Turbo 920
by: Inside_Scoop

Hello again ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the latest installment of inside edition. This was an interesting turbo the families this round were SeCkZy led by Aw, Border-Patrol ran by Jose, Jesus_Is led by MyMaster, Monticello_Park ran by Teladejo, LetLoose led by HUSKY, and The_Asylum ran by BlackChristmas. This round was fast paced like most turbo rounds. There were rogue killers looking to take du's and operatives. It seems that with lessening the turns to attack ops has increased the need to hide your name even more. Frenkie, Lionel_Richie and Nothing were the top supporter killers this round with the top killer sending more than seven million bodies to their graves.

In the free killer ranks we saw
Kvisling, zZz, and babagaduech take down the top 3 prizes. These three were responsible for almost 2 million fatalities in the TMB world and truly a difficult task for a free killer.

In family ranks,
SeCkZy, Border-Patrol and Jesus_Is took home the top 3 honors this round in that exact order. This turbo seems like it was contested and blood may flow in the main round because of it. but at the end of the round there can be only one winner. This round the biggest winner was Meeks. Well done Meeks enjoy the big victory.

In the other levels we saw some other fortunate folks who are just excited for their awards.
FreddieMercury, Lupin_the_3rd, and BarBie locked down the top three spots in level 3 while free_energy, Georgeand Lenovo were gold silver and bronze in level 2. Level 1’s winners were as follows; Husky, Link, and ip7.

Congrats everyone enjoy your prizes don’t spend the turns all on one person spread the love. Hope everyone enjoyed the latest turbo round and get ready for a few changes for the upcoming turbo.

Moving on, let's take a look at how things went down in the Main Round.

Main Round 919
Not as Freaky as he thought.

This round started with a bang! A fake TMK built early and was close to 40 million ops, the jackpot barely moved, and it seemed like this round would be an easy win for the fake TMK. But as every day changes the scene in TMB we saw a new young gun step up and lay the smack down on the fake TMK. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Wall_Street. Although he has only played a few short rounds this mafioso seemed destine to put his name on the game for everyone to see. Wall Street built big. He mowed down the fake TMK rather easily. This action made Freak step up and build big as well. Freak built to over 30 milion ops and 25 million Du’s. He and fake TMK kept their networth around 600 trillion each, putting them far out of range for Wall Street and his threatening Du’s.

Well that plan didn’t work out as the
Inner Circle member just built a little more this time with 21 million ops for range and over 30 million defenses to strike them down and fast. Wall Street was relentless he took both players on and dropped them down to under 2 million ops and 0 defenses. Freak never rebuilt! It seemed like he was ok with the damage he had already inflicted on the game. He took out some of the biggest players in TMB. Teds went down so did DEZL all of Inner Circle was hit at one point.

Freak likes to make things tough on everyone. I think Clause of Inner Circle said it best:

Last round was fantastic!

A superb showing of what teamwork, dedication and and little bit of crazy can accomplish. The battles between Wall_Street, Freak, Freak, Freak and Freak were a spectacle to say the least.

We caught up with
Wall Street and he had this to say!

The real TMK did a great job to take the win. I was very happy with the outcome.

Yea I bet you are Wall, I bet you are. Great killing… I bet the REAL
TMK feels the same way since his profile said, "like taking candy from a baby."

Well it wasn’t quite that easy since
Wall Street had to be diligent in killing ops for days on end. Kudos to you sir!

Congrats to the real
TMK on yet another win..... you never let us down. Big builds and big wins always.

We received a good bit of comments on this round so I am happy. Here is what some others had to say!

from SnowBalls

I think he missed a G. We all know gangsters are not great spellers, better luck next time SnowBalls.

from Clutch:

We did 5T+ again last round. Unfortunately, with all of the jackpot madness that went down, we couldn't really make the most of our cash, as we needed 5T banked just to secure the 5th family spot against Nameless, and all of the level 1 & 3 tiers were more expensive than our entire fam's networth ... lol. At least it was entertaining watch the big guys throw down thousands on HUGE builds!
from Valhalla_world_pec:

cant really say how things went for Valhalla me and paddy have split off and going indy fam. i was on my way home from Christmas party at work at eor but did manage to see the real tmk drop what im guessing was 3k so congrats to him.
other then that best of luck to all his round hope everyone enjoys the holidays.

from Allure:

Storm built big and didn't produce to rank us so it didn't go to well..lol
Really? Wow.. what a slacker. Let's see what Storm had to say on how the round went for him.

yes, we won! a big shout out....thanks Mom, YOU'RE WONDERFUL, ...and to God thank you for making me...and let's make Africa great again.
Ohh quite a different answer from Storm, but in fairness you did win since this was an epic round for you and the game.

Congrats to all the winners and losers and the winners who lost more than they won. It is all of you that make the game great and fun to watch. And thanks to those that took the time to send comments. We love hearing how the rounds go for you so please keep them coming!

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked.

This is Inside_Scoop signing off.
Happy Holidays from all the Staff.