Easy Come Easy Go!
by Inside_Scoop

Hey there, Mafiosos, welcome to the latest turbo episode of Inside Edition The Mafia Boss. This round was filled with thrills and kills, joys and excitement. Easy come easy go would be a great way to start off. This round saw some quality early operative builds and some who just wanted kills. Migos built early looking to kill anything and everything in sight. He wouldn’t be disappointed as he left tons of 0’s in his wake. Migos didn’t have any challengers that wanted to test his prowess-- he killed at will and almost quadrupled his closest competition. Migos my friend that was an impressive 11.4 million bodies killed. You sir are a force to be reckoned with congratulations.

As this reporter looked around the ranks at the end of the round it was clear to see that there was a battle for the top spot. Several players were built, and full turns were definitely in play. As the jackpot grew so did people egos and their stacks of cash. This turbo was sure to finish with some hurt and some early Christmas Joy! There were some good builds but the winner of this turbo wasn’t having Nun of that. At the end of the round only one person stood tall and as scary as it sounds it was a Nun. I’m not sure if this Nun needed any divine intervention but he didn’t fall far from grace. So, Congrats to you fine sir! (inside scoop says it was Lopov) on another fine win.


Cantaclaus a skinny anorexic version of his fat cousin finished with a great effort and the silver medallion this round he and his family sure gave a great fight and pushed every effort into this turbo. I would also like to congratulate all our other medalists in this round as well. Shota pulled in the bronze this round with a beating the next closed by 98 trillion dollars. In leverl three we saw the likes of DonaldTrump, $73,408,189,878,412 Andrzej_Duda, $26,029,505,432,912, & Clowntown, $22,038,923,911,041 lock down the top 3 coveted prizes.

In level 2 we witnessed Yggdrasil,X_Mas & oops rip off the gold silver and bronze. Level one’s winners are as follows: Gilligan, Powermonger , & Humpty (not the rapper) sweep the top three ranks and get a little bonus in their credit totals. If you missed any of the other ranks, check them out, go to past and check out who did what on The Mafia Boss.

It is about that time again folks another round is in the books. Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked This is Inside_Scoop signing off.

LOOKING FOR ANY AND ALL COMMENTS. I cannot tell your story if the butcher cut out your tongue!! Message me in game or by email to [email protected]!