Round 921 - A Rather Quiet One

Greetings everyone, Ink-Slinger here with the very last main round review of the year! Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

After the big builds, big kills and big Jackpot that we saw in round 919 I was excited to see what fireworks round 921 might produce and if the
Freak would continue his quest to make TMK and other jackpot contenders overpay for the win. Expecting some action from Freak I was disappointed to see a rather slow and subdued round. There were a couple of reasons for this tho. First, it was the start of the Christmas season and many players were with family and friends waiting for Santa to come down the chimney; but more importantly, it was a capped round at 90k won and another 90k in bought/won credits for a total of 180k max for the round. When we see a round like this, team strategy completely changes, and families and teammates must work together as one unit if they want to do well in capped rounds. So, let’s see how the families and unions did with these rules.

For the most part, it was business as usual for the first several days. No big builds or wars and everyone just seemed content to login, build their turns each day, and wait until the end of round to use any won/bought they might have.
Santas_Coalition and Brotherhood held commanding leads in union and family ranks. Mid-round, things changed, and IU teamed up with IC union, dropping Santas_Coalition to 2nd in union ranks. The IC/IU team never looked back and went on to capture the Gold medal in union ranks, with Santas_Coalition taking the silver and UC_Christmas_Cheer earning the bronze. Brotherhood remained seated on top and captured the Gold medal in family with Southside_Elite and Warhound_HQ snagging the remaining medals.

from Marco_The_Bull

Even with the holiday season upon us and many players enjoying time with their families, UC was still able to come up with a bronze medal for union.

We were able to tier a couple people and Chapo was able to secure a silver supporter killer medal. All in all, I think it was a fairly productive round.
from Lordj2010

Elmo you worked your ass off last round. You did great job.

Paddyenglish put together 1 hell of a crew! We’re looking forward to competing for more family medals.

@ Brotherhood Great round! I couldn't find a better team of cunts

@ Teds/Lars Co Hack us? Really? I'm certain u n*****s earned respect last round. TRUE COLORS good 4 u n your sloppy hacker. EAT A DICK U FILTHY N*****S!

@ staff ..special thanks to Storm n his team.
from ASH-SG

We didn't really do anything last round Bcoz of xmas bro ... had no time to play
But who won the Jackpot? Let’s check it out!!

Among the big three prospects for the win,
Freak and Domination union fell silent this round with no challenge or attempt at the JP and Ted’s family WDWFY were less active this round as well, leaving only the super union created by IC/IU as the most likely (and predictable) candidate for the win. Call_Me_Santa (J-Money) of Inner_Circle earned his second Jackpot win and another shiny Gold medal to add to his collection.

-Level 4-

1. Call_Me_Santa $120,607,995,758,498
2. MrsClaus $50,008,880,944,866
3. Grobar $23,001,873,592,547

from J-Money

Would like to thank everyone in IC and IU for coming together and totally killing it last round! Was a 100% strategic move which is what has to be done on capped rounds. All the haters can suck my dick (ShayneG) and all my supporters can join me in the winner’s circle.

BTW I think I might be a Dad soon so there's that........

from Teds

Congrats J!
In other round action, it may have been the holidays but that didn’t mean the killers took time off from killing. If anything, it may have given them extra time to rack up even more dead bodies in their quests for medals.
Harryverderchki maintained a commanding lead over UC_EL_Santa and took home the Gold (and bragging rights) with over 9 million kills. El_Santa and CLAUS captured the remaining two medals with 4+ million kills.

-Supporter Killer-

1. harryverderchki 9,411,805
2. UC_El_Santa 4,830,669
3. CLAUS 4,010,098

from harryverderchki

for those that died for my shiny gold medal. I salute you
from UC_El_Chapo

I was just having fun...Trying to make everyone in the "Tis the season" mood..
In free killer
OLAF racked up a very noteworthy kill count of 1.7 million, thanks to the additional reserve turns that were given out at the beginning of this round. Normal kill counts for free players is between 700-800 million so you can see that the bonus turns really helped this round. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any comments in this category. ☹

-Free Killer-

1. OLAF 1,756,712
2. BZ 1,460,756
3. Lu_Bu 1,067,276

Well that pretty much rounds out the highlights of this round but I also wanted to take a minute to give a shoutout to the other winners in the individual categories.

-Level 3-

1. Hermano $8,001,658,837,905
2. Phat-Tony $1,504,830,670,896
3. Rusty_Griswold $612,749,692,758

-Level 2-

1. ShayneG $1,045,513,018,591
2. GOSU $336,028,497,803
3. joedog $319,341,756,564

-Level 1-

1. Jinkies $3,001,112,815,000
2. Gun-shot $477,244,844,233
3. AfterDeath $300,565,704,073

Big congratulations to J-Money on his Jackpot win and to all the other players and family/unions on your rankings and medals. Hope everyone had a good round and thank you all for your support of TMB. We wouldn’t be here without you guys.

Hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year and remember, please
DON’T Drink and Drive. We want to see all of you back for more fun and excitement in 2019!