908 Recap: Something Is in The Air

Something was in the air this round and it was blood and pride. The round started with the same usual battle between Inner Circle and UC. J-Money built early as IC likes to do, but LaCosta wasn’t having any of that. LaCosta hit him quickly taking out his defenses and started working on his ops. Jump-Street quickly countered for IC building to over 4 million defensive units to take out LaCosta but he quickly suicided on several players in the game so that jump wouldn’t kill him. Jump-Street had KILLEMALL on his profile but instead ended up being the Bank for IC.

As the round continued there seemed to be some strange occurrences The Freak joined the round to splash the pot and make the Brotherhood union step their game up if they wanted to win the round. It was at this point things got weird. RU_IU_HQ joined the brother hood union and it looked like TMK was going to help insure the Brotherhood (BH) win. This new Marriage didn’t last long, TMK and his crew quickly left Brotherhood and his profile now read My Round. Over the next few days there was some banter going back and forth on the profiles of BH and TMK. 23 built to kill Freak and Teds and his crew were not going to give the round up easily.

As the round came to an end it liked like TMK was poised to take another round as he had built to over 12 million Ops and had a great lead on the rest of the game. V wasn’t having any of that as the round came to a close he had built to over 60 million Ops and a 3-quad net worth crushing the build of TMK and eventually winning the round easily. Stay tuned Mafiosos as I am sure this will not be the end of this SAGA! TMK will want his revenge.

Till next time.... Keep your guns loaded and your cash banked as you try to keep from getting ganked. This is Inside_Scoop signing off.