It is Eerily Quiet in Mob Town

T’was a few weeks before Thanksgiving and all through Mafia Town, not a creature was stirring, not even a snitch; The Gatling Guns were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that a battle soon would be there. Echoes could be heard in the streets that were normally filled with bodies. To this reporter it seems a little too quiet. Quiet usually means that something bad is about to happen.

As the round started there were a few squabbles between similar foes some hits to IU from Brotherhood and vice versa. Neither side had any big builds early. For the most part both sides were quiet while keeping each other zeroed. About six days into the round TMK started his ascent to the top of the ranks building to about 6 million operatives. This was the largest build in the game at this point with Blues from Inner Circle about 2 million ops behind. This round went smoothly for TMK as no one challenged him for the round.

In the last fifteen minutes I stood by to watch and see if anyone would challenge. Would Brotherhood step up and lay waste to everyone in the game with a big build? Or would we see J-Money who was holding the cash for IC make a good run? Inner Circle had enough cash on hand due to the size of their union and strength of their members to make it rough on TMK. Their union cash alone would make someone spend a pretty penny for the win. But in the end, there were no challengers and TMK took down another quality win.

This round was full of strong performers, we know the big name big supporter families in the game but as of late there are a lot of quality families in the running every round. Families like SS, Drifters, and Selected Few are typically at the top of the family ranks up until the last day, and if TMK doesn’t go for the win one of these families takes home the gold. This speaks volumes of the players in these families. They keep up with some of the best supporters the game has to offer. Where drifters are concerned there is always a chance Freak will show and create havoc throughout the game.

Family Ranks show that the gap is not that far off, a couple more hours looting might be the difference. Well done by all these families.

1. IU_RU_HQ $42,657,643,613,246
2. SouthSide_Elite $35,821,881,720,606
3. Selected_Few $30,366,349,494,536
4. DRIFTERS $18,428,125,074,315
5. NaMeLeSs $189,009,830,210

Union ranks went as they usually do IC and Brotherhood leading the way with respectable rounds by the other 3 unions. The sheer size and Supporter status the top two unions makes it very hard for them to be beat. As we know with mob life a takeover could be just around the corner and the tables can turn.

1. IC_Elite $48,325,703,017,631
2. BROTHERHOOD $32,943,818,957,211
3. VALHALLA $20,205,310,321,583
4. UC_The_Good_Guys $12,104,150,823,818
5. PHX-VALKYRIE $6,386,097,333,636

Till next time --- Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked.

This is Inside_Scoop signing off.