Main Round 925 in Review
by Inside_Scoop

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest installment of The Mafia Boss EOR edition. This was another interesting round to say the least it may seem like just another TMK win, however, it seems it just became a little more personal for some. I reached out this round and asked for a few comments on how the round went and this is what I received. The winner had this to say:

from TMK

Nothin special...
I guess when you have won 60 rounds that is the normal response. But none the less Congrats TMK another good win for you. You never let us down.

KILLEMALL had this to say on his silver level 4.

My union is family we do our best to take care of each other. Thanks IC, ya'll the best. It takes the whole team and our team is top notch from top to bottom.
You are sure right Killem.
IC has been one of the top unions in the game for a long time. I asked Hollywood Hubert about his unions latest success and here is what he had to say.

Been trying to rebuild it's a slow process shutout to my loyal members that have been with me for years helping me with this process. We are getting stronger not there yet but hopefully, we will get back to the top of the mountain soon enough.

I reached out to
Sexy Jag and elmo who had this to say:

Firstly a big thanks must go to our loyal players for their continued efforts also to lyob and his crew for assisting us to a great start to the extra special thanks must go out to those haters and fuckwit ex members who try their utmost to derail u's, can I also add a mention to sinical who despite the support and help given to him fucked us over for a tril a big fuck you for the above mentioned.....

As I said in the beginning of this report things are getting a little more personal thanks for the comment elmo.

I also received some comments from two Dons that seem to be close to a war. I reached out to
Teds on some of his hits at the end of the round and here is what he had to say.

I’m taking a step back from the game and focusing on life. I built and Killed just bc people should be kept on their toes.
Teds if you are stepping back I wish you the best going forward. I am not sure that the hits won’t have consequences though. I say that because I asked Snoman the Don of IC what he thought about the hits and he had this to say.

[quote[We strive to maintain positive relationships in the game, or at least that's the direction that I'd like to take us. At the same time, we're not Alex's little bitches to push down on the playground when he gets in his feelings, so it's up there I guess.[/quote]

He sent one more message and it was "Bang Bang". Not sure if that means shots are about to be fired, but if they are watch out

So, after all of these comments it seems like nothing is new for
TMK but the rest of the game is in some sort of a war. I am going to get my popcorn because it is about to get good.

Now when it comes to the winners of this round we have mentioned just a few. However, they can all be found on the past page tab under round 925. I will also copy and paste the results here with a huge Blogger shout out to you all you guys and girls killed it.

-Level 4-

1. TMK $73,983,868,563,801
2. KILLEMALL $40,023,155,954,340
3. Yayo $20,002,538,054,878
4. SurvivingHolocaust $17,007,390,296,388
5. Dick $16,001,171,098,687
6. Dr.Death $9,232,966,172,332
7. MaXx $215,892,560,089
8. JJ $133,286,098,282
9. Wolfs_Big_Daddy $73,609,700,962
10. JoArr $62,361,858,205

-Level 3-

1. SurvivingTheWall $8,006,431,799,599
2. Wolfs_Gutter_Slut $6,504,369,654,191
3. DrChronic $6,502,058,381,560
4. checkin_N $5,999,526,343,000
5. Grammar-Nazi $5,705,437,825,094
6. LUCA $5,024,774,301,199
7. Bless $3,484,254,071,080
8. Frank_Breezy $3,002,540,735,639
9. Shame $452,117,545,397
10. RD $102,127,409,367

-Level 2-

1. NoMrcy $5,027,614,583,549
2. yoyo $2,869,949,628,052
3. Fujii $2,501,783,187,936
4. jonny_verteroni $552,267,702,452
5. OOOO $221,968,965,400
6. Lorenzo $181,565,392,307
7. Redneck77 $27,225,338,006
8. Gladiator $8,309,116,765
9. DonPatron $7,992,056,846
10. Suhhbihh $4,040,283,347

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. ZNUG $5,000,084,740,848
2. Johnnywop $4,000,803,340,748
3. Unholy1 $3,584,812,951,849
4. MacK $3,000,465,561,654
5. Tears_For_Fears $2,100,324,303,001
6. Spicy $1,763,678,792,071
7. 9 $1,163,433,712,916
8. Waylander $81,548,130,585
9. DanteGottiBoss $32,076,844,747
10. Bird_Boxer $24,665,163,803

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. harryverderchki 7,584,359
2. Wall_Street 3,975,390
3. TotalRage 3,242,920
4. Wolfgang_Puck 1,612,246
5. ss 1,381,906
6. eViL_kLoWn 1,173,432
7. JoArr 919,522
8. SurvivingDot 783,311
9. OOOO 774,981
10. Shadow_Legend 763,352

-Best Free Killers-

1. snagglepuss 1,072,095
2. Adversary 671,325
3. wolfs_long_dong 590,396
4. Hitta-Capone 494,082
5. BiTeS 456,405
6. Wolfgangs_Bish 313,463
7. Jac 217,447
8. Leah 193,799
9. Bbubba 137,988
10. Guwapp 107,478

-Collecting Family-

1. WDFWY Teds $69,485,361,082,484
2. IU_RU_HQ LOPOV $42,495,147,947,109
3. BH-SurvivalMode SurvivingAiDs $15,093,305,002,717
4. SouthSide_Elite MaXx $10,047,569,817,865
5. NaMeLeSs Domenico $4,461,371,951,197

-Collecting Union-

1. IC_ANOTHA_GOLD Yayo $28,372,322,025,598
2. UC_Wolfs_Den Wolfs_Big_Daddy $21,663,094,973,679
3. VALHALLA SEXY-JAG $8,859,850,338,633
4. GMK-OMERTA-ICS-UML MITCHGMK $1,774,585,051,502

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked.

This is Inside_Scoop signing off.