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Families and Unions News

Alpha Bits join IU..

Well well well.. it didn’t take long for what some have called the ‘better half’ of Southside who left to form a new family last round to join the IU union. Speaking to people from around the game there seems to by a growing consensus that this was always the plan. To leave SS, poach whatever players the ‘top dogs’ could and join IU. I sent out a few messages to the ‘top dogs’ in Alpha bits to find out if this was indeed the case.

Here is what Big Bit had to say…

From Big Bit:

Nobody was poached from southside they left because of weak leadership and naps with whole game and same people being recommend tiered

I wont be taking a round as dont really give any care to tell you little birdy i said hi and to message me
I passed on your message to a few of my birds. Some of them informed me that they message you fairly regularly. For those of you wondering.. yes I did get the thumbs up from the birdies to include this plus my birds assured me Big Bit would never figure out who they were.. so yeahh…

Here is what Big Sarge had to say…

From Big Sarge:

We have poached nobody from SS. There were a few from our family that were in SS because of friendships with people that were in SS. Shane brought over Dawg, PillowPants and Scouser. Skeemin, Stalked and Evil_Buu left on their own. My wife and I decided to leave, as we weren't happy with some things in the family, that I'm not going to get into. We have poached nobody. There are some in the family that have asked for invites.

Just to set the record straight, I still have a lot of love for SS and for Maxx. We just have different visions of what we want in a family and how we want to progress.

We had planned to stay and indy family for a few rounds, but were given a sort of ultimatum to join IU. We were supposed to be at war with FoundHell. It was getting ready to be a really fun round, however we did join IU. I have heard rumors throughout the game that we were scared of FH. I think it would have been a really fun round, but alas, IU is napped with FH, so we can't know what would have happened?

Big, OUT!
On a different note…there are an awful load of Mafioso’s with names beginning with Big in Alpah bits. Makes you wonder if some are perhaps attempting to overcompensate for something…

I sent Maxx the boss of SS a message to get a comment regarding what Big Bit said about his leadership skills.. Here is what he had to say..

From Maxx:

If so why am i still here. Every one has thier opinion.
That shit dont bother me . Let em talk
Moving on…….

RIP Skids or maybe not…

You’ve heard the rumours.. you’ve read the forums… now I know what your all wondering.. is it true? Will the skids be calling it a day? I went straight to the main man himself, Knoxie…

Here is what he had to say…

From Knoxie:

You have been misinformed. Some of us may be taking a step back because of the other game, (real life). Skidmark will always be here, watching, waiting, anticipating...
So that’s a NO then. I will speak on behalf of everyone and say we are pleased you will all stil be around…

Dynasty is Back..

Dynasty, led by the man who consistently gets mistaken for Scarface have this round returned to the game. I sent the boss of Dynasty, Scaronface a message to ask him if they plan on sticking around, there goals for the coming rounds and whatever else… so yeah….

Here is what he had to say….

From Scaronface:

Hi, Yes we plan on sticking about, we are in no rush to start pushing for family gold as of yet as I believe training new players who come to the game will go a long way for our/the games future.

Once we have a solid core of players again we can then focus on the family ranks a bit more, in the meantime it'll be just fun and games and if we get anything that's great.

I do believe it won't be long until we are making a progressive push against the other larger families but we'll see what happens!

It's nice to be back though,


Nameless: RIP or not?

A few days into the round I was contacted by an individual who had a few things he wanted to say about Nameless and about how they will be following skids out of the door. This individual had some interesting thoughts.. most of which the boss of Nameless wasn’t to impressed with.

Here is what Domenico had to say when I contacted him:

From Domenico:

I would tell them to check the ranks of the last three years and see the one family who is always there? That's a pretty ignorant question. Articles have been written how we don't give a fuck about rank. But we are the most consistent single family in the game of the last three years this August.
From Domenico:

We finished second two rounds ago. At a time when pinoy had to merge into a union because they are so small, the warhounds union is just a family and smaller every round a month after being the "new it thing", shanes new family already went union instead of going on their own...i mean we still have over 20 people. It's just an ignorant opinion
Moving on…

Beva and Worker are planning on doing big things…

Well we have seen it happening for a few rounds now.. the proppa man way, the proppa man life, a proppa family and now a proppa union. I like many of you at the start of the round upon seeing this newly formed union thought they would have no chance of picking up a union rank unless it was be default.. meaning nobody else takes up the fifth spot. But right now.. with only one day left the ‘proppa union’ sits in fifth place with a comfortable 800 bill lead over the warhounds union. I messaged Beva and Mrworker to get their thoughts on the round.

Here is what MrWorker had to say…

From MrWorker:

Hi reporter.
And here is what Beva had to say…

From Beva:

reprotaaaaa check it me n mah fellow crinjooooss a bunch of hung whitizzlez darkies n tha like gots tha cockkkaass together invited some fine ars biiiatches n' gots tha jam started nah mean oooooo

Crinjooo playa dem would done been taken first n sheeeeit but we needed tah pay tah hoz fo reconstructizzle surgery so they could fixee they BOOOOTayys ooooo
From Beva:

We taken ovaaa ....We goona run dis sheeeeit
From Beva:

CAnnt be losin instant bonners n sheeeit by lookin at horny-ass chocolatesss flava n sheeeit nah mean ooo
Moving on…

War News

War News… the part of the review where I talk about who is kicking who’s ars or who isn’t.. Lets get to it..

The Battle for London

This round there is only one place to start and that is the beef between Warhounds and IU or more specifically Loco who after joining what is effectively the second branch of IU (and moving its family to Istanbul) is now trying to claim London from Warhounds and Gallios ever shrinking Ronin.

From what I have managed to understand… there are two sides to this little spat.

Side one: They say if you take on another families name… leave what was your home city for so many rounds to join that other family in there city then you have no right to try and come back into the original city, claim it as your own… and attempt to kick out the loyalist who remained in that city and now call it home.

Side two: They believe they can do what they want, leave when they want, try and remove whoever they want.. yep.. There is a whole lot of want in this side’s side….

I messaged Dusk to get a comment… Here is what Dusk had to say..

From Dusk:

can i ask first, how does it feel to bother me every damn round with utter bullshit?

never forfieted a fkn thing.. loco was founded in london.. i was made ronin.. in london... london was ronin and loco.. i simply went home. as is my right.. as a london fam.

oh and ur fkn birdie... never had a right there, tried to get a foothold.. but nothing.. so its loco.. by right.

NOW... for FUCKS sake.. quit with ya sticking ya fkn oar in and making yourself a laughing stock.. round after round.
After a few further exchanges I was blocked which didn’t surprise me at all.

I also sent some messages out to Warhounds.. Specifically regarding Warhounds as a union…

Here is what Klown had to say…

From Klown:

I don't care what claims a person needs to make up lol. Just cause we haven't stayed on tmb together we've played many sites for the past 11 years. Warhounds get it done and unlike fams like loco we do it without sucking off IU or any other supporters
Here is what Duke had to say..

From Duke:

I say that they don't know what they are talking about....i don't care what people are saying about our union. As far as im concerned our union is fine and we are not going anywhere.....and thank them for their concern
Moving on….

Other War News..

IC and IU are still hitting one another. For the past few rounds the hits have all followed a similar pattern. Someone from IC builds big.. usually Teds.. zeroes whoever he can in IU.. then they fight throughout the round.. IU take the JP and union gold..

This round it was the same pattern. Teds built day 2 and went at it…everyone hit one another…

I messaged Teds earlier in the round to get a comment.

Here is what he had to say..

From Teds:

I am on vacation meant to add in 80k turns added in 800k. Just made my last collect before I take off.
I don’t know about what the rest of you think but perhaps it may be time for IC to rethink their strategy if they are truly serious about ending IU dominance… Just a thought…

Other Stuff:

Fixer aka Rico

Fixer aka Rico the man who has been looting trillions per round for foundhell… the man who was a former member of the IU union has finally come out of the closet. He has finally let himself be known to the rest of us. I messaged him to ask him a few questions. What I wanted to know was why the name rico? Why foundhell? And Why he left IU…

Here is what he had to say…

From Fixer:

i never was in IU i was part of IU union but few rounds ago many ppl stop playing LOPOV was in and out and few got kiCk out of game it was not the same i was in blacks and nino left he came back and change name i was in LOCO like dusk but guys was on and off also so i decide to go and join FH AND I FIND MY PLACE LIKE I WAS IN UML FEW YERS AGO ..
From Fixer:

hehehehe .. not that i am better or worse i am a well known player been playing wit manny fam in tmb it was a new bunch of guys i want to be like all just looting and do the best for my fam ... i am playing wit a great bunch of guys none is a real bosss no 1 is giving order we just playing for the fun of it and that is wy we are succesfull as a fam and to be honest my fam look like and old fam from TMB beggining. running after work to get on and chill wit friends and kiCK some ass


Moving on…

Raven and Sexual Chocolate

A couple of days into the round I was alerted to some beef that was on going between the well known RavenKc and Sexual chocolate of Skids. Apparently it had something to do with an picture RavenKc posted. I messaged the two of them to find out..

Here is what SexualChocolate had to say:

From Sexual Chocolate:

She's upset and I get that. She's certainly expressed her anger over the last 7 hours..... Here's an idea though, if you don't want photos to be used or commented on by others then maybe don't post on a public game played on the internet.

All my love,

Here is what RavenKc had to say…

From Kylie:

In my opinion he must be a complete poofter
From Kylie:

Aussie slang used first in the 60's. Now used all around the world. poofter is the same as "fart knocker"
"piss off you rooting poofter"
From Kylie:

Only poofters or fuckwits would make comment like that. I dont even know him. Perhaps if he focused on game play the weak troll cunt would have more medals instead of meddling in other peoples business casting his so called 'noble opinion'
Moving on….

Some other stuff I got sent this round…

From Chrispy:

Nothing new here.

BH being BH, doing what we like!

Big shout out to MBU for doing the damage for the most part, though.

Wouldn't fuck with them, myself!

From MrWorker:

Hi TMB Reporter
it is Gods word and it is true. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but all we have to do is repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our personal lord and saviour and we are saved and sin no more
From Bran the Builder:

in this game of thrones you either win or you die.
From Big Ant:

Eat a dick.....please and thank you
From Coga of Congo:

i thinking about doing a story on this guy Big_Bit he looks like he is right off his head
From 23:

Reporter what's your game name?
That is the Million Dollar question isn’t it… I have read and heard about many of you referring to me as Daniele.. I will put that rumour to bed now and confirm that I am not Daniel… I am way cooler

This is TMB Reporter…later…..