Hello everyone! Ink-Slinger here with a review of Round 844.

In last rounds review, I talked briefly about the retirement of IU and wondered how long it would take for InnerCircle to find a new warring partner. Well that question was answered this round when RizZ_13 took aim at UC and from there it was ON! Frankly, I didn’t expect it to happen this soon, but RizZ_13 has always been a loose cannon of sorts and not one to play by the rules. He’s really a lovable chap, but does play by old school standards where everyone is a target. So, if you come into his cross-hairs, don’t take it personal; it’s just business with him.

That being said, UC is not the type of family to sit back and take these attacks lightly, so as expected, they fired back almost immediately, and it quickly became an all-out war between the two unions. But unlike past wars with IU, I didn’t see many ops hits from either union so that suggests to me that both teams were being respectful of each other’s collecting efforts and stuck mainly to DU attacks. No need to get ugly.. after all this is Christmas right?

I’m sure this is not the last we will see something from these two powerhouse unions and this war could become the norm going forward. Afterall, TMB is a mafia game right?? and killing is a large part of it.

The run for the jackpot saw few surprises. A look at the leader board showed Tru, Don of InnerCircle with the highest number of ops during most of the round. His Teammates, RizZ_13 and MIKE were following not far behind. Between the three of them, they boasted just over 22 million operatives for their IC union.

When it came time for EOR, it was like a walk in the park for Tru and he was able to take home a relatively easy win with a $1500 Jackpot. Fearless187 (Nameless) wasn’t afraid and snatched up the Silver Medal spot with a purse of $15.5 trillion and Greasy of InnerCircle slid his slimy little way into the Bronze medal position with $15 trillion of value. Nice job gentlemen!

One quick note before moving on… interesting to see that rank 8 went for just $19 billion! That’s a prize of 10k won for Hmmmm! Thumbs up!!

-Level 4-

1. Tru $54,856,328,845,098
2. Fearless187 $15,535,916,933,358
3. Greasy $15,006,069,894,252
4. RicFlairDrip $13,602,598,663,204
5. Titus $6,741,357,063,109
6. Wolfgang $6,202,269,636,672
7. Dutchi-Hit $1,316,085,799,184
8. Hmmmm $19,112,156,897
9. AfterDeath $14,017,219,697
10. Lucianos_Gamble $2,640,369,892

from Greasy:

First I got to thank Tru, and everyone else from IC for helping me get my first level 4 medal! I'm very happy to be here..so thanks Jackie_D-Amico for recruiting me

I also have to thank Rizzky for his huge support for IC, and wish him luck on his up coming fight!

So many good people here, I don't want to list names, but thanks again "everyone" in IC for the support!

It was a good round for me...got a couple "stalkers" which is kinda weird.
Thanks for the comment Greasy and congrats on your bronze medal!

Tru is a hard man to catch up with but he did stop long enough to answer a few questions for me about his win. Let’s see what he had to say.

1) Is this your first win?
No. This was not the norm for us (IC) me taking the pot but i have done so in the past when it made sense. We have alot of talent here and I normally assist/help others take the rounds. I don't have much time to win rounds personally also due to all the hate mail and complaints I receive on a daily basis about Dub, Jason, Jackie D, and the list goes on ..........

I think it’s safe to say that you can add RizZ_13 to the list of people that generate hate mail for you. LMAO!

2) How did it feel to take the win and were you nervous?
Just glad to put another notch in the ole IC bedpost.

3) Did you plan it out or did it just happen this way?
It was a spur of the moment decision-fueled by Pappy Van Winkle bourbon (google it), and an influx of disposable income.

4) Any shouts outs to those that may have helped you?
Shout out to all members of Inner Circle. Every success is due to our tremendous team efforts and the core leadership that is here round after round. We have an amazing tenured crew here.

Indeed it seems you do sir. Congrats again on your win and for taking a few minutes to talk to me.

In Level 3, I noticed that the overall winning values had risen back to what they should be, and no one was going to get a cheap rank like they did in round 842 when the Gold was taken with a mere $1.5 trillion. If you wanted a medal this round, you were going to have to fork out some $$$ for it and that’s exactly what Matt_Lauer from HarassmentNTheHood (aka Brotherhood) did. He took the Gold Medal by force with a nearly $3 trillion lead over second place FTW_310 (InnerCircle) who took home the silver with a value of $7 tril. LaCosta (Jackals) found himself with a piggy bank of $5T and a Bronze Medal on accident, when things didn’t go quite right at EOR. If I remember correctly, something similar happened to DirtyNick of Brotherhood not too long ago. Hopefully LaCosta’s teammates were also as forgiving as DirtyNick’s were. It’s not always easy to get everything to run smoothly at EOR and sometimes shit happens and there’s not much you can do about it.

-Level 3-

1. Matt_Lauer $10,003,278,759,965
2. FTW_310 $7,005,282,649,134
3. LaCosta $5,009,823,896,620
4. Brick $3,807,024,380,100
5. ASH-SPG $3,101,321,572,776
6. FATAL $1,664,870,807,575
7. Priest $955,368,258,485
8. RomeTheWanker $873,353,112,990
9. TIbz $501,819,667,018
10. Marco_The_Bull $232,616,900,684

from FTW_310

Well plain and simple, would like to say its fun being here, (TMB), but it has slowly changed. We old school miss the original way of TMB. That’s what got us here, now it has got to the point where it’s us (IC) Against the rest of the game which is really not even fair.
from LaCosta

Thanks man. Don't really have any quote for you about the medal though bud. It was cause I missed a few numbers in a transfer to someone else.

Moving on to Level 2, M.Huncho (UC) took the Gold Medal with a little over $3 trillion networth. KiStY (also UC) came in second with $2.2 trillion and Sexy-Jag (Valhalla) snatched up the Bronze medal with $920 billion. Congrats on your medals!

As a side note, ranks 5-10 in this level were earned with net values of less than $25 billion! That is crazy low!!! So in future rounds, keep your eye on that folks and maybe you can sneak in and grab one of those low value ranks.… It’s a great way for some of the smaller families and individual players to get in on the prizes as well!

-Level 2-

1. M.Huncho $3,009,880,465,392
2. KiStY $2,205,469,255,001
3. SEXY-JAG $920,445,312,014
4. Dark-Messenger $343,513,691,331
5. 9 $22,475,514,314
6. Tipher $10,147,216,105
7. Cassius $3,306,170,268
8. ChicanoWolf $2,696,568,088
9. Waveorghini $2,585,266,449
10. Circean $2,537,873,146

from KiStY

ohh sorry, i didn’t even realize i placed....
heres my quote.

'As usual it was a team effort, congrats to all who placed, and Merry Christmas'

Level 1 values this round were more expensive than Level 2. This is not the first time we’ve seen this happen and I’m sure it won’t be the last. For those of you new to the game and still learning about ranking this is a level that you will want to keep your eye on. If you find yourself in a ranking position at EOR, look to see what the value of Level 2 ranks are and consider leveling up if you can get a better rank. To level up, a level 1 player needs only to add 1000 won or bought credits to change levels and compete for the prizes in level 2. So keep that in mind for future rounds my friends. 😊

For this round, the Gold Medal went to Emporio_Armani (Jackals) with a value of $5T. Leah and Death_and_Taxes both from UC were in contention for the Silver medal with only $100b difference between them. Leah took home the Silver and Death_and_Taxes earned the bronze.

Nice job everyone!

-Level 1-

1. Emporio_Armani $5,000,045,542,437
2. Leah $2,803,016,158,248
3. Death_and_Taxes $2,705,300,172,852
4. LULZ $997,916,367,586
5. Billing $500,486,911,870
6. Saintworkers $245,213,196,807
7. MrsKlown $220,880,280,714
8. The-witch $150,026,830,316
9. ColdheartConner $25,684,386,456
10. Ricky_Bubbles $24,688,540,465

from Leah

Uhm can't remember too well because I had a crazy weekend but HH messaged me and asked if i wanted to rank and I said sure. I literally did nothing i just like building dus and trying to go for killer medals but I suck at it along with people constantly 0ing me before i get a chance to do anything fun fun
10-4 on that Leah. From what I hear, killer medals are hard to get. Especially for a free player!

Leaving behind the Individual Ranks, we find ourselves at the Killer Ranks. Nothing surprising in the Supporter Level. Rizz_13 (InnerCircle) continued his reign of terror earning another Gold Medal after rejoining the game just a month ago. MIKE (also InnerCircle) fought his way to the silver and Glenn_Thrush was the bronze medalist.

Kill points were low this round. Typically, we see kills in the 6-7 million range for the Gold Medal but this round the Gold was earned with just 4.7 million. Not sure if people just weren’t building or if the UC/IC war had something to do with it. ????

-Supporter Killer-

1. RizZ_13 4,717,975
2. MIKE 3,172,524
3. Glenn_Thrush 2,281,729
4. AfterDeath 1,493,234
5. mcreason 1,344,289

I tried to get a comment from Rizz_13 on his newest medal, but the only comment I received was something to the affect of Yeah sure, I can do that. And that was it. Oh well, new round coming up so maybe I will have another opportunity to pin him down for a comment.

In Free Killers, kill point values were up substantially over previous rounds. Rakk and Wonka were battling it out for the Gold Medal and when it was over, Rakk would take the Gold with 735k kills and Wonka would get the Silver with 727k kills. Definitely a good battle right there… Unfortunately, both players are using different names this round so I was unable to get any comments from them.

Even though she said she “sucked at it” Leah was able to secure the Bronze medal by narrowly beating out F-U-Punk for the prize. There was some really great competition in this level and it is always the one that I love to watch. This is where the true killers are. Mucho respect to you all!

-Free Killers-

1. rakk 735,559
2. wonka 727,115
3. Leah 376,213
4. f_u_punk 349,836
5. italianboss 328,823

Arriving at the awards for Collecting Family, we find HarassmentNTheHood with boss NoMeansYes taking the Gold Medal with a commanding value of $12.6 trillion. Domenico and his family, NaMeLeSs came in second with a value of $2 trillion and a new family, CMS run by RomeTheWanker took the Bronze medal with $1T. AssKicker and his family Capo was the final ranker in this level and they only needed $19 billion and 10 people to earn a prize. Congrats to all the families on their achievements in this level!

-Collecting Family-

1. HarassmentNTheHood NoMeansYes $12,681,772,032,626
2. NaMeLeSs Domenico $2,034,065,629,167
3. CMS RomeTheWanker $1,045,734,065,135
4. capo AssKickeR $19,290,310,553

Collecting Union Gold went to Round Winner Tru and his union IC_HoldmyBEER who successfully banked up $52 trillion to put them far in the lead over Silver Medal winner Zodiac and his union Legacy. Their bank held a tidy sum of $17.2 trillion.

UC_Or_Terriorist_win lead by Hollywood_Hubert came in 3rd with $14t banked. I was actually a bit surprised to see UC in this position as I would have expected them to be a strong second in the ranks. But maybe the war with IC hurt them or possibly they focused more on individual ranks this round. Either way, I’m sure they will bounce back in the next round and we will see them in 1st or 2nd again.

Rounding out the field of five, were Devilishly_Devious in fourth with $13T and VALHALLA in fifth with $3.8T.

Nice job Unions! Congrats to all those that ranked in this level.

-Collecting Union-

1. IC_HoldmyBEER Tru $52,583,522,620,685
2. LEGACY Zodiac $17,238,605,491,512
3. UC_Or_Terriorist_win Hollywood_Hubert $14,065,477,805,248
4. Devilishly_Devious Griselda $13,331,090,477,687
5. VALHALLA MrsKlown $3,883,512,781,953

And that brings us to the end of another Round Review. Until next time, this is Ink-Slinger wishing peace and joy to you and your family this holiday season and I hope you have a nice and warm holiday season!