Q & A with The Freak
by Storm

How did you stumble across the game?

I came across the game, by a friend telling me that I would have a laugh if I played a online gangster game and he was right, it’s fun seeing little computer geeks and skinny nerds playing gangster behind a computer screen.

Would you care to share some info about yourself? Where in the world do you come from, anything that you feel comfortable to tell us about yourself....?

So I’m 38 yrs old, Italian, I live in both Montreal and Toronto, made money with Bit coins and own 3 erotic massage parlours in Toronto, so this is why able to blow the cash I blow on game, for the curious people.

What was your first family you joined, players you met? Can you share some experiences about it? Which players or families helped you get started, did you play this type of game before?

I first joined IC and everybody knows how that went. I had to leave, and then joined Ronin - cool guys who worked hard. So I bought them a Sub pack, but what was said and what was done, didn’t happen so I left, then came along BH and Shayne Simpson.....wow what a joke that was. He begged me and promised me all kinds of results so I was so tired of hearing him.... so I got them a sub pack also..Well I don’t have to say what happened...I tried IC and UC but to boring for me...so SS was left....actually best family I was with, spoke to a couple of solid guys there, still speak to them, but I did meet BMW as well solid guy respectful loyal, become friends outside the game.

You started off in the game - literally with a bang....What prompted you to do the first big builds? Something must have annoyed you, would you care to share? How did you find other player reactions to how you just exploded onto the scene? What was it like?

Well everybody knows now that I spend [a lot]. People think I spend to win JP.... lol..... Not me! I love to make people (hot heads) waste money; I like to have them over-pay for JP. It’s funny to watch, I love making them stay up late.... being on the edge, put fear in them, on what my next move is...so I build because it’s boring. I kill because it’s boring; the whole game is napping.... like WTF is this??!!?? ...freaking girl scouts..... Let’s sell some brownies. Wow. I loose money every round but doesn’t put a dent in my stuff. Do it for fun. I really love the hate mail from online gangsters.


What types of things have players been saying to you from all round recently....tell me about the guys you playing with right now? i noticed you started a strong family and they play together as a team even when you were away recently....how’s it going with them?

Well I started a great family, but I have to give credit to BMW and ASH-SG...they followed me from the beginning, other players have joined and have been there long ...but.... been very loyal. You know: it’s not easy being a FREAK family member. Players like Mykelanz, Ricky-C, Mitch, Freelance, Diego,....I mean, the whole family loots and loots.... and it is very rare that there is bad talk on boards. Really an amazing organized family...I tell my members: ‘you guys loot and if needed I will put us over the top’... so Drifters and my loyal family members... This is the reason we succeed

Another question: what are your thoughts about the other big players here in the game? Like TMK, Teds, Dezl, Babbo, can you give us some inside view what it’s like if you can, dealing with the game at this level?

Other spenders... well ...I respect Babbo, Teds and Dezl, they play and organize rounds and build high NW during the rounds. TMK... well......is like a [insert insulting names here] no skill.... last 3 minutes boom....0 strategy...The only reason why I hit IC and BH is cause of all the naps they got, it’s a mob game eliminate the threats stop letting people build, be more aggressive players.

About my game.... well we all know by now for me.... now.... it’s not about the money. I can spend a lot more, I enjoy watching and hearing the gossip, Like the Most recent one that i have multies..seriously guys, with the money I spend if I wanted multies, I’d have 30 different devices and 30 accounts seriously....when I do things, I do big as you all can see.

That’s all I got to say and for the rest of the time, i laugh...I tell them: you want to win? Challenge whoever builds and spend money. That’s my answer.

I don’t want to win JP, I want to make people overspend, not make them sleep, want them to discuss and change their whole game plan, I want to Hurt them bad, hit their real cash,


Also people say I spend too much, wait till last minute [to win the round], [or say that] I have multies:

I say to this: stop making game boring and spend and make action and make it wild and fun.

My Shout out to
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