The Shakedown and New King?

When this round started it started like many other. IU was off to a good build with tommypichero of IC not far behind. IC's KILLEMALL was built with the second most defensive units and it was looking like the top families and unions were off to a great start. This didn’t last long there was a man named KingNoNap aka Freak who built to take over the game. He smacked IU with a vicious blow not once but two times. He also took out Tommy and KILLEM and any IC member in his range.

At that point most of the game had been put on notice. There will not be any friendly rounds where people will just build freely. ASH-SG had this to say, “All I can say is we had tmk crying and had him begging ppl to not to hit him”. This is important because everyone was feasting on IU’s ops. Freaks profile told several stories. At one point he mentioned IU begging people to stop hitting him. The next message said they spent a ton of money and were afraid to rebuild.

As the round went on it seemed that the freak was right; that he was there to make a statement. He built to a massive 31 million ops and smacked down the likes IC, SS, and IU. No one seemed to want to tangle with Freak the rest of the round, except for TMK who hit back not once, but twice. It seemed Freak had everyone else shook and everyone else in the game was scared to take him on. There were no rebuilds from the others. A few People suicides on Freak as he didn’t even load all his defensive units with guns. He was tempting people to build. Seems like Freak is here to run things, and no one other than TMK wants to tango. We shall see what happens going forward and how long freak can keep this up.

Drifters has created a union to fear and has done it fast. They had no problems taking down the union gold along with killers and tiers. The strong and steadfast IC took home a huge silver medal in the union ranks. Brotherhood took in a good bronze followed by UC and Pinoy.
Wow! This round was crazy insane bodies littering the streets of TMB! Freak proved that he might just be the most dangerous and baddest dude in the game. Jackpots are great, but it only tells one side of the story. It will be an arduous task for Freak to keep this up and win a round. We shall see what his future holds. For this reporter it shows that no round is safe or easy you never know who might be lurking. Just when things seem back to normal someone always shows up to ruin your fun.

Last but not least let’s give a shout out to the winner of this rounds jackpot and another shiny gold medal to TMK. He was able to build in the last 3 minutes and secure the win as only he can do. He built to 45 million ops and collected like a man on fire. He wasn’t about to let Freak dominate the entire round and win. This shows that sometimes brains win over brawn. Well done TMK and enjoy the Jack Pot!

On other news throughout the round, who am I kidding there was no other notable news from this round. Everyone was focused on this battle. Sorry mafiosos if you want your name in the highlights step your game up tell me what you did and how you did it. I always love some inside scoop.

Till next time Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked This is Inside_Scoop signing off.