Hello everyone!!!

Long time I don’t show up around here. Did you miss me? I know you do.
For those who never heard of me I’m one of Storm slav- I mean er Storm friend. I used to make a lot of interviews in the past but took a little break. Anyway now that I’m back I’m ready to give you guys something to read while you take a sh*t or maybe when you are the banker and has nothing better to do.

As this is my first interview after some time I decided to make a part II of a close friend of mine but also a friend of you hehe. He became very popular in the last months, has a bunch of balkan followers ready to give him a bj when he needs and currently is one of the most funny/popular troll guys in the game.

Please everyone welcome WolfGang.

Wesker: Hey my friend

Wolfgang: What’s up man

Wesker: So as I can see and heard of people commenting, not only in game but in the forums too you became a very popular guy in the TMB land, you have not only cheer leaders but also followers lol. And from someone that know you for some time and before that fame I must say im bit surprised. How or maybe why that change of all sudden? Of course maybe your time playing in UC you had the chance to show how good you are not only as player but also as a person. Do you think is it correct to say that or maybe you just decided it was time to change a bit to make things fun again?

Wolfgang: Yes, I think it's correct for yourself to say that, I don't see myself as the most popular person, but I believe by default I am hah.... I've been in everyone inbox atleast once. But where did this change happen, I was still with my fam UC, there's a point where left looting aside and became the Union banker for a while, then eventually leaving that aside aswell, I needed a new meaning in my life in the other words....... I got bored at one point and decided to have a little a bit fun.

Wesker: Glad you found a new way to have fun in game. Please continue.

But this path of destruction did not happen til... everyone thought I was this forum troll named "iKonn" lmao. That's where the real fun started for me (again lol) I know you weren't here Wesker, but holy shit, those were good times, my mailbox packed with hate mail and long chains of CC's that I've started or my homeboys started, while that troll iKonn talking shit, and me absorbing some of the blame, what's not to love about it, of-course the folks with at least 3 brain cells and common sense knew that wasn't me, or maybe I was iKonn ?.... no one will ever know, but I still joined in the fun.

Wesker: Hahaha thats funny.

Wolfgang: But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wesker: So nowadays you just troll around or you also focus in looting/killing?

Wolfgang: I'm just quoting what my pal said the other day "Wolfgang don't loot, Wolfgang don't kill" ... I think that's what he said lol ... but I still have my fun with build offs, here and there every full blue moon.

Wesker: I see.

Wolfgang: Yeah but lately I've been either telling people to "fuck off" or "eat a dick" but coming from me, that's a compliment.... but yes, my main goal is trolling folks, insulting them, telling them that they're worthless pieces of shit...... or speaking to them in my mother (Balkan) telling em "Ti si najveca pickica koju sam ikad sreo u svom zivotu" which means "Hi- How are you" (no it doesn't)

Wesker: Hahaha

Wolfgang: But of course I've met some nice folks on the way and had decent convos with. Can't troll all the time

Wesker: That’s true. And I heard last round you celebrate your b-day. I saw a lot of Wolfgang’s out there, for sure you have many followers. Congratz

Wolfgang: Thanks man. Yes, lots of Wolfgangs, I've told a few to steal my name, but didn't expect more to show up like that lol. But didn't expect more to show up like that lol... my cheerleaders I suppose... or followers lol but I wasn't around, my main "crnjo" had my name that round.
He couldn't handle the love from people, and his mailbox was pretty raped as-well from what he told me lol

Wesker: Looked fun. And what means crnjo?

Wolfgang: My fellow crnjo (crnjo means friend)

Wesker: Understood. So about balkan I know there are many people in game who speaks that language.

Wolfgang: I think it was destiny for me to be Balkan since we were in Hooligan Wesker, since Rock & Emir both speak this magical ancient language. Of course there many others that speak this magical language like Lopov, Alex, Phantom etc etc .... they have taught me many words & phrases, for instances my favorite "Pička ti materina" .... which literally means "How are you my friend"..... I even took a trip to the Balkans to reconnect with my ancestors, in my time there, I ate burek and smoked marlboro cigarettes, and participated in some Hooliganism at futbol games...

Wesker: Lmao

Wolfgang: Yeah, you could say I'm pretty Balkan now. I even speak Balkan to random strangers, just the other day I told one " Samo kurve kaže šta" (Only losers say what) and they replied "what" haha.

Wesker: And do you have any partners in crime? I mean about the trolling thing...

Wolfgang: My partners in crime as of lately are Beva and MrWorker of course, telling er-one who dah PROPPAH men are in TMB nah-mean ? Proppah shiet OOoooouuuuuuu, but I also CC or I get CCed by a few pals of mine, y'all know who you are, to either troll, shit talk.... nah- mean ?

Wesker: Yeah MrWorker is my man and Beva well she just stole our cash in turbo. Sneaky bastard lol But tell me why balkan is a magic language? What it makes different from the others?

Wolfgang: Why is the Balkan language magical ? Its like Portuguese, only sexy people it my dear friend, also its funny to sending off random phrases to people..... okay, I maybe send off insults to people most of the time, but still, great reaction every-time. nah mean ?

Wesker: lol true. And any funny moments or something you would like to share with us?

Wolfgang: I don't want to speak about past funny moments since we all know that specific round when everyone thought Emir was dead..... the dude just a got a bad rep after that stunt we all pulled, I think, maybe not lol.

But back to the more present events, there a few moments I suppose which were hilarious, when everyone thought I was this forum troll named iKonn, I just played along, even tho I told some folks I wasn't him, but I think everyone needed someone to blame anyways, which I didn't mind.

Wesker: Alright. And a blog about blockers was recently released. What do you think about this matter?

Wolfgang: My opinion about blockers, hell, if I came across someone like me, I'll block that person, sheeit. But the block option is for puss-puss, nah mean? Everyone thinks that blocking option is a pussy move which I do agree, but I also do agree with this person, can't recall his name, and too lazy to go check, that if you block me, but continue messaging me..... yeah, no, twice the puss-puss move.

But there's days I'm not trying to get blocked, I'm just trying to be a nice guy sometimes, and have a nice convo, but I supposedly I come off like an asshole straight away because I tell em to go eat a dick and they block me, have they not heard of compliments before ? Did you know its an exquisite cuisine in most cultures munching on a dick to bring fortune and good luck blah blah .... or is that the nut sacks..... ? Can you confirm this Wesker, you're like from a foreign country.

Wesker: I wouldnt know. My specialty is cock bites, the rest is a whole new world for me.

Alright my friend, it’s time for da random question time weeeeeee

Random Question Time

Wesker: Tell us who are the Wolfgang in real life and what he does.

Wolfgang: Well, Wesker, not give off all my personal details, but at a glimpse at the real Wolfgang life...Who is this lovable jackass like in real life and what does he do, I'll tell you .............. This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there i'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air...too much ?

Wesker: Lmao.

Wolfgang: Nvm, alright...My name is Richard, I live Sunny California, I work full-time, but I am also currently a Full-time student (fuck me, right ?) planning to be a doctor some-day, for I can finally make my Asian parents proud of me. I speak a few languages, English, Spanish, German (I speak German like a tourist), and probably know every insult in Balkan. On my actual spare time. When I am not on TMB, I'm either out and about having the time of my life, or binge watching Netflix. But on my actual spare time, I do travel to Balkan countries, you're next on my list.

Wesker: Your name is Richard, and my name is Ricardo. I knew we had something special since the beginning

Now, next, best player ever? Why?

Wolfgang: Eh, not to choose favorites, I'll just say I hate everyone equally.

Wesker: lol. Best fam ever? Why?

Wolfgang: The Best Family in the game is whatever family has me in it, they're automatically the best, so you can see UC has been holding this title for a while now.

Wesker: Best TMB staff member?

Wolfgang: Allure, she has a fat-ass, and I like fat-asses.

Wesker: LOL. Okay, now complete my sentences.
My favorite thing to do is

Wolfgang: Trolling you infidels.

Wesker: I love _______ while driving.

Wolfgang: I love getting head while driving.

Wesker: Wesker loves _________.

Wolfgang: Wesker loves to give Wolfgang bro-jobs while interviewing him.

Wesker: Damn it dont spread to everyone.

Wesker: When I’m not trolling I’m ________.

Wolfgang: When I'm not trolling I'm trying to perfect my blunt rolling skills or stealing Tru's Candy.

Wesker: Alright brotha, it’s time to finish but before time for da shout out time, GO!

Wolfgang: Alright, Wesker, thanks interviewing me once more, always a big shoutout to you. I know most are gonna scroll down here to see if their names is on the shoutout list, because last time ppl bitched at me "Oh where was my shoutout cunt"..... so here we go. Of-course, everyone in UC gets a shoutout like Hollywood, Nexus, FM, Kisty, Chapo, Select etc et. To my old Hooligans, like Coco, Koyoter, Emir, Handy, Wesker, RocknRolla, REDs good times when were a crew. A special shoutout to the folks that always block me, love you guys..... and of-course, a shoutout to my Balkans, like my weed dealer, Phantom, my translator, Alex, the dude with the thor gifs, Lopov, and that Hairy Crnac, Semir aka Rock ...... and shoutout to the rest of you burek munching and marlboro smoking mofos..... and the rest TMB folks I've met over the years. Cuntinho, MrWorker, Beva, Stalked and her fat-ass, that pale dude fighting_irish, dusk, my fav mod, Allure, that bLiNd guy, LaCosta, Giles, Dare_Devil..... okay, I can go all day, if I didn't mention your name, cry me a river and go eat a dick. ............. Also, a special shoutout to someone special, mah sugah-pie, my side-chick, also she said "I better get mentioned or I'm cutting ur dick off" - Reyna ❤ (iTasteLikeCandy)

Wesker: Thanks for your time man, It feels good to be back. I hope everyone enjoyed the reading. For those who didn’t have the chance to read the first part just click at the link bellow. See you next time. Wesker out.