Where One War Ends, Another Begins
by Inside_Scoop

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This just in---- the war between the Inner Circle and UC is over. You read it right folks WAR is over! The longest standing war in the game today seems to be over. We shall see how long it lasts but for now it seems Babbo and Hollywood Hubert have put their unions beef aside and have made a pact to end the notorious war. No one knows what to think about this cease fire or what will happen going forward, however, one rogue hit can change things very quickly.

I reached out to a few members last round and it seemed like some did not know what to do with themselves now that an nap is in effect. For some, all they have known was war, and for others they were not sure how to build and collect. Ending the war has not made a difference in the standings as of yet but it will be interesting to see if UC can become a powerhouse in the game once again. Nothing in this game will ever surprise me especially when Hollywood is in charge. He is one of the most respected mafioso's in the game, and if anyone can make it happen it is Hollywood.

Don’t worry Mafiosos and Mafiaettes where one war ends another always begins. This time being a nice guy doesn't seem to count for anything. TMK offered to help Brotherhood (BH) take out freak and obtain the win. Normally that type of gesture would end in a thank you, but not for TMK. In this situation it has ended in WAR! I am not sure of what happened 100% but it looks like the Brotherhood union did not take to it very kindly. They started the round smacking IU and TMK and flexing their union muscle. This doesn’t end well for most people when TMK is involved and we have seen TMK battle with the best of them. Something about this battle feels different. Does this union have what it takes to take on the mighty IU_RU_HQ, or will we see TMK do what he does best? Stay tuned because it does not look like TEDS and crew will back down. Brotherhood has a lot of firepower of their own and are not afraid to show it. So far, I see the score sheet as 2 wins for BH and 0 wins for IU.

In other news for the round, Babbo the Don of Inner Circle swoops in and takes an uncontested win. Babbo is probably thinking to himself, "you stay at war and IC will stay winning." With less focus on war and more focus on winning it seems to have paid off for this Don. It seems that IC is one union always on top of their game. It is rare that they are not one of the top 2 unions in the rankings, but, yet always take several tiers as well. Congratulations Babbo great win.

In the Family Ranks we saw some new names at the top of the list. The gold medal went to Southside Elite followed by selected few and drifters with the silver and bronze. The war kept IU_RU_HQ out of the medals however I doubt they are worried about that. UC may have been the last place union, but they took the second-best rank in the game Volcov took down the silver medal in the level four ranks. Babbo took home the gold in the killer ranks followed by 23 from BH and Rebecca a respectable bronze from IC. The war had no effect on brotherhood as they claimed the top union prize. They were followed by Inner Circle and Valhalla. The best free killer awards went to 7, tommypichero and berdugo in that order.

What will the future in The Mafia Boss hold? The answer to that we will never know, but for now we know this where one war ends another one will always follow. There is very few peaceful rounds in the game and that’s the way we like it. Where there is $$$ there is power and where there is power there are EGO’s. Anytime there are egos involved there will be blood to follow. Every mobster wants to show how big their ego is. If you want to have a big ego message your local reporter to find out how.

Till next time..... Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked!

This is Inside_Scoop signing off.