To start round 860, we saw a MASSIVE build from Felon in Retaliation_IsA_Must, we’ll see later what happens. He went to 5m ops with all won turns (600k I think). I saw another big build from Depthz to start the round. RIAM (Retaliation_IsA_Must) and BH did not go union this round. Clutch started up Mercenaries again and ended with an easy rank.

I saw 117 level 4 members on the 8th day. All big families such as BH, UC, IC, IU and Marche/Locos were subbed up. We saw Lucioano_Gambles build to 5m du’s on the 5th day and Optimus_Prime for Marche went to 1.6m ops and 4.8m du’s. In the early parts of the round we saw 4 guys with over 3 million defensives, and 13 over 1 million!

As looting started, we saw Lavir carry IU for the time being. BH had 22 level 4’s, IC with 19, IU with 18, and UC with 23 while Locos_Marhe had 12. We also saw some old names such as Cypriot, TPK, Geekicon, and Tommyboy. Welcome back fellas! Locos had a Skeemin round weird enough. Guess they wanted to copy me (Reckaholic, the goat) but props up to them.

During mid-round we saw Platinum build up and start hitting. He built to 8.5m defensives and killed everything in sight from Lucianos_Gamble and Optimus_Prime who both had 5m du’s. After these two, Leah and 23 from IU were hit, as well as IC’s bank (Darkstar). Almost everyone besides BH was hit. I saw Optimus_Prime rebuild and though he would hit platinum back, but he did not.

As turbo came by, most families started slowing down on looting as their collectors started putting in the work. Lavir (Zodiac) kept going at it. Awesome round for him! I do think he does deserve more recognition around the TMB world, but that’s just me. We saw IU hold the lead on family ranks, while UC was holding the top spot in union with IC right behind them. I saw IC slowly catching up with their ops, however, it did look like UC had the easy gold.


As EOR came by, I saw 0844 with a lead on free killers gold, however, Teds took the lead closer to the end of the round, but in the end, Ninja_Moves took gold (who?). I’m not really sure who that is, but congrats to you! In free killers, Horseman had the lead since turbo round, until RocknRolla took over gold with 8m kp’s. It looked as if he was going to cruise to the gold until the last day when Horseman built up and killed across the board to get to the gold. Felon got some hits in of himself to take the 3rd spot.

Jackpot Race:

Well this round was interesting in a sense. I was not expecting FELON to make a run at the level 4 gold EOR but he did. I’m assuming IU knew because TMK already had 15m ops before Felon even built, as well as IU hitting FELON’s ops last hour. I don’t think it was smart going against the fastest man, especially when the surprise factor wasn’t on your side. TMK cruised to a very easy victory with the pot around $2900. No offense to FELON, but this challenge did not make any sense to me, but can’t complain, we enjoyed watching! Optimus_Prime rounded off with the 3rd place with only 7.8trn, while HUSTLANG came 4th with only 7trn.

Levels 1 to 3:

DAWG from BH took the gold in level 3 with a pricy 8trn compared to Tommy from UC who took level 3 silver with only 2.5trn, and FIXER took bronze respectively with 2trn.

In level two, we saw TeAsE take the gold with 5.3trn. Gas took silver with 3.5trn. I saw those guys looting a lot this round, so props to them! (I could not find them for a comment however). Pro took the bronze with 3.1 which edged out Emporio_Armani by around 400bn.

In level one, we saw King Kayle take the gold by w hooping 5trn. Buck took silver, with 998trn, again part of Gas and crew, fantastic job! Jagerbaby from Warhounds took bronze.

Family/Union Ranks:

As IU took an easy win in level 4, it allowed them to take the gold in family rankings with ease (nearly 35trn more than second). BH went from back to back gold union rankings to claiming the second spot in family ranks with 18trn. They did well, grabbing a bunch of tiers along with second. RIAM took the bronze ranking with 7.7trn, not bad for only a handful of players. FH took 4th with 6.9trn. FH opted to get tiers this round instead of going for the bronze, had they not ranked FIXER, they would have taken 3rd seed with ease.

In union ranks, UC took gold with 39trn. I’m not sure what IC’s plan was. I saw them hiding lots of cash in family rankings trying to confuse UC, but in the end it did not work. I saw UC bank only 32trn at first, which allowed IC the chance to sneak a gold, in which they banked 34trn, however, UC banked 7trn more towards the end to take the gold spot. LOCO_MARCHE took 3rd with 26trn banked and Ohana got 4th with 7trn. 1 thing to note here was, Clutch and MU union took 5th union spot which left SS rankless for the round.

Congrats to all the rankers in here!