutch: Nate, thank you so much for doing this interview, and bringing so many notable names to the conversation as well. Are there any players you would like to give a shout-out to before we part ways?

LuckyNate: I want everyone of us noted [Clutch, LuckyNate, Big Ant, NoMrcy, Righty, TMK, RoRo, FATAL, iLOveBiTeS, Gale] ... BlackSwan. Jamie. Fagal. Bono. Baws. Harry. Bob. Vito. I’m drunk …

Clutch: Well that wraps this up folks … Thank you for reading, and catch you next time!

NoMrcy: So we all get turns for this right? ...

RoRo: Good luck, Clutch. Thanks for letting us join in!