ShayneG Interview
-The RankWhore Legend-

By Ravenkc

Ravenkc: Ok Tonight in the Studio I was lucky to catch up with ShayneG The White Boy Hunny Bunny with his cap back to front but seems to be able to make waves in TMB!!! Getting on peoples nerves or just taking Jackpots!!

Hi Shayne how are you??

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Hey thanks for the interview excited to be here, excited to be getting on peoples nerves and excited to take jps!

Ravenkc: Before we get into the Jps I am dying to know when did you first begin your TMB Journey and if you are in fact a vet player

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: I actually started in 2005.. it was literally round 8 But vanished for a while and had to make a new account, I don’t consider myself a vet I consider myself as a f****** RaNkWhOrE legend !

Ravenkc: ok and what exactly defines a "Rankwhore Legend"?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Well I consider myself more of a legend nowadays but back in the day I was really just a smooth talker who told people what they wanted to hear, got myself some medals ! But now I’m on a whole new level !

Ravenkc: Oh right… now I know that you just told me what I wanted to hear that one time… hey hhahaha

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Well jumping from family to family getting in with the big boys a.k.a. Realt

Ravenkc: Who are the memorable families or players that taught you the tricks of the game

Ravenkc: RealT well that's a big name- he taught you about collecting I assume?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: He taught me most of the tricks that I know-- he was kind a like my daddy in the game

Ravenkc: Big Daddy RealT, indeed I liked him as well- so you spent a good amount of time in Untouchables ?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Yes I was with them for about two years that was my longest streak with family in this game. Then I kind a hopped around a bit Joined CCCP for a bit with Feldman and was with mobsters for a while than iu for a bit and that was the worst most selfish family I was in

Ravenkc: Ok I first noticed you playing in IU can you tell me a bit about that and is that when your Rankwhore ideology began?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Honestly I would have to say it was before that more when I was with enforcers and in untouchables. Once I stole 10 quad from realt that was when it all started, then when I went to iu I just sat there and leached what I could

Ravenkc: I literally just burst out laughing! so as light hearted as you are- you purposefully and openly aim to just rankwhore what you can?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Yes that’s what I used to do for sure no fucks given

Ravenkc: lmfao I am a fan!! so is this why all the haters within the game and something they do not seem to get over!?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Yeah honestly I don’t care-- it’s funny even when I spend real money and I win a round. They find any way to troll me… it’s so retarded but I don’t care they just hating cause they suck

Ravenkc: There are so many dog-like-turncoat-type people who play tmb, so honestly I do find your tactics funny as some of those players are the ones who complain it’s actually a little absurd

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Yeah it’s usually the guys that are so far up the other players asses in brackets TMK or just plain Jane bums

Ravenkc: hahahaha so I hear you have notoriously taken Jps in Turbos??

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: I have gotten a few yes and I will get a few more Mark my word I think it’s super funny that TMK and his family said I will never win again and I won And then I got booted from my family because I was messaging them that I won and they were pissed off

Ravenkc: LOL so who out of all the players and incidents who chased you around and killed you most over the years?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Well lately it’s been iu they get their broke ass player Gale to hit my ops. The guy can’t even afford a sub so his master TMK tells him what to do

Ravenkc: So it annoys them you take out turbo- and how can they let this happen? Is it strategy or money?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Honestly I don’t keep it a secret half the time. I guess I just go for it but I have to give hh and reck props for having my back through those wins….. but I still have a lot of credits left what’s funny they’re trying to bait me to use them but I’m not that stupid. but I’ll win again soon

Ravenkc: and have you backed other players as they have backed you… as you just noted Hollywood

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Back in the day I have, but honestly lately it’s just kind of been me. I also always help my boy BMW out--- he’s super solid that’s---- Kinda really it

Ravenkc: Are there any real honest players who you do admire in tmb, I ask as I know there are a lot of scum players

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Honestly there are a lot of players that I do really like Hollywood-- reck, babbo, snoman, hypocrisy and a few others of course. But you are right there’s a lot of scum and a lot of annoying players that are just kids

Ravenkc: So what do you think of the IU leadership as oppose to when Eck ran the show? I remember you had a run in with him as well at one time

Ravenkc: as in weaker, stronger, more or less professional?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Honestly I think it’s the same style… shitty that they don’t help anybody else in the family but themselves. And they wait till the last two minutes to do a collect. You will never ever see TMK do an earlier build because he’s a pussy just like his family. The only good one there is Michael ….. and lopov is pretty cool

Ravenkc: well that's an interesting analysis, so you are saying you have to pretty much be in their typical small group (jackpot rotation) or you are just being used?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: I remember bigant and TMK both told me that it’s Ant, TMK, Michael, Nino and that’s it. They use their own family and then they recruit guys like YK, Freak Show and Rizzky and then when they leave, they hit them next round. They r shit

Ravenkc: Well good or bad are they not just having the same attitude as you- as in they don't give a fuck?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: No I totally get what you’re saying…. you are correct on that one--- they just think they are the game; until TMK Loses big again then he will be gone. And so will his leeches

Ravenkc: I like TMK because he does not go out of his way to purposefully harass players- as in he plays his game and minds his business- his strategy- well I guess if you got the $$$ to play against him, he himself states go for it.

Ravenkc: What do you think IU would be like without TMK?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Honestly about TMK you’re right. He doesn’t say shit he just does the job and wins. I just love pissing them off. As far as that, there wouldn’t be an IU family without him. Their weak. Sure they have a few good players, but IC, UC and BH would make them all not spend.

Ravenkc: ok so tell me about future ShayneG will TMB be seeing more wins anytime soon?

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Yes and a few more turbos I will be snagging one ☝

Ravenkc: Ok then well lets leave this on a positive note, you have played The Mafia Boss for many years and certainly have left your mark, whether people love or hate you they know your name and yes you have taken Jackpots and created a lot of fun!!

ShayneG_TMB Wilson: Thanks I appreciate that ! I love this game it’s fun and through the good and bad times, I marked my name !

Ravenkc: On behalf of the Mafia Boss we thank you for that contribution and wish you luck in your future dangerous tmb transactions. Please take the time now to honour and remember those who you have enjoyed playing with over the years .....

ShayneG: Awesome thanks a lot shoutout to Hollywood, reck, hype, realt, babbo, teds, snoman, nomrcy, hypocrisy, brad, Soulja, bmw and fh

I watched Shayne leave the studio, I did not know if I should trust him or not so I had Hollywood and Nexus trail his ass all the way out of the city. I’m just a little bit funny with “Rankwhores” I am not sure if its an old code built in or just my own personal thoughts, either way I felt fit to contact TMK to let him know… Shayne at some point is about to make his move.

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