868: New winner, who dis?

Jackpot Recap: Weeeeooooooo, that was not what we expected, did we?????? What a round we saw in 868. Much different approach than what we have seen in recent memory! As time started ticking down, I saw YK sit on 80trn cash. In our group chat, we were giving odds on who would win, and safe to say I took YK at 100:1!! Winner winner chicken dinner! Anyways, with 10 minutes left, there were many different people to watch. Would TMK go in and challenge? Or would IC come in for a steal if IU didn’t want it? In the end, there was no challenge, and viewers were highly disappointed in seeing a good back and forth fight. However, I do want to be one of the first to congratulate YK on his win! I will say it is well deserving!

Build off: Though not big, this round, we saw a nice little build off at the start! As IC + Locos joined forces to fight UC + RIAM, we saw Mytaint and Xertz go at it. Both sides were up to nearly 2.5m du’s before Acidic came in for the win. It was a weird build-off as both sides went idle at times. Not sure what/why that happened, but congrats to Xertz on a successful build off win.

Killers Ranks: Killer ranks this round were much better compared to last round. As YK built so big at the start of the round, he took home the gold with ease, no hitting really required (10m KPs). Clutch (Sinix) got the boot from Brotherhood at EOR, but he did enjoy a silver killer medal in the supporter’s section as he did a ton of damage at the end of the last couple days. Xertz didn’t do much as he let a lot of KPs build up, but he did manage to get himself in a couple of build-offs as he successfully won both. Fatal and 12 get honorable mentions for finishing out the top 5. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed as most of these guys just build big and generate KPs. I feel as if these killer medals should prove that people have to kill others to earn the points, but that’s just my take!

In free killers, we did see the same as usual. One_Love took the double gold with 423k KPs and level 1 gold, while f_u_punk came in second with nearly 370k KPs. NuGGz from IU had a close battle with Wolf for the third spot. There was only 9k KP’s difference between the two, but NuGGz ended up with the bronze medal! Congrats to all the winners. This round, it felt as if the KPs to get a medal were much lower than compared to different rounds.

Union: As this round progressed, we again saw UC and IC fight it out. Sheesh. UC took a back to back gold with 94trn banked up! A lot of this had to do with an IC player accidentally adding in turns. The UC team assumed he would collect last minute and bank it up for the union gold, so they decided to take no risks with it. IC had plenty of cash to play with, as they took second union by a whooping 60trn, they took tiers in level four, three, and two as well as second union! Props to them for running an efficient EOR with a ton of cash! I must say, the drop off between these two unions and the third place has been interesting to say the least. On one hand, I’d expect IU or BH to jump union soon enough, but I can see that both families are content with being where they are at. Anyways, as we saw in the next round, there was an interesting play! Ohana took 3rd with 3.8trn which allowed them to get whatever tiers they wanted.

Family: This was a much different round in the aspect of family rankings. Neither BH or IU took the gold this time, which is a first in nearly around 10 rounds or so! As YK took gold in level 4, it allowed him more than enough time to easily bank up for the gold. BH and IU had a battle for silver/bronze. In the end, BH took the silver with 14.6trn while IU took bronze with 11.5trn with both families opting to get some tiers in as well. Phoenix, which was a part of Ohana, split off, and had an impressing round with 7trn banked for the fourth seed. It will be interesting to see where/what they plan on doing next!

Level 4: I was surprised that there was no challenge done by IU, IC, or UC this round, but it looked like an easy win for YK! I really did expect someone to come in and go at him really quick at the end, but I was wrong. As EOR came to its finish, one of the earliest transfers I saw was 21trn to JohnRooney. I knew it was for a tier because that’s usually BH’s strategy and was expecting an expensive level 4 round, however; I was wrong. Mytaint took bronze with 5.8trn, edging out Pinkdot for the medal by only 300bn. TMK rounded off the top 5 with 3.8trn.

Level 3: Superman (IC) took home the gold by a small margin! He had 10.9trn while Shane from BH had only 10trn! Usually level 3 gold is nearly 5-7trn, but this round that wouldn’t have got a medal! Expensive level 3 medals this round for sure! Elmo topped off the bronze with 7.5trn. Jeff and Sexy-Jag rounded up the top 5 with 3.5trn and 3.1trn respectively.

Level 2: Level 2 ranks were just around where they usually are. The gold and silver are usually expensive, and bronze and lower drops down. Round 868 was no different. Mitch took home level 2 gold with 4trn, while Leith2 took silver at 3.5trn. These were the two higher tiers, and after that it was just a drop down. Leah took bronze with only 1trn. After that, the ranks were 300bn, 200bn, 20bn, 14bn, 10bn, 9bn and 7bn. I’ve emphasized this before, but I’ll do it again. I’m sure new players can squeeze in 20bn cash to get a rank in the lower ends of level 2 if they put in a little bit of effort.

Level 1: If you thought level two was cheap!! Level one was where it was at. Beside the gold rank, everything else was super cheap! One_Love who took free killers gold, also ended with level 1 gold with 3trn. After that, the ranks were unbelievably low. Last round, we saw all 5 ranks in level one with over 1trn, compared to this round where only one was over the trillion mark. After that, in silver we saw KodakBlack with 221bn, and he’ll be free in October!! Ickey_thump to bronze with 202bn edging out Evocator who took fourth with 190bn!

Congrats to all the winners!

I was super busy with exams and finding a new place at the end of this round, that I did not get any comments for this rounds reviews. I will make sure for the next one, we get extra comments to make up for this one. My apologies, been a tough couple weeks finishing up these exams strong. Hope y’all understand!