Main Round 927 Review: 23 & Me
By Inside_Scoop

In this latest installment of As the Round Ends, the drama continues to unfold between several families and unions in the game. This round has shown no one is safe or off limits in the game! Are there any alliances or NAP’s left? It seems as if there is a frenzy of wars going round and round in the game. Drifters have been at war with the entire game due to their involvement with The Freak. Or so some might think. For many rounds Drifters have caused problems for Teds and 23. But now it seems they are family. Maybe they had a 23&Me "Come to Jesus" meeting and found out they are long lost brothers and sisters, or maybe they now have a new enemy in IC?

Whatever happened we know this ...
WDFWY seems to have worked with their enemy to beat IC. I watched 23 first hand take out KILLEMALL the bank of the IC union and then taunt him on his profile. He had posted on his profile who is named Killemall but don’t kill or something to that effect. Killemall messaged me and had this to say,

Tell 23 I learned to not hit back from you (23) when freak bullied you all those rounds, so I must be a coward like you.

Some harsh words from someone who just got beaten up pretty badly.

Killemall had a large build early with a little over 6 million ops and 3 million defensive units. 23 wasn’t going to let IC collect and do what IC does best and that is collect on big turns and out produce everyone in the game. 23 loaded his guns and put Killemall down early and went to work on his ops. WDFWY put a healthy barrage of fire down laying waste to their enemy. That wasn’t enough for 23 and crew then decided they needed help from Drifters to push IC down in the ranks for unions. That still wasn’t enough.... they then helped out another enemy and let UC loot some cash from them to push IC into 3rd place in the unions.

These actions have shown me that this is the best soap opera and should have its own TV show. Like sands through the hour glass so are
The Mafia Boss lives.

In other news in the round we saw a man on a mission take down the top supporter killer rank, so congrats
Wolfgang, you had a tough task beating 23 in kill points. 23 came in second while Leah from IU rounded off the top 3.

In the free killer ranks we saw
Ringo, some Dumbass, and Burdugo take home the gold, silver, and bronze in that order.

In Level 4 awards
23 won the Gold and a nice Jackpot of $1582. Bigant (IU) took silver and J-Money (IC) took bronze.

In Level 3 we had
CARPETSLAYER, Sahara, & SEXY-JAG take the top 3 spots.

Level 2’s winners were

Last but not least we had
Friday, Evocator, & DaffyMcDuckNuts win the gold, silver, and bronze in Level 1.

The family ranks and union ranks are as follows.

-Collecting Family-
1. RU_IU_HQ TMK $20,652,308,040,307
2. Brotherhood DirtyNick $4,894,178,034,086
3. GMK-SHINOBI MITCHGMK $3,657,121,309,137
4. NaMeLeSs Domenico $118,147,559,965

-Collecting Union-
1. WDFWY_INC Teds $60,336,636,733,702
2. UC_Happiness Hollywood_Hubert $57,152,938,099,256
3. IC_GuNsMoKe SnoMan $43,209,272,542,357
4. SouthSide MaXx $40,100,639,435,845
5. VALHALLA SEXY-JAG $15,632,332,223,045

So now that we have this rounds story what will next round have in store for us? Will the wars continue? Will IC fight the entire game? Will there be a truce? Only time will tell. But there is one thing we can expect for sure and that is the bodies will hit the floor in one way or another. This next round will be old school rules, money can go anywhere ..... this may be something fun and new, but it may also make more enemies and more banks may be hit. It will be a capped round so be smart mafiosos. Good luck and have fun. Congrats to all of this rounds winners. Thanks for another great round.

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked This is
Inside_Scoop signing off. Seeee ya!