-Inside the Mind of an IU Serial Killer-

“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing...I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.”
- H.H Holmes (The American Ripper)

Ravenkc: Ok so in the studio today I have a hot and sexy tmb killing heart throb from the ranks of IU- he is known for his killing ability in TMB as well as his JP triumphs, I feel privileged he is taking the time to have a chat with me today.

Ravenkc: Not only is Dezel a TMB killing super star but he is also a veteran player with a long history flashing a purple 11 year badge- I want you to tell us your story Dezel take us back 11 years ....

Dezel/23: Wow that's an impressive intro your too kind

Ravenkc: it comes at a price hun, you will be going down on me after the interview

Dezel/23: That's not a price I would fly to Australia for that

Chapter 1: From the Streets of NYC Dezel hails from a Pack- a Wolf Pack

“Even psychopaths have emotions; then again, maybe not.”
- Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker)

Dezel/23: Ok so I started out 12 years ago my first account got banned. I was on college humor and saw an ad for the game so I jumped in and joined the budz Union chippy was the Don we had cool tie die icons lol she left so I started looting for a guy named titus-pullo. He kept telling me to get him x dollars to get a rank spot but after a few rounds I found out he was full of shit

Dezel/23: Ok anywayyyys lol

Ravenkc: ahaha yes continue..

Dezel/23: I hopped around a few families and joined splat and randello in Wolfpack an old nycu fam

Dezel/23: Splat and randello were cool and eventually me and heatseeker created a second Wolfpack family

Dezel/23: But after playing for a couple years I got bored. Back then cypriot and pops owned the game

Ravenkc: ok these are names I do recognize, since I too come from NYCU- and at this point in TMB was NYCU a powerful union?

Dezel/23: Yes I was also in Gambino and prophecy from same Union. Splat was friends with cyp so pissheads always had our back

Dezel/23: I remember lots of wars against Sydney union

Dezel/23: Huka was my boss in Gambino she's awesome

Ravenkc: I have heard or know rather, Cyp used NYCU to smash other unions so it made it easier for Pissheads to win??

Dezel/23: Back then all the cash ended up with pops or cyp and they decided every rank

Ravenkc: yes and there were way more players so ranking was a lot harder??

Dezel/23: I quit because I didn't like either

Dezel/23: Well they had more ranks If I remember. Wasn't there 10 families ranked and other things? Idk I have a terrible memory

Ravenkc: I don't remember I do know at one point NYCU had 250 members, but Ironcladluke my cousin who was Don of Cosa Nostra pretty much just had Jo and I running around recruiting and killing, back then I really had no clue on the rank system!!

Dezel/23: Lol I remember Luke

Ravenkc: But a pack of free players could take down a supporter

Dezel/23: Ya people didn't build as crazy I remember being 3 or 4 star was kind of a big deal back then. They only had one sub the two star one. Now everyone is 4 star which sucks imo

Dezel/23: Free players have no chance now

Dezel/23: I think it's part of the reason member numbers are so low

Ravenkc: hahah yes I remember thinking oh wow at the supporter people- lmfao I think Australia didn't really have debit cards then HAHAHA

Dezel/23: New players get destroyed and quit before they really get a chance

Dezel/23: Lol I was in college I was spending money on other things

Ravenkc: hahahaha yes the matrix of tmb mind play on new players was part of the war tactics or even just on other players which is still crucial even today only with less impact

Ravenkc: I mean I can only try to mess with TMKs brain but he will just drop cash and my energy wasted hahhaa

Dezel/23: Lol

Ravenkc: Alright so lets stick to the timeline, so you did a few years with NYCU? then what happened?

Dezel/23: I quit for a year or two or three idk but I came back and things were different

Chapter 2: A New World: An IU Domination

“I live for the hunt—my life.”
— (David Berkowitz, the ‘Son of Sam,’

Dezel/23: I didn't recognize most people and the most dominate family was iu

Dezel/23: So I bought some creds and started killing all there big builds

Ravenkc: Is this before you came back into DropSquad as I remember the day you arrived there

Dezel/23: Ya this was before I knew murderer

Dezel/23: So I'm killing them all and kold messages me

Ravenkc: Ok I'm jumping ahead in time haaha

Ravenkc: Ok Kold ... is this the Chaos era

Dezel/23: Yes. He messages me and says your going to get zeroed for that

Dezel/23: I just laughed and said go ahead and build

Dezel/23: He said" it's not me you have to worry about it's Eck...he's going to be pissed when he gets online"

Ravenkc: lol

Dezel/23: So Eck gets on kills me calls me a cunt

Dezel/23: But kold recruited me and I joined chaos. Drob was in there we didn't get along

Ravenkc: why didn't you get along with Drob?? he seems to get on with everyone including all the females in tmb

Ravenkc: (lmfao he is going to kill me for that)

Dezel/23: Idk I talk shit and hit people and he holds a grudge forever he's emotional

Dezel/23: Kind of sensitive... Not a bad thing we're cool now I think

Dezel/23: :P

Ravenkc: He is emotional yet normally very forging hmm.. ok.. so you got in with Kold- is this when you won some Jps?

Dezel/23: It took a while but he introduced me to Eck coca and lop

Ravenkc: The IU power of 3 ahahah

Dezel/23: I backed up people for there jps before I was allowed to get one and the rotation was huge

Ravenkc: so you had to work your arse off to prove you was worthy?

Dezel/23: Eck coca kold drob lopov murderer spade monkeykilla Vito dingdong Bono and a few others all got jps back then

Ravenkc: Vito wasn't around till dropsquad now you are confusing the time lines

Ravenkc: hahaha

Dezel/23: I told you my memory is not good lol

Ravenkc: hahaha and by the time DropSquad was around Murderer aka Michael ensured certain people left out of that JP that normally got it in old IU

Ravenkc: But I wont say who it will cause some controversy

Dezel/23: Yeah Eck teamed me and other Michael up because we're alike in many ways

Dezel/23: We both like to start shit

Dezel/23: But I'm loyal maybe not to a family but to certain people

Dezel/23: They know who they are and they know I got there back in the game and real life

Ravenkc: Hmm that's interesting I agree you both turn me on- must be that attitude

Ravenkc: Ok so Old IU- and did you take a break then return when Murderer was in charge or one of 3 Dons of Dropsquad

Dezel/23: Yeah sounds about right

Ravenkc: Murderer/Cultivator/Drob

Dezel/23: Ya cultivator almost forgot

Ravenkc: What did you think of the kids of IU running this Union?

Dezel/23: Sad alot are gone

Ravenkc: as it was a breakaway from Lopov/Eck ect

Dezel/23: And I can't believe I forgot about shiekh and tmk. Shiekh coca Eck and lopov were the ones who ran things for a while with iuru

Ravenkc: You ever been chased around TMB by Shiekh? I did once Jesus Christ I had to talk him down with sweet talk

Dezel/23: Idk I joined Michael but was always loyal to coca and Eck. They gave me first jp I would never turn my back on them

Dezel/23: No lol he's always been cool with me. Me and tmk used to get into it every once in a while

Dezel/23: I would always lose

Ravenkc: hhahah- well in regard to the IU/Dropsquad breakaway it kind of joined back up then eventually just became IU/RU again

Dezel/23: I remember thinking where is this kid getting the money and why isn't he in school right now

Dezel/23: Yep

Ravenkc: I have no idea why I just remember being a real bitch to TMK years ago but I blame Eck and Siilentbob there was this thing they would claim like IU was better or something I just snubbed my nose up to him haha wtf??

Dezel/23: Lol poor tmk

Ravenkc: Oh he prob paid no attention just went about killing with Spade..

Chapter 3: An IU Serial Killers Memoirs

“I saw the light over the confessional and the voice said: That’s the person to kill.”
—Herbert Mullin

Dezel/23: But speaking of people chasing you around the game there is a guy named tears... You probably don't know him...but he is the one you do not want after you because if he wants to he will kill you

Ravenkc: That!! well let me tell you something about that - I lived upstairs and Tears was downstairs when you and I argued on the DropSquad Board that day I was furious!!! and I went racing down to tell Dad.. little did I know you 2 are already in some mad build off thing and I was told to be quiet so I stood there so quiet waiting to see what was going to happen

Ravenkc: And I did get in trouble off Murderer as well for all that as you were a player he wanted to keep

Ravenkc: Can you give me your point of view on TMB Killing?

Dezel/23: It's more fun than collecting

Dezel/23: I've pretty much killed everyone. The ones that kill back I respect

Ravenkc: I don't kill you back I just die of a broken heart hahah

Ravenkc: well tell me some of your best battles

Ravenkc: who has given you a run for ur money!

Dezel/23: Teds, tmk, tears, drob, spade, eck, acidic, yk

Dezel/23: Teds is an idiot like me

Dezel/23: But I love him. It's funny because most of my friends were once enemies

Dezel/23: Oh ya skeemin

Dezel/23: He is sneaky

Ravenkc: lol it is how it usually goes ahah from enemies that put up a good fight you gain respect and that is a huge thing in TMB

Ravenkc: Alright the current IU/RU family is run by the Thor Hamer smashing mighty Lopov and the JP trillion Dollar man TMK, can give us your thoughts on this current team?

Dezel/23: Tmk is a beast lopov can give you any info or strategy you need

Ravenkc: A lot of the players are still there, some are spread out in the game, but appears as though they are as strong as ever? how do you guys match up to the bigger unions?

Ravenkc: How do you think IU would go if there was say a war with one of the bigger Unions?

Dezel/23: Same. Winning

Dezel/23: Rules are currently set up for big spending not teamwork.

Ravenkc: As you stated above about Lopov- he knows info and has the correct strategy, Id just like to add that is because he takes the time to really observe players, game play, where they are coming from and what their objectives are. And that is very important in being a leader especially of the IU who win Jps and ranks and are always in the spot light. I do believe him to be the ultimate IU Don because of that.

Dezel/23: He definitely is

Dezel/23: He does all the behind the scenes work

Ravenkc: He is the example of a great Don for those who want to learn model from that player

avenkc: Ok Dezel I have kept you for hours!!

Ravenkc: thanks so much for chatting with me, and do you see yourself continuing along with Iu in the near future and what do you have to say to any challengers that come your way??

Dezel/23: No comment

Dezel/23: Shout-out's?

Ravenkc: ok man of few words.... Thank you Dezel for your massive contribution to the Mafia Boss- we have enjoyed watching play and wish you all the best in your notorious future... please list any shout outs to friends enemies and loved ones from TMB


Dezel/23: The gorgeous Raven, Nino, teds, bigant, Lopov, ,tmk, Eck, Coca, luckynate, monkeykilla, Michael, shiekh, kold, kid vengeance, Billy, votan, shane, hype, Renzi, rights, Tears, huka, bono, Harry, sellz, chopperjo, bliz, chippy, heatseeker, spade, Tru, Hollywood, reck, Tinkerbell, the_mob, splat, randell Gale, Bono, bomb, dusk, skeemin, all my prophecy fam, iu/ru,I know I'm forgetting some sorry in advance

Every Queen in TMB knew that Dezel had a huge cock, but to fuck a serial killer was some other form of evil… I admired him he spoke with such confidence it was almost as if killing was the norm just as long as you did it right. I suppose being in the game that long you just become immune or accustomed to it. I agreed to fly back with him to his Mansion in Chicago he smelt like sex, money and fun…. Just my thing.

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