Freak Me Baby
by Inside_Scoop

Hey there, Mafiosos, welcome to the latest turbo episode of Inside Edition The Mafia Boss. This round will freak your mind. Lately in the game there has been some battling back and forth between Freak and the rest of the game. This round would be no different. After last round it seemed everyone was a little timid in the early builds. It wasn’t till around day 5 that we would start to see the bigger builds. I think many have been freaked too much lately. This reporter looked around the game and saw no big builds from IC no big builds from IU and just a growing build from Brotherhood. For the most part The Mafia Boss was a ghost town. This doesn’t mean there were no strategies and gamesmanship being played.

This is key in how the game shifts from round to round. The days of Cypriot dominating from start to end seem to be a thing of the past just like the legend Cyp. This round we saw UC and SF join together to prove to be a powerful alliance and new Union to be reckoned with. UC and MindflipFreaks toggled back and forth for most of the round as the top two unions followed closely by brotherhood and IC. It wasn’t till late in the round that the turns were added in and the top 3 unions pulled away.

How it played out. Wall-Street banked all round for IC but in the end, we seen a build off between Freak and J-Money. Just as it looked like J-Money was going to swoop in and take the round Freak built to a massive 14 million ops and collected enough to secure the win easily against J and the IC union. This reporter isn’t sure what happened, but it seems like there might have been some cold feet or fear to go for the win on IC’s part. Was this a tactic by IC or was Freak just that good. I was waiting for TMK to swoop in and steal the round, but he seemed content with Freak taking the round. Dezl had a great build but in the end, it is hard for some to do anything while at work during an End Of Round. Dezl messed me and had this to say. “ “.

So, congratulations Freak and all of you who ranked Congrats to Wall Street on his first killer gold. Rebecca on her silver and J-Money on his level 4 silver. Dezl took the 3rd supporter killer and the top free killers were Konj, Lu_Bu, & Shinrinyoku. Congrats to Hypocrisy, CG, & JoArr on your gold medals. Enjoy your success because you never know the future you may hold in TMB. It is a crazy game with crazy twists and turns every single round.

What will we have going forward? Well to me it seems Freak is here to stay, and no one is safe. He may just be the new BIG DOG in the game his mind freaks sure have everyone on edge his unpredictability seems to have shaken the game up like no other. He does not care about the jackpots, he just wants to make it painful for TMK and crew. So far, he has been successful in causing havoc for everyone.

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked This is Inside_Scoop signing off.

LOOKING FOR ANY AND ALL COMMENTS. I cannot tell your story if the butcher cut out your tongue