Nibble Takes a Bite of Winner’s Success
By Inside_Scoop

In this latest turbo installment, we saw just a little nibble into another IU members game. She is the latest rounds winner and she goes by IloveBites. I am a sucker for a good play on words so first let me say I am loving this turbo name. First and foremost, let me say congrats on this win. Well done and well deserved. It seems that the IU family was all in on this win for one of their most valued members. People like to talk a lot of smack in this game, but IU is one of the best at taking care of their own. Loyalty does pay off in the great families and unions.

Winning is never
EZ and that is just who came in second place this turbo. Daddy took home the bronze medal and helped FTW(IC) take home the silver medal. Not too far behind FTW was the welove2019. The members of this family are off to a good start with a bronze medal in 2019. WhatsAName and Pimp Shack rounded out the top 5. Pimp Shack just needed a few more whores to pimp and they might have broken into the top three. Too all who played this round I say congrats.

Don’t worry killers I didn’t forget about you it wouldn’t be a mafia game without the people who make the bodies hit the floor.
Blimp, Mass, and Nutz were the top 3 killers and just missing the medals was License To Kill. License must have failed his first killers test because he just fell short of success this round. Either way he did have a valiant effort and maybe next round he can finish top 3. In free killers we had Real_Rogue, Charlie_Wax, and Darkpool.Radio taking down the top free killer medals. Well done to all the killers who had great success this round you guys killed it.

Over the holidays you would think that these rounds would slow down, and all would be forgotten for it tis the season. But not here not in
TMB and I for one love it this is a great community and most of you are some ruthless players that are dedicated to your unions and families, and I love it. You ladies and gentlemen make my job fun, and if I could get some damn comments it would be great. I know there is dirt you all want to dish, and I am ready to listen. Just tell me the time and place and I will be there to listen. Tell me why you do what you do every round.

This turbo was another quality installment but is the players that make the rounds so fun to watch and play. Make sure you go to our past page to check out all who ranked this turbo and hopefully next time it will be you. If you haven’t already thanked your staff and congratulate the winners of these rounds for it truly does take a lot of work to make this all happen. Let me say thanks to all who make TMB great.

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked. This is
Inside_Scoop signing off.