Happy New Year TMB! Hope everyone had a good Holiday season and are on track for a fabulous New Year!

Like the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, Round 848 started with a BANG as Jackie_D-Amico throws the first punch only hours after SOR. His target? UC of course, and from there it didn’t stop. Over the last few rounds these two unions seem to have developed a dislike for each other and seem quite intent on making the round unpleasant for each other. As mentioned several times before. I don’t see things changing anytime soon for either of these unions. So, I’d say if you like war and killing people, then InnerCircle or UC is where you may want to be. You’ll get plenty of action and you’ll have a bank to offload your $$ and fund your killing should you need range or gun/booze cash. Contact Hollywood_Hubert or Tru if interested.

In other news, it was learned that Bad_Elf aka RizZky joined UC at the beginning of the round. Not sure what his intentions were but he was held captive for 3 days before striking a deal with one of the bosses and getting himself booted from the family. From what I was told, he caused quite a stir on the Union board along… with a few other members of the union.

bad_elf is held hostage were asking for ..free bjs an handjobs for everyone from ic ....an hot coco ...an war of course
Hmmmmm ???? Could this be the deal that Bad_Elf made with the union bosses to precipitate his early release? I shudder to think!

With EOR coming, everyone was wondering who would be going for the JP which had risen steadily throughout the round. The top three builders for most of this round were all from InnerCircle so they were certainly in a position to make another run for the JP. But what about others? I thought about UC as they had several builders with over 2 million ops each and already had a union bank of $44 trillion. So yes, they could be a possibility.

Brotherhood was another family that looked promising for a run at the JP. No really stand out builder, but they had a combined total of nearly 28 million ops which is certainly quite impressive and could make them a factor at EOR.

But then I noticed this GRD forum post …….

Now I admit I did notice TMK lurking in the game the last couple of rounds, and usually with a low build and not much action, but this round he was actively building operatives so in the back of my mind I wondered if he was going to try for medal 34 …. and if you remember his profile msg from his last win in Round 838 ……..

….. it was quite possible that he was back to try for another win. Especially with the JP sitting at $1696. After all, the lure of easy money is enticing to many folks!

With just under an hour to go, I checked in on the leader board to see if anything had changed. I saw that TMB_2018 had made a move to up his ops count to 15 million so I quickly switched screens to see what TMK was up to. He was online, but still maintaining an op build of 1.6 million with no movement to add anymore. Knowing that TMK is not one to build early… I knew it would be very near the EOR before we saw if he was indeed going to try for the JP this round or not. So I waited………

With about 2 minutes to go, TMK built to 25 million ops. At about the same time, TMB_2018 started his collect with 15 million ops. Within seconds I saw both mafioso’s with values of $300 trillion. The JP had risen to $3586 and at this point both JP runners were “all in” and giving it everything they had. When the last second ticked off the clock it was TMK emerging as the winner with a value of $675 trillion. TMB_2018 just didn’t have enough for TMK and after union banking his cash, he would take home the Silver medal with a networth of $259 trillion. 12 (Brotherhood) would get the Bronze medal with $21 trillion in his pocket.

Congrats to TMK on another win and to TMB_2018 and 12 on their medals.

-Level 4-
1. TMK $701,847,770,470,959
2. TMB_2018 $259,652,368,353,620
3. 12 $21,098,917,301,501
4. Depthz $13,722,144,693,000
5. EL_SANTA_CLAUSE $7,911,230,835,894
6. Scrooge $2,700,072,814,187
7. Most_Wanted $1,984,226,362,296
8. Renzi $605,458,934,674
9. BaD_eLF $36,546,528,070
10. Don-Sami $15,311,856,386

from TMK

Happy New Year
from TMB_2018

Congratulations to IC on Union Gold and congrats TMK on winning the Round (and some of your cash back :P ) I’m sure we will meet again in one of those last Minutes.

Also BH who were outstanding this Round!

Happy New Year TMB
from 12

Thanks ink well first i wanna say is free tammygunz, secondly im afraid to say anything as i may be banned again by a power hungry mod #forumlivesmatter. Lastly i would like thank DirtyNick and shane dirtyclutching for my new medal.

Ps #dirtyguns2020
In level 3 action Modric of UC took home the Gold medal with a net value of $9.2 trillion. His teammate Death_and_Taxes finished with the Silver medal and Rock of Brotherhood grabbed the Bronze.

-Level 3-

1. Modric $9,202,689,439,595
2. Death_and_Taxes $6,621,691,010,248
3. Rock $6,004,488,534,975
4. POKERKING $2,738,064,744,503
5. pro $2,311,555,344,965
6. FIXER $1,661,896,064,288
7. Santas_Slayer $1,222,417,770,972
8. TBI $1,200,100,796,000
9. jonny_verteroni $324,965,981,651
10. RagingYoshi $176,803,650,057

from Modric

An very interesting round with a lot of suprises. But I’d like to thank the UC team on this gold medal that I recieved. Especially HH and Reck
In Level 2, Arno from Brotherhood earned the Gold medal with $8T. The remaining medal spots went to UnClEmUrDeR and Sebastian, both from UC union. I tried for comments from the Medalists but Arno and UnClEmUrDeR had changed names and Sebastian did not want to comment. Hopefully they will provide us with a statement in the comment section below. If not, then I’ll just say, Congrats gentlemen(?) on your achievements!

-Level 2-

1. Arno $8,003,377,996,040
2. UnClEmUrDeR $4,110,379,573,035
3. Sebastian $3,206,978,705,347
4. HoHoHo $2,300,372,689,200
5. Machine $716,804,269,789
6. BMW $390,381,778,040
7. Samadhi $26,864,353,830
8. TeAsE $14,385,307,497
9. Wally $7,874,216,050
10. Real_Rogue $2,457,903,870

Competition in level 1 was closer than the other levels and winning values seemed to be in line with what we would expect. Ec of UC and his teammate Blitzen took the Gold and Silver medal in this level with Robot-Santa-hohoho from Capo being granted the Bronze medal.

The one thing I’ve noticed recently is that no one is overspending for ranks. Ranking cash is being distributed a lot better than it use to be, and the EOR bankers are using just what it is needed to achieve the desired rank with very little waste. This tells me that we have some very good EOR bankers out there, and they are comfortable in what they are doing and know how to set things up for EOR. I don’t know who they are, but my press hat is off to Brotherhood and UC for having very efficient EOR bankers! Nice job teams!

-Level 1-

1. ec $3,200,068,158,002
2. Blitzen $2,600,010,000,001
3. Robot-Santa-hohoho $1,426,148,921,202
4. Kebab $1,200,115,694,201
5. AnthonyF $1,174,734,466,507
6. xTrinity $427,821,988,702
7. I_C_U $411,477,782,588
8. Asar $359,928,657,971
9. 9 $76,136,205,766
10. Grinch $26,094,728,251

from ec

I would like to thank the union and especially Hollywood_Hubert, because the ranking required a group effort. The fairness, generosity, and recognition from everyone is greatly appreciated.
Well said ec!

Killer ranks action was quite interesting this round, and deadly too! Bad_eLF (IC) jumped out to an early lead, but it wasn’t long before Beazy of UC and Dirtyclutching jumped in on the game.

In the previous round, Bad_eLF (IC) killed the Brotherhood banker and this round, Dirtyclutching of Brotherhood returned the favor by killing the IC banker and making hits on several other IC members, including Bad_eLF. Beazy (UC) had plenty of kills too and when it was all over Dirtyclutching came out on top with 4.8 million kps, with Beazy nipping at his tail with 4 million kps of his own. Here’s the final results.

-Supporter Killers-

1. Dirtyclutching 4,888,018
2. Beazy 4,023,343
3. BaD_eLF 1,904,347
4. TMB_2018 1,056,221
5. Most_Wanted 1,052,526

I tried for comments in this level but some I did not know who they were this round and of the others, no one was willing to talk with me. ☹

Moving on to the Free Killers category, this is where we find the real killers imo. Build some DU using only your game turns, stay low, make every hit count and try not to get killed yourself. That’s the recipe for success in this category… and it’s not as easy as you may think. Once you appear on the leader board, you have a big target on your back as other killers will be aiming for you in hopes of ending your chances for a medal in this level.

Looking at the results, we see a really close race between Bill (Vahalla) and Blitzen (UC) with just 864,675 kps separating the two. Bill took home the Gold medal with Blitzen earning the Silver. The Bronze medalist was MacKaveli from FoundHell.

Congrats to all the killers in Supporter and Free levels!

-Free Killers-

1. Bill 635,950
2. Blitzen 625,491
3. MacKaveli 430,393
4. Asar 331,651
5. Lil_Forrest_Pump 256,242

from MacKaveli

Didn't take much effort.. Only logged on to bank/build every so often and managed to stay untouched all round which in turn worked out for an easy killer medal.
Turning our attention now to the Collecting ranks, the thing to note is that last rounds Silver medalist FoundHellWentLoco decided to split back into separate families this round, instead of combined into one. It paid off and they were able to earn both the Silver and Bronze medals in the Collecting Family level. Brotherhood, who have been very dominate in the family ranks since UC went Union, took home another Gold Medal for their family members with a commanding lead over second place Loco. Rounding out the field of five was Christmas_Capo and Shinobi. Both families are small compared to some of the other collecting families, but they are doing quite well considering their size.

Congrats to the medal rankers and nice job HoHoHo and Pro for leading your families to a Collecting rank!

-Collecting Family-

1. Brotherhood DirtyNick $15,418,397,379,225
2. LOCO_GHOSTS Dusk $9,052,117,065,391
3. FoundHell Benny-Blonco $5,811,632,032,871
4. Christmass_Capo HoHoHo $2,717,787,807,497
5. Shinobi pro $1,847,328,585,236

Not a lot of comment in this level, but I did get this.

from Dusk

Good team loco, we work and it pays, thanks loco
from Benny-Blonco

It’s good to be back
In the Collecting Union level this round we saw only three contenders. IC, UC and Valhalla. OrchestratedChaos, last rounds 4th place winner lead by Zodiac, was no longer playing as a Union and MaXx the boss of Southside decided to merge and play under the Valhalla flag.

With the JP run by TMK, InnerCircle decided to union bank their cash, securing the Gold Medal with $83 Trillion. Second place went to UC with $6.9 trillion banked and Valhalla took home an easy Bronze medal with $1.7 trillion.

Since there were no other unions this round, Valhalla could have pulled a “Price Is Right” move and banked a single dollar and still taken the medal. The remaining cash could then have been used to indy rank someone. Something to remember if this situation presents itself again. 😉

-Collecting Union-

1. IC_X-MAS_Coal4U Tru $83,069,811,063,796
2. UC_Festivus4restofus Hollywood_Hubert $6,969,653,354,698
3. VALHALLA MrsKlown $1,740,572,218,668

from Hollywood_Hubert

we in the UC offices have been revamping our looting operations and even know this was a holiday round you really seen how well we did looting.

we took lots of tiers. Lv4 we didn't medal but all other tiers we took two medals.

awesome finish with tmk taking the round the goat returned with a ballsy 2minute build and collect all by himself.

roll uc roll!
Yes, HH I’ve noticed that UC has been very good lately at double ranking their members in the individual levels. Good job mate!

And that brings us to the close of another TMB Main round. But before I go, I have one last thing to report on…. And that would be this forum post from last round by Rome.

It seems there is some bad blood between Rome and PillowPants so I wanted to find out how the war went between the two. Rome was easy to find and I was able to get a comment from him, but PillowPants proved to be more difficult. Even after leaving messages with his last known associates asking for him to contact me, I received nothing. There is no PillowPants in the round, his family claims to not know where he is and the person I suspected of being him, ultimately denies it. So all I can do is present Rome’s side of the story and let the TMB community draw their own conclusions on how things went between these two.

from Rome

Went very well Tbh. He sent out the first hit which was expect hence why I didn't build until after, shortly after I built what I could and leveled him took a few ops as well but after day 6 he realized that he had no chance. He only started "looting" me once that "tough guy" dirtyclutching decided to take my dus for "kps" and followed by him taking my ops lmao which I found to be hilarious since I spoke to Nick and he assured me he'd call the hits off but they didn't listen .... Hmmm but back to the main topic. That little fairy mutt didn't stand a chance and as you can see is either hiding under a new name or isn't playing this round lol. He msged Mrs.Rome seeing if I would join another game so it would be "fair".

I asked her not to reply as there was no need for a different scenery lmao.

By now everyone knows I run my mouth but I won't back down or ever change my name. Where I do get tempted, is to drop $300-400, but the mrs always looks at me and says "are you fucking stupid it's just a game" & then I come back to reality and realize she's right and I got my msg across without spending a dime …. just won turns and a sub

SS was on my back and I did my best, looting fighting a war that wasn't ours to fight etc.. So all in all to get to the fucking point…… I won and pillow lost!
And that’s it for this time folks. Until next time, this is Ink-Slinger signing off! Remember, if you see news happening, let me know! Happy New Year everyone!