Howdy folks! Clutch here with a very special "champions-edition" review of the last five turbo rounds (867-875). In this review, I am going to compare only the gold-medal winners of each prize tier. In addition to listing their networths, I have also created a column that indicates (approximately) how much each winner beat their 2nd-place contender by. In this review, all we care about are gold-medal champions. If you're looking for tips on how to earn silver & bronze medals, it's simple... try for gold and come up short. Second-place is just the first losers, so "if you ain't first, you're last." This blog might seem like 'common-sense' to some of you, especially those with full medal sets, but for the rest of the game - specifically, the newer players with few medals - our goal here is to find out what it takes to earn the coveted gold... so let's quit the hand-holding, and get into the good stuff!

There are a few things to note before we jump into the numbers. Firstly, round 867 wasn't a 10:1 ratio round, so there was significantly less cash available for ranking in each tier. Second, the number of players per family changed between the various rounds, but there's usually less than a dozen players doing big collects in each family, so it didn't really affect the grand outcome of things. In a couple of these rounds, the option to leave families while retaining all cash was allowed. This means that some players were able to tier themselves by joining a family, being given just the right amount of cash to rank, and then leaving the family right before the round ends, so that multiple players within the same families to rank in the same tiers. Other than the above points, the turbo rounds were pretty much 'business as usual'. See below for a breakdown of who won what (and when).

- LEVEL 4 –

The most expensive jackpot went to SAV in round 871 with 12.8Q -- an fathomable amount by any stretch of the imagination. It's hard to believe that he didn't overpay, considering he had approximately 10Q more than the 2nd-place contender. SAV's competition over the five rounds were respectable in their own right, ranging from 2.8Q - 7.3Q. These results are significantly higher than the average past turbo jackpots. This is most likely due to the increase in family/union prizes we've been seeing in both turbos & mains -- meaning that many families are saving up and dumping together in single turbo rounds. Team-work makes the dream work... unless you're got deep pockets... then I guess, "your credit card makes the dream work?

If you're looking to take a turbo round JP, you're going to need to be prepared to generate a mean average of at least 7Q (if it's a 10:1 ratio round). If we break things down into percentages, you're looking at a bare minimum buffer of 50% between you and 2nd-place, in order to secure a victory. For players who have never won a JP, your best bet is to wait for a regular ratio round, and aim to have well over 100T to contribute to your JP run. To put that in perspective, you're looking at over 1 million turns added, during a 1:1 ratio turbo round to be competitive.

- LEVEL 3 –

Level 3 is frankly the most interesting tier to watch, as solo players can actually contend during 10:1 ratios, if they build right and add in the 99,999 cap of won credits. A capped level 3 should be able to yield approximately 30-40 trillion during a 10:1 ratio, which will get them about half-way there to contending for a gold. The highest we saw level 3 go for was 122T by King in round 871. We also saw Gangster take the gold for 100T in round 873. One common theme we're seeing is level 3 gold going for more than double 2nd-place.

If you're gunning for a level 3 gold to finish your set, then your best bet would be to strategically wait until a round where there are a lot of level 4's in the game. One thing I've noticed is many consistent level 3's are only their by using won credits and not a subscription. These level 3 credit-players are usually the first candidates for sub-packs when their families give them out. If you can save up 99,999 credits, and purchase a level 3 subscription at the right strategic time, then you can have a real shot at going for the gold. For best results, I recommend the buddy-system -- where you team up with 1 other player, and have them do a large collect for you to add to your own collect, and then you do the same for them the following round.

- LEVEL 2 –

Level 2 is a bit of a shit-show, which basically just ends up being a trickle-down from the level 3's and (mostly) level 4's. The most we saw level 2 go for was 62T by ABD in round 871. However, most rounds, you'll only need about 20T to be competitive. The buddy system works great for level 2, as one average level 4 collect during a 10:1 ratio using only a few won credits can be enough to be competitive. For level 2, you want to throw down big, and do it early. A lot of players end up going to level 2 if they think it will be cheaper than level 1 to rank, as you only have to add in 1000 credits to jump to level 2 -- meaning the prize increase from going up a level is worth the investment that it takes to get there. To be safe, you're going to want at least a solid 10T more than 2nd-place (or approximately double their networth).

If you're willing to roll the dice, you can actually get this tier for quite cheap, as Rusty_Trombone showed us with his 8T victory, during a 10:1 ratio round (where most players were level 4). During 1:1 ratio rounds, the gold usually goes to a player from whichever family ends up #1 (left-over cash). If you're looking to get a level 2 gold medal, I would recommend doing it in a 10:1 ratio round, with a level 4 buddy who has some won credits to add.

- LEVEL 1 –

In level 1, the way EOR plays out is much harder to anticipate. It's literally impossible to earn a gold in level 1 without the help of a level 4, or an entire family worth of low-level players. Traditionally, level 1 has usually been more expensive than level 2, which leads to a flux of players jumping from level 1 to level 2 during the final minutes of the round. In this tier, you absolutely do not want to show your hand early. If you're planning to go for a level 1 rank, make someone who's level 2/3/4 hold the cash and then send it to you with 10 seconds to go in the round. That's really your only chance at edging out the competition in this tier. It's super-competitive, with more than half of the game's players being free-to-play. The most we saw level 1 go for is 60T (and it's gone even higher in past rounds).

If you're looking to snag a level 1 gold, you're going to need a 'sugar-daddy/momma' to not only collect for you, but also to hold and send the cash... not too soon, or else someone may leapfrog you, but not at the very last second and risk the transfer not sending in time. There's literally a 10-second window where you're going to want to receive cash, and still have enough time to send to someone else if it ends up not being enough for the gold. With that said, we've seen the gold go for as low as 11T by "j" in round 869. To put that in perspective, that's approximately equal to one level 4's collect, without any credits added.

- Supporters Killers –

If you want to be the best killer in the game, you're going to have to build an army. No one accidentally finds their way into 1st place in the Support Killers tier. What's not reflected in the KP totals is exactly how many DU's are required to do some significant damage. Often, Support Killers end up getting zeroed, having to rebuild, and then zeroing the one who zeroed them. You're going to need to be level 4 -- level 3 just isn't big enough, as it would put you at approximately 11M DU's when capped. It's also worth noting that hitmen do much more damage than thugs & bodyguards. This means that the jackpot-contenders, who aren't building exclusively for killing, have a sizable advantage if they can get high enough in DU's to match the pure-killers.

The most we saw this tier go for was over 20M KP by Pig in round 875. If you can hit 20M KP, you're almost guaranteed the win. You'll notice that each of the players who had over 15M KP, also had a 12M+ buffer between 2nd-place. Once you get that high in KP, you've pretty much zeroed out most of the available targets, leaving very little chance that anyone will contest your run. You will definitely want to kill off your DU's once you're done killing, if you're under 10M DU's, in order to prevent another player from building, killing you, and leapfrogging into first. You will need double-digit millions of KP in order to be competitive. We saw 23 take the gold for only 6.3M KP, but that was during a 1:1 ratio round, and must have cost him a fair amount. If you're going for a killer gold medal in turbo, build big, build early, and don't forget to arm ALL of your DU's! No-range turbo rounds will be your best bets at getting your first Support Killer Gold. Be prepared to lose credits, as the rewards for killer ranks usually are far lower than the cost of achieving them.

- Free Killers –

A free-to-play gold killer rank is the hardest medal to get, aside from a jackpot. It's an absolute free for all, and is often farmed by family members en masse. Your best bet for getting a free killer gold is to lower your networth as low as possible before hiring even a single DU. Do your hiring throughout the round, but do not arm your DU's -- this will keep your networth low, and hopefully keep you out of range from the players who could zero you, or sabotage your run. Having a low networth isn't a guaranteed path to success, however. It's a great risk, as anyone can build a fraction of what you have, arm them, and use everything they have to zero you. It's definitely harder to do if your networth is low, but it's still entirely possible.

The highest we saw this tier go for was nearly 2.3M KP, which is nearly double what the average is. Most rounds, if you can get past 1M KP, then you're usually in the top 3... but for a gold medal, you're going to need more than 1M KP. Set you goal to be around 1.5M KP, and be sure to watch your competition closely. If someone is creeping up on you, in terms of KP, you're going to want to put out a hit on them. The free killer rank definitely requires some teamwork for the best results. If you can find some folks to kill the competition for you, while you focus purely on KP, then you should be sitting pretty. Don't try to farm KP with your family members though. Unless you know what you're doing, you're more than likely just going to end up wasting turns & DU's. With a little bit of luck, strategically picking your targets, and avoiding getting iced yourself -- you can earn a free killer gold for as little as 800K KP, as WhuCaRes & bored showed us in rounds 867 and 871, respectively. Try to avoid going for free killer gold during 'no-range' rounds, as you're more than likely going to get 'iced' by the level 4 killers, and aim to have at least a few hundred thousand KP between you and 2nd-place.

- Family Ranks –

There's only one way to win a family gold medal -- have more cash than any other family in the game. It's very rare that the JP winner doesn't also win family gold, as it's easy for them to just bank up and get the win for their team. However, we have seen some rounds with very low banking -- anything from 5% banking to 20% banking will make it a lot harder for JP winners to do just one bank up and rank their family. You will absolutely need a team of players you can trust to help bank the cash, especially during rounds where 'leaving families' is allowed. The most we saw these rounds go for was 1.7Q+ in round 875 by the Asylum family, followed closely by the Nafazol family in round 871 with nearly 1.5Q.

If it's a 10:1 ratio, you're going to want at least 500T banked in order to be competitive for the family gold. In a regular 1:1 ratio round, 150T should be enough to secure the gold, provided that the JP is relatively low. We've seen just over 400T be enough to win a 10:1 ratio round, so if you get lucky, and can bank up when others can't during a low-percentage banking rounds, then you might be able to rank an entire team of players (which in my opinion, should be the ultimate goal each round - beyond winning a jackpot). Your best bet for winning a family gold medal in a turbo round is to wait for a 1:1 ratio, and create a family of exclusively level 4's... and pray that no one spends a ridiculous amount on the jackpot. May the odds be ever in your favour!

What did you think of this post? If you would like to leave a comment on rounds 867-875, please respond to this blog with answers to these questions:

- What were your turbo names & family names?
- Did you win any tiers?
- Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

Congrats again to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!