Turbo Review: Round 926
By: Inside_Scoop

Hi everyone! This turbo round was set up was set up in the capped format. This round would be another late round collect off as we have become a custom too in the turbo rounds. The top two players made me want to drink. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a 6 pack or to just become a full-blown alcoholic. Anyway, enough with my addictions and let’s get down to business. This round top families were all going to battle for (like Ludacris says) “for that number 1 spot”. And this round best performer went to none other than the TempTaTiOn family ran by Sea.

Well done guys and girls enjoy your family win. The rest of this rounds family winners are as follows:

-Collecting Family-

1. TempTaTiOn Sea $500,178,948,343,332
2. Y-Hate BROSKI $213,093,315,709,295
3. TinderGang BOT101 $189,390,344,266,980
4. The_Animal_House Flounder $183,522,628,363,171
5. THE_ARMY MILITANT $55,451,545,044,738

Congrats to you all ..... you did well.

I must still be drunk because with all that beer talk I forgot to say
6 was the Jackpot winner, beating out Alcoholic by almost 400 trillion. All of this left bubba laughing in 3rd place with just over 46 trillion total. This is just more proof that you never know what to expect…. even from your turbo reviewer!

-Level 4-

1. 6 $943,471,617,084,070
2. Alcoholic $569,342,494,749,771
3. bubba $46,600,688,019,692
4. Brainwash $25,062,190,852,819
5. Gtag420 $21,016,395,506,050

Taking a look at Level 3, Kratos coasted to an easy gold medal over PocketMonster by $26 trillion. PocketMonster may have lost the gold but was able to hang on to take the silver over Animal House’s funny man, Neidermeyer. He may have to practice what he preaches though, since he lost the silver by just $19 billion! One tiny transfer could have made all the difference. “Now drop and give me twenty!”

-Level 3-

1. Kratos $41,049,639,036,633
2. PocketMonster $14,534,679,651,341
3. Neidermeyer $14,515,842,377,446
4. Thirsty $12,963,348,135,319
5. Tallulah $12,756,353,113,878

Moving on to level 2, Meech marched his way to the gold medal with a mere $8T. Free and everyone’s favorite guy, ShayneG took home the silver and bronze respectively. In case you were wondering (like I was) what Meech means, according to Mr. Webster it’s a transitive verb that means “ to move in a furtive or cringing manner”. Quite appropriate for a gold medal winner.

-Level 2-

1. Meech $8,601,424,167,153
2. Free $5,300,568,151,000
3. ShayneG $3,906,079,381,538
4. Amshagar $1,763,431,520,923
5. Serpent $812,213,823,814

Last but not least (well least amount of levels) I give you level ones’ winners.

VVAC nabbed the gold with $19 trillion leaving the silver for bones and bronze for stubs. What’s interesting here is that in Level 1 it cost more $$$ to rank than it did in Level 2. Note to all: Next time it might be worthwhile to add 1k in turns to level up to 2 and earn more won credits. Unless of course you are going for a level 1 medal.

-Level 1-

1. VVAC $19,443,173,544,848
2. bones $13,359,612,553,400
3. stubs $12,670,830,105,851
4. Wishbone $6,007,249,988,326
5. Lock $1,351,551,247,311

Now let’s talk one of my favorite parts of the game… Killing !!

This round some
Prickwon the supporter killers, while in the free kills department the winner was WAC. It was no laughing matter that ROFL beat DAD. For the silver medal there was only a difference of 100k dead souls between them. And in free killers Hmp took silver while Veni_vidi_vici took bronze. Congrats to all! You guys killed it…(literally).

-Supporter Killer-

1. Prick 11,324,958
2. ROFL 8,149,496
3. DAD 8,044,589
4. The_Cypriot 3,601,723
5. LiGHTS 3,003,494

-Free Killer-

1. VVAC 1,206,288
2. Hmp 1,032,977
3. Veni_vidi_vici 670,499
4. Say 338,409
5. WinnieThePooh 190,834

This concludes the turbo recap… Congrats to the Jackpot winner and all the other medal winners and rankers!

Until next time this is IS signing off. Ciao!