After an interesting round we saw last round, I think it is safe to say, that things are back to normal.

As the round started, we did not see many big builds that we have become accustom too in the past few rounds. I was interested in seeing if IU and IC would go into union again, but they did not. Another thing to note this round was when RIAM and UC went union together, especially after rounds of fighting each other.

I saw UC/RIAM and IC go after each other this round. As both unions have proved their worth, it was safe to say, this will be interesting.

As the round progressed IU had a couple big builders. 23 had nearly 6m du’s, Leah had 4m, and Harry had about 2m. The other big build was from Reckaholic (me bitchesssssss). To be fair, this was a round with not many defensives or killpoints, so I felt bad for the higher builders. I have no idea who Summarum was, but props to him, as he managed to clear out mostly ALL the builds to take gold killers with 11.5m kp’s. I noticed he ended up hitting most of Brotherhood to get his points.

Jackpot Recap:

As I said earlier, the round did not have much action, but I’m sure almost everyone had their money on TMK winning #40 this round, and that is exactly what happened. There was no challenge from anyone or anywhere as TMK took the gold with ease. Congrats on #40! TMK is the first player to reach the 40 win mark, which puts him in unchartered territory. I was playing Fortnite with him the other day, and sheesh, he dropped a 15 bomb to carry me to the dub! He’s a beast in Fortnite, just like he is in TMB!


As I touched on earlier, killers was a bit iffy as there were not many defensives this round. Congratulations to Summarum for clearing out the field to get gold! Illy_Wonka, the banker for TeaShop took the leftovers to take silver with 6.4m KP’s. Leah edged out teammate 23 for the bronze with 5.5m KP’s. Reckaholic and 12 rounded off fourth and fifth.

Free killers was much more interesting oh my! RIP took the gold with ease with nearly 500k, but after that it was close in the other four spots! 0844 from Nameless took silver with 391k kps, which was only 40k over 3rd and 4th place. In third we saw Penguin take a medal with only 500 more killpoints than snap! That one must hurt for snap. 1 more kill would have got him the bronze medal, but sadly, he has to live with the 4th place finish. BMW finished the list off with 300k kps.

Union Rankings:

I knew this one was going to be a dogfight. With IC and UC/RIAM going back and forth all round. There were no big builds, and almost any were zeroed right away, except for me, IC did not build up to kill, however; asked for a favor from IU to do it (weak, but oh well). Anyways, up to the day 3 mark, IC and UC were constantly switching between the first and second spot. Ultimately, a big collect from Acidic pushed UC on top for good. After that collect, I noticed a decrease in effort when it came to looting. IC decided not to challenge the collect, which led UC to cruise to gold in union, while IC decided to bank less for some tiers. I saw both sides get tiers. In bronze, Ohana easily won with 17trn banked up. Ohana has been consistently putting up numbers each and every round, and I respect them for that. Teashop took 4th with 6trn. There was no other union so we had to settle for only 4.

Family Ranking:

With TMK taking the round with ease, I expected IU to take family gold with no hassle, however; I was wrong. Brotherhood took the gold with 17.5 trn, and IU took silver with 16.6trn. I did see that Brotherhood got hit quite heavily (for KPs) so I thought that would affect them a little bit, but boy, was I wrong. They generated nearly 40trn to help them take the gold! IU did manage to get a couple of tiers off before the round ended. NaMeLeSs saw a bigger fam bank than usual this round with 8.5trn which helped them take the bronze. Ronin ended in fourth with 6.2trn, and FH took fifth with 6trn. In family rankings, we have seen some uncertainty with the gold. If IU stays in family rankings, they have to be a favorite each round, but counting out BH would be foolish as we just seen. NaMeLeSs stays being the most consistent each and every round, props to them. I would have said FoundHell is consistent as well, but as you guys will see in next round’s review, their top player switched over into IC!

Level 4:

TMK took #40 with an easy win this round, BH sent up to DOT, nearly 17trn to take silver, while IC’s own, Tron, took bronze with 7trn. UC managed to take 4th and 5th with 6 and 5trn respectively. This is what is usually expected in rounds, where families end up family banking a lot more than expected, and there is less cash flowing around.

Level 3:

Idvorjan, from IU took gold with 5trn. I have not seen IU go for many tiers recently beside level 4 and family, but this was interesting, they took the gold in level 3. Glock_18 from IC took silver with 3.1trn, and Emporio_Armani from UC took bronze with 3trn. This is usually average for normal rounds. These numbers were near what I projected. Fearless187 and Abraham topped of the 4th and 5th with 2.1trn and 1.9trn, with a gap of only 200bn between them!

Level 2:

I would say, level 2 was bit expensiver than what I had it projected it, but that’s EOR for y’all. Scotch took the gold with 4trn, Carbide and Hanz from UC took silver and bronze with only 200bn separating the two. MaXx took fourth with 1.5trn, while TeAsE took fifth with only 250bn!

Level 1:

We saw 4 players with over 2trn in cash from EOR, however; only three of them would get the medal. DINK was the one left off the medal list. Wtf took gold with ease at 2.7trn, while Kritical from UC took silver at 2.1trn, and Evocator (had an IU emblem next to his name, however, I don’t think he was IU) took bronze with 2.05trn

Weeeooo another round for the books! Congrats to the winners! .


from TMK:

I was hoping I would get a little challenge that main round but it was a smooth win. 40 looks good though. Feels good knowing I’m the only player to hit that achievement. I’m looking forward to future game changes that’ll bring back good wars and not just eor battles.
from Hollywood_Hubert:

The good guys win again!
from Carbide:

Thank the bossman for the rank