Interview: Q&A with a faithful Warhound, Klown

Today's blog is with one of TMB's battle-tested veterans, Klown. He's been a champion of free players, but also known to throw down real cash to purchase subscriptions for his family and credits to challenge for a top 3 union rank. I recently sat down with the Warhounds' dark knight -- to talk origins, strategy, leadership, and game rules. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Clutch: Hey Klown! For those who don't know you, what would you say your role in TMB is?

Klown: To help free and new players learn and play here while pissing others off... and run Ohana while having fun!

Clutch: How did the Ohana union come to be?

Klown: Warhounds came back to TMB and seen level 4 players bullying new and free players so we made a union that would give the little guys a chance to rank that might not get to on their own.

Clutch: Is your goal to rank players individually or to rank the union as high as possible?

Klown: The goal is to always rank the union 1st so the most can go to all and then we try ranking others who worked the hardest. I try to always look after my families before myself and it creates loyalty.

Clutch: Who would you say are the leaders of Ohana union? What are their roles?

Klown: Dmx is a proven leader that puts everyone above himself so that's a true leader. We have a council that discusses things but we try letting our soldiers voice their concerns and preferred targets. MrsKlown is bank of course, lol... and I am the dumb stoner that says funny shit and people laugh too much to take notice.

Clutch: What families have you been in before Ohana union?

Klown: My 1st families were XTC fams, then I went to DG for a minute, then through years I have been in Ronin, Loco, Phoenix, and Hitsquad. Might have missed some unintentionally but always a Warhound 1st!

Clutch: Who's one player who no longer plays that you wish would come back?

Klown: So so many greats I will say, but if I had to choose one, it would be my brother (who passed a year and a half ago) -- for obvious reasons. He is who I want back.

Clutch: What was his game name?

Klown: Honestly I do not want to say because some ass hat would use it and dishonor him -- if that's okay?

Clutch: No problem at all! Who would you say are your biggest enemies in game currently?

Klown: Probably in DMX's words, "the derp_collectors." The Don talks tough and acts tougher but, when hit, he cries and runs away. He then asks us if he can kill IU for us and last I checked, we weren't warring them (lol).

Clutch: If you weren't playing in Ohana union, who would you most likely try to join?

Klown: I would retire lol. Game has changed too much. I see families that I feel can achieve unreal success but they seem happier being irrelevant in a massive union, for a handful of players getting a handful of credits. I never understood that lol... and with the current game rules it's just not as fun for me. Maybe Nameless if I did though... I respect how they never need to beg for this or that. They remind me of the great families of old.

Clutch: What are some of your favourite TMB moments or rounds that come to mind right now?

Klown: I think Detroit was my fun days killing for London also. Best times are meeting friends here. Although waking up from surgery when I accidentally got a bronze level 4 was very fun as well.

Clutch: If you had to give some advice to a new player on how to get medals, what would you say?

Klown: If someone needed advice on how to win medals I would refer them to you (lol). We don't care about medals -- just doing enough to keep the game fun for us.

Clutch: Beyond putting your family first, what other advice can you give to an experienced player looking to start their first family?

Klown: Check your ego! It's always good to talk some shit but a real boss knows when to step back and bite his tongue if it's the best thing for his soldiers. That said, never let anyone push you around because it shows weakness and who wants to follow a weak boss?

Clutch: Who would you say is the most underrated player in the game?

Klown: DMX is possibly the most underrated because - although he is becoming more known - many in the game are still unaware of his talent but they are also learning pretty fast.

Clutch: What do you think of bringing back family killer medals? How do you imagine they would change the game given the current climate?

Klown: I would love to see killer medals back but only if they bring back, "1 DU = 1 KP." Farming would still be a thing (sadly) but it still would beat the current KP system.

Clutch: What are your favorite round rules to play? (Ex. 10:1 ratio, no range, 100% banking, etc)

Klown: 10 to 1 ratios can be fun but I recall Storm making a forum post some months back about a 4 days old school round. Loved [the idea] but we haven't seen it yet.

Clutch: There's been some talk on the forums about perhaps making main rounds shorter than 10 days. What are your thoughts on this?

Klown: 10 days are great. I wouldn't change it.

Clutch: Do you prefer main rounds or turbo rounds, and why?

Klown: Main rounds of course.

Clutch: What's the number one thing that Ohana union does better than any other family or union in the game?

Klown: I think we surprise people more than anyone else. We are often overlooked as any kind of serious threat and more often than not it proves costly. I think many of us also talk shit better!

Clutch: We've seen you throw down some large collects at EOR a few times. Any plans on ever going for a JP — for yourself, or someone else in your union?

Klown: Maybe if someone goes for a JP, I would help... but my main focus is doing what gets my family the most as a whole. If I ever did go for it - and win - it would more than likely go right back in [TMB Subs] for my families.

Clutch: Spoken like a true boss! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to the TMB community, or any family members you would like to give a shout-out to?

Klown: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. My message to TMB is: if you are a player just starting out or need a place to build a family, feel free to stop in. Also, a very big shout to Ohana as a whole! You are all great and I wouldn't be here without you.