870: Round with many builds


The round started with many builds. FELON (RIAM) as the first to build up, however, was killed fairly quick by B3ASTMODE (IU). I was expecting this to go back and forth, in which we saw Acidic build up to back his teammate up, who got into it with Renkaholic (IC). I would say with the amount of won turns increasing, there has been an increase in killing/building as of recent. With all these big builds, I was thinking, maybe there would be a challenge, however; I was not expecting one. In the end, TMK took care of business with taking the jackpot and secured family gold for his family!


This round we saw IU dominate the top two spots. Leah and B3ASTMODE took gold and silver respectively with 8.5m kps and 7m kps. It was interesting to see that IU booted one of their members so they could take both ranks in the killers section. Shane (BH) was built big, which allowed him enough time to generate kps to get third!

Leah on how her round went:

built to 4m dus straight away and along with the gifted sub from TMK I just kept building dus sooner or later everyone with dus started hitting each other and I somehow came out ontop being the only person to have dus after all the hitting I seemed to come out ontop with 6m kps the rest came from zeroing anyone else that built until EOR.
Free killers:

AssKicker has been on a free-killing spree as of late! It seems as if I’m mentioning him every time I write a blog! Congrats to him for taking gold with just over 400k, nearly 40k more kps than PeeWee who took second. Free killers was a bit lower than usual as 240k kps from OwL took bronze, which is usually a rare sighting in the free killers section.

AssKicker on his round:

I’d like to thank those whom I killed for kps  And those who killed the competition esp. harryverderchki

– AssKickeR

Union Rankings:

This was a fairly interesting round union wise in my opinion. It was only a matter of time before we saw BH and co go to union, and they did. BH teamed up with YK and his crew to make a superteam. I was expecting a lot from them, but they settled for tiers in the end with a nice rank! I was expecting IC and UC to battle it out, and they did, looks as if IC finally broke through and got the gold secured! Congrats to them on taking the gold union! UC took silver as the two sides have been nearly fighting for a while now. Debt_collectors and Ohana rounded up the top 5!

Big Sarge on BH and their decision:

Well last round was interesting to say the least. The Hood decided to try a union with YK and family. There was some fighting in the union over some hits within the union. Day drinking is a thing and doesn’t always produce stellar results, I don’t care what hypocrisy says. Nick was MIA for most of the round so a few of us in BH had to are up. The union worked through our issues and got a decent sized bank for EOR. I was running EOR and trying to figure out union prizes and such tiers. Many of the lower tiers weren’t on for EOR or had autos off. Tried to set a medal for level 3 member and my PC lagged at 3 second mark. I was going to take a mid level L4 for myself. I ended up with my first L4 medal. Just wanted to thanks to the boys in the hood plus hutman, most_wanted, mikee and other union members.
Family Rankings:

Well with BH out of the picture, and with their recent domination of the family ranks, I was not expecting anything else beside a gold for IU and that is what we got! IU banked a nice 23trn for the gold. Ronin, recently formed, took silver with 7trn! FH took bronze with 4trn! NameLeSs took 4th with 2trn. IU could have certainly banked up less and took the gold, but they did not want to take any chances. The gap between the other three were very small with NaMeLeSs going for tiers, as they could have taken silver with ease!

Level 4:

As discussed earlier, TMK cruised to an easy gold. Torm from IC took silver with 18trn, which was really close to Big_Sarge whom took third. There was only a gap of 500bn between the two!. Lacosta took 4th with 12.7trn. the fall-off after that was insane. It went from 12.7trn to 2.5trn! After that it went to 625bn!! I’m sure families are able to send up 650bn to get a nice 30-40k turns!

Level 3:

In level 3 we saw bill_kolhotky take gold (no idea who/which family that was from) but congratulations on your gold! Roo from UC took silver with 4trn, and Hellhood from FH took bronze with 1.2trn! Again, the falloff after the first two ranks were nice. I’m sure smaller families were able to capitalize on some turns with nearly 500bn netting 20k turns in level 3!

from Roo:

Thanks to the boys for the rank!
from Hellhood:

didn’t expect any medals from that round, fam cash was low, and we put fam first, although well spotted from benny gris that level 3 was going low also..
Level 2:

Level 2 was pricer than level 3. Roughneck of NaMeLeSs took the gold with 5.5trn, and TBI from Locos took silver with 5.2trn while skeet took bronze with 4.5trn. I would say this was a much expensiver round in regards to ones we’ve seen before, and compared to level 1 and 3.

Level 1:

Weeeeeooo sheesh. Weebs took the gold by farrrrr! He could have took gold in level 1, 2, or 3! With 11trn, there was no contest for the gold. Congrats to weebs! MrsR took silver with 2trn which is usually around the average!. FearlessMob (NaMeLeSS) took bronze with less than 500bn! Pretty average round in level 1, besides the gold I’d say.

from Weebs:

TMK and Gale took care of me. Thank you guys