Turbo Killer!
by Inside_Scoop

This turbo round was set up with some killing in the forecast. The turns were elevated in all the killer ranks. This would set the course nicely for a blood-filled round. We already know that people like to hide and kill in the turbo rounds for it is much easier to win than in the main. With that being said I would like to congratulate this turbo most deadly mafiosos. The deadliest awards go to:

- Supporter Killer -

1. AVIci. 11,551,011
2. GOSU. 11,216,883
3. Mud. 6,970,489

- Free Killer -

1. Lassy 1,292,812
2. C 850,509
3. Upgrade 818,623

Although killing may be the most fun thing to do in the mafia world there is one prize that might be the most coveted of all the prizes. That prize is the golden medallion and the jackpot taken from other mobsters. This round was no different the top prize went to Feast. Feast took down the JP and won his family a gold medal to go with it. Tipsy took down the silver medal and Amy won the bronze. Most turbo rounds the mobsters try to hide who they are to avoid their ops being hit or risk causing trouble for their families in the main round.

But here in TMB sometimes you get the Inside Scoop. Rumor has it that this rounds winner was none other than TMK. It was a big win for TMK since he was locked in a heavy battle with Freak in the main round. This win would give him more turns and cash to use in his battle with Freak. I was also able to get more scoop finding out that J-Money from IC won the silver and IC took 2nd and 3rd family as well. That is a pretty impressive feat J-Money, babbo, and snoman! It is rare that one union takes out two of the top three families in the turbo.

What scoop wants to know is where was brotherhood and the other families this turbo? If you want to be heard, you have to give me the word. Meaning drop me some comments in my box and I’ll put your name out there. I cannot report what I do not know, and comments help in getting your family and name out there. I can keep it anonymous if you like-- as your word is always safe with me.

Inside_Scoop over and out.