After the 4 Day Mark
.... RavenKC

Scene 1- Ravenkc’s Apartment (Night)

I felt my heart pumping and my breathing was heavy. I let my arms lower as I looked at the vision of two dead bodies on my apartment floor. I had two thoughts in my head, one how the fuck do I get these bodies out of here fast, two what will the new Don say, he doesn’t really know me well and is young only been in the Mafia world for a year, fuck.

I picked up my pink diamond phone and called 23, he would know what to do… hey

23: “Yes Raven what have you done now?”

Raven: “Umm its kinda, well I'm in a situation and I need you to come fast”

23: “Well I am in the middle of something, Tru and the ICS boys are planning a hit and apparently they have a lot of hitmen with them”

I burst into tears I couldn’t maintain my emotions I hung up the phone, I decided to pack an overnight bag and get all my credit cards, make up, phone charger anything I might need, I could not call Lopov as he was on his vacation and Nino, well he has been mysteriously missing for months.

My heart felt heavy, I decided to text Righty, I simply wrote “I need you” for some reason I didn’t have the energy to explain or its basically a very complicated story in the first place but I knew if I explained in real life, Righty always understood me, I sent the text.

Thirty minutes must have gone by and there was a knock at the door, I opened it quickly I knew it was Righty, and it was. Righty was dressed in a suit handsome and about 6’4 he always had this gorgeous refreshing grin that made me smile, I had known Righty for many years.

Righty: “Raven what’s wrong?”

Righty said walking past me into the living room, I turned to see him suddenly stop

Righty: “Jesus fucking Christ Raven!”

I froze

Righty: “These are Big_Ants new recruits”

I looked at the bodies on the floor

Raven: “Well I can explain, I actually know them from years ago and besides that they turned on me years ago and I assumed they were here to kill me, which they probably were”

Righty just stood there looking at me with a shocked look on his face

Raven: “Righty I need you to not worry about Big_Ant now, we need to get rid of them and I need a place to hide out for a week so I can get this place professionally cleaned”

Righty said nothing and went and sat on my bed, still looking at the bodies but stayed silent for about 3 minuets before he pulled out his cell phone.

Righty: “Dom I need you to look after something for me, yes, for about 2 weeks or so, ok I will be dropping the package as soon as I can it takes about 3 hrs to drive there. Yes its very important. Thanks”

Raven: “ You are taking me to the Warehouse? Are you fucking crazy!”

Righty: “What? I thought you and Dom had known each other for about 10 years or so, the Warehouse is also a low key location and its safe”

Raven: “Well, yes I have known him for forever, we are not exactly on good terms though. He also has a lot of crazy members in his family please can I just, I will go to my sisters place”

Righty: “I think you have made enough bad choices today Raven, The cops if they turn up here before its all cleaned up will go straight to your sisters place, not only that we have ICS hitmen everywhere and they would just love to get a shot at you, also I don’t trust Big_Ant he may very well put a hit out on you too. So sorry hun until this mess is sorted you will go to the Warehouse and be fucking nameless.

Scene 2- The Nameless Warehouse (Night)

It was about 1am by the time we reached the Nameless Warehouse one of Dom's main hitmen was at the car ready to greet us, this guy was handsome in his 30’s but I was totally suspect on him, the kind of guy who had tickets on himself not only that his nick name was ‘Sexual Chocolate’ like wtf

SexualChocolate: “Morning Righty, oh! And the infamous Raven”

You could tell he wanted to say something smart but held back in front of Righty, I knew later though he was going to be trouble for me. As we reached the entrance of the Warehouse which actually looked like a playboy mansion I seen Dom coming down the big mahogany staircase open arms for Righty, but his eyes locked on me.

Dom: “Righty its been a long time, arrgh Raven? I hope this is not the ‘Package’?”

Righty: “Yes Dom, Im afraid we have run into a bit of trouble and I need you to look after Raven for a few weeks till I sort it out, will it be a problem?”

I stood quiet, I remembered the last time Dom and I had words and how hurtful it all was and he still had the same kind face I remembered I had a love for him like you would for a brother, but he wasn’t my brother and very fucking cute, I felt uncomfortable, and not really wanted.

Raven: “Righty its ok I mean Dom is probably busy and really doesn’t need to be involved, he has saved me many times arrgh”

I felt like snatching Righty's keys and just driving off wtf, I feel set up, I turned away and started walking toward the car but felt a warm strong hand take my arm

Dom: “Raven, it’s ok, you can stay”

I turned and looked up at him, his hand slid down my arm and he held my hand, tight in a reassuring way. My heart slowed down, I walked into the Warehouse with Dom at my side..

To be continued…