Its Getting Hot in Herre (Nelly song)
By: Inside_Scoop

But keep on all your clothes, we don’t want to see most of you naked. But on a serious not this round was violent from the start. It is like world war TMB un in this bitch this round. It seems everyone is at everyone’s throats. IC and BH is at war with WDFWY while they are aligned with UC and Drifters. It seems as if only Valhalla and SS are the only unions not at war. IU is peaceful this round because there were no signs of Freak. I thought Freak was about to take over the game and I posted just that. I must now say I should have never second guessed TMK when he said can’t and won’t beat him. Sorry TMK.

Speaking of TMK, it was once again his family that won the coveted jackpot. It was won by no other than LOPOV. Congrats Lopov on your win. This round had a Strange EOR it looked to me like IC and WDFWY donated some game cash to help IU take the win. To me this seems strange or does IU now have them paying them some extortion or racketeering money. I guess we will see in the rounds to come. More strange things than that happened as well BH and IC joined together whileJ-Money left IC to rank his own indie family Found Hell. So much chaos this reporter has no clue what is going on. It is just pandemonium in TMB.

Since I had no clue of what was going on I figured I would reach out and ask for some round comments. I will start with what
Storm said.

from Storm

Tell your mother she did great last night, her clients all 77 of them, gave very positive feedback about her enthusiastic performance. they did however cite some minor disgust regarding how matted her hair became, thanks

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Storm you know I’m your Daddy don’t talk about your Great Grandmother like that.

J-Money had this to say.

Last round was probably the most aggravating round I've been a part of thus far. Although it didn't turn out as planned we were able to secure a family rank for both Foundhell and GMK and a union rank for IC/BH.

Would like to thank the members of BH for giving us that push!
This explains some of the weirdness of the round. And Finally,
LOPOV had this to say.

Tmb is a nice place full of friends.

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Congrats on your win. Any comments?
Lets now talk about my favorite part of the game Killers. There were bodies left dead throughout the streets of
TMB. But the killer I want to talk about first came in fourth place. SweetPsycho loaded up her Cap and went to town killing everyone of her enemies within sight. IC did build to take SweetPsycho out which prompted a quick suicide session till Sweet was dead. Nice Killing spree SweetPsycho. If they don’t catch you and build you easily would have medaled. Thanos, TpK, and NoMrcy were the medalists from this round but mostly it was because they sat with high defensive units collecting kill points. None of the top 3 were killing their enemies like SweetPsycho.

The rest of the ranks for this round are as follows:

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth
1. LOPOV $82,331,265,046,889
2. J-Money $19,959,721,733,219
3. MaDd_MaXx $17,501,522,968,608
4. Hollywood_Hulk $7,513,869,375,964
5. SnoMan $7,005,448,559,050
6. Amshagar $5,002,797,768,469
7. Captain $4,239,180,564,370
8. Stipe_Miocic $940,712,817,757
9. 13 $724,782,812,029
10. Luigi $547,503,473,017

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Sifu $3,005,224,268,004
2. RoNaN $3,001,858,030,817
3. MrMysterrio $2,050,999,961,040
4. Lorenzo $1,799,845,427,550
5. Cyclone $1,500,768,359,516
6. Jakebella $512,764,241,184
7. CARPETSLAYER $167,998,576,113
8. The_Human_Torch $120,119,266,537
9. MakedonX $96,600,043,965
10. KriptoMux $30,015,745,576

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Loki $3,500,443,397,051
2. MoNkEy $3,001,603,877,374
3. 326 $2,502,484,819,660
4. 6ix $1,923,491,045,537
5. Old_Major $37,893,845,534
6. whatthemyk $34,336,853,633
7. DOT $5,945,059,755
8. Lego_Head $3,092,745,609
9. Seifukai $943,045,687
10. Snipe $936,386,407

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth
1. shthappens $2,400,384,576,610
2. Tommy_Vercetti $2,333,224,815,301
3. Jason $2,041,908,125,854
4. jonny_verteroni $1,064,768,051,026
5. emoji $258,099,496,226
6. PoLaR $213,860,810,078
7. Cuchy $105,305,840,786
8. Lootn_Machine $92,906,479,467
9. Crapella $87,912,333,903
10. Vez $70,888,849,281

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Thanos 13,051,633
2. TpK 5,189,885
3. NoMrcy 4,230,838
4. SweetPsycho 4,026,726
5. Don-Sami 2,738,429
6. J-Money 2,530,226
7. MacK 2,209,212
8. Keystonez 2,035,866
9. Bye4Now 1,563,672
10. KLEPTOMANIAC 924,186

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Remi 2,061,498
2. Drip 1,202,088
3. exlax 1,190,832
4. Crapella 660,694
5. Gamora 386,890
6. hugot 320,865
7. Volcano 234,117
8. f_u_punk 222,494
9. Idvorjan 193,204
10. Ritchie_GunZ 174,164

-Collecting Family-
rank family boss net worth
1. RU_IU_HQ LOPOV $26,969,616,409,887
2. FoundHell J-Money $15,998,821,642,868
3. SouthSide_Elite MaDd_MaXx $10,000,000,000,000
4. GMK MITCHGMK $4,113,306,285,430
5. DRIFTERS ASH-SG $4,054,218,784,150

-Collecting Union-
rank union boss value
1. UC_Marvelous_Ones Hollywood_Hulk $46,709,598,916,249
2. WDFWY_NOOBS LB $45,111,295,990,160
3. IC_Revolution SnoMan $27,402,369,774,012
4. VALHALLA SEXY-JAG $6,235,552,310,875

To me, everyone who plays in our rounds is a winner in some way or another. It isn’t always about the ranks and turns. Sometimes it is about the connections and friends we make. I want to thank everyone for the comments. I would also like to ask if you use a different name and want your message heard please message me before the round ends. I would have loved some feedback from some of these killers this round.

Till next time--- Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked.

This is
Inside_Scoop signing off. Seeee ya!