Ink-Slinger here with the Main Round Review. I’d like to start by saying Joyeux Noël, Sretan Božić, Frohe Weihnachten, Mele Kalikimaka, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, s rah-zh-dee-st-VOHM, Feliz Navidad or just plain Merry Christmas to everyone in the TMB community. And to the trekkie’s amoungst us I say, toDwI'ma' qoS yItIvqu! Hope Santa was good to you and everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Now let’s look at what happened in round 846.

Like previous rounds, it started with a big build by Rizzky (Stinger) this round. I must commend him on his old school play of building big right out of the shoot. This is how the game use to be played. Someone would always build big right at the start, with the intent of staking a claim for the JP. I’m not sure if that was Stinger’s intentions or not, but it does make a bold statement when building like that at the start of the round.

With the round just starting out I wondered how long it would take before the IC/UC war erupted. Didn’t take long for El Chapo (UC) to break the unofficial NAP and head over to IC territory to kill Enid’s 100k defenses. I thought that Tru, the don of IC would work things out with UC’s don, Hollywood Hubert and things would be settled but that didn’t happen and the fighting commenced. Maybe both bosses were secretly hoping for more war to add to the excitement. That is just speculation on my part since I don’t know what these bosses may have talked about, if anything.

Once the hits on IC started, Stinger took out whatever UC player was in his range and the fighting between these two unions continued back and forth the entire round. Both unions are good warriors and almost evenly matched in my opinion. If I had to put down money on one team, I would be inclined to think IC had a slight edge over UC… but that would be a very slight edge as both unions can stand their ground well imo.

So we already know that these two unions will probably be at war for a long time to come, but how about other unions and families? Are they at war with anyone or just quietly minding their own business? I decided to check around to see what some of the other families were up too.

Shinobi is a new family lead by Pro. I saw a lot of zero’s in his family so thought they might have been warring with someone.

from Ink-Slinger

Hi Pro. just wanted to touch base with you about any wars your family may have had this round. I see a lot of zeroed players... did you war with anyone? If so.. who and what started it?
from pro

Hey. No, we didn't take part in any wars this round.
And that was it. It could be that it’s too early for any kind of organized war with this startup family. If you are a new player or seasoned vet looking for a smaller, quieter family where you can learn the game or just chillax, you may want to consider joining Shinobi. With the right mix of people and a boss who is actively looking to grow his family, Shinobi could become a serious contender in the Family rankings in the future.

Nameless was another family with a lot of zeroes and I thought maybe they had been at war with someone, but that was not the case it seems. More like a group of good ‘ole boys just having a little fun and killing whomever they please.

from Domenico

I think we are the only family in the game that does not have a NAP with anyone. So we hit whoever, and we get hit by whoever. We are not in any specific wars right now. My guys and gals just know that DU's tend to be a use them or lose them proposition.
Indeed Dom! Long gone are the days of building DU and waking up the next morning to find them still standing. That is rather unfortunate for the new players that join up, build some DU and find that they are dead in a matter of hours. That is one part of the game that somehow needs a better fix. If I was a new player, it would be very discouraging…. Even with the protection period it would be hard to stay interested when you were getting killed all the time. Let’s put on our thinking caps and see if we can think of something that might help these newbie players. If you have an idea, comment below or send it to me in game.

So from Nameless I turned my attentions to Warhounds to see what was going on with them. Here’s what I learned.

from Marco_The_Bull

At the end of last round, you asked DMX and me about all our zeros in Warhounds family and our entire union. I just wanted to say we didn't really war with any one family.

We had some minor words here and there with loco, but other than that, we had a pretty quiet round.

The last few hours of the game is where the majority if the zeros came from. I guess just looters and odd ball kp hits going in at last minute. No one's family or union was responsible.
from Ink-Slinger

Hey Klown.. Just wanted to ask you why you and the Mrs aren't in Warhounds anymore. Was there a falling out? I'm so use to see you both there that it is surprising to not see you there.
from Klown

No falling out and still same union

Warhounds are great but if tmb is going to grow we have to fill other fams as well so bosses can choose to go Indy make their own unions or stay with us but have a crew to help em along the way

Mrs and I are better than ever and still the happiest married couple that met on tmb lol
Glad to hear things are going well in the love department Klown… and that the family is doing good as well. Maybe more spouses should pay attention and play together like you and the Mrs. The results could be less fights, more sex and it could save some marriages in the long run! I remember having many fights with my spouse about the game. But now my spouse has given up the fight and accepted the fact that I enjoy the game and fighting about it isn’t going to make me stop. 😉 I guess that’s one battle I won. LOL.

The final reply that I received was from El_Chapo of UC avengers. Here’s what he had to say:

from El_Chapo

When will it end? how will it end? uc is the best? wouldnt doubt it
I then asked if he had a tip for me and the response was interesting to say the least.

from El_Chapo

if u add 1+1+1+1 u get four
if u add 2+2 u get four 3+1 u get four
also i have 10 bubbies but 6 of them got shot ,i still have 4 buddies
but what u dont see ,
is 7-3=4
but yet

so wtf?
Hmmm… I think you may want to check that white flour Chapo, it may be laced with Drano and has your brain all fucked up.

Side Note from Drano is very good at dissolving skin, hair, mucus membranes, brain cells and all the other things people tend to be made of. Depending on the amount, somebody who snorts Drano is in for either very serious medical problems or a very painful death, very quickly if one is lucky, but quite possibly drawn out over the course of several weeks.

Moving on… and rather quickly I might add….let’s see how the round panned out.

Stinger from Inner Circle took the win (uncontested) with a relatively small bank of just $81T. This makes the second win for this Aussie since returning to the game just a month ago. Loyal friends, a good union, deep pockets and a desire to have fun is his winning recipe. I don’t think this will be the last we see from him.

Greasy, also from Inner Circle took home his first level 4 Silver medal with DirtyNick, boss of Brotherhood being granted his third Bronze medal in this level.

Congrats to Stinger on the JP win and to all the other medal and level 4 winners.

-Level 4-

1 Jackpot $1,208 Stinger $81,515,356,103,752
2 125,000 turns Greasy $45,007,754,545,613
3 75,000 turns DirtyNick $22,245,685,671,812
4 50,000 turns HUSTLANG $15,192,954,699,329
5 40,000 turns XxX $7,005,338,525,668
6 30,000 turns Klown $2,061,691,817,499
7 15,000 turns Bonesaw $263,862,238,368
8 10,000 turns Domenico $6,471,478,500
9 7,500 turns Renzi $3,040,681,663
10 5,000 turns Rudolph $2,590,843,533

from Stinger

Well I play the game in an old school style, I like to build from day dot, gives the competition something to aim at. And shout outs to UC for spending more time on this game then they do working a real job. too bad TMB doesn't pay a wage.
from Greasy

You know, I was just doing what I do, but wanted to beat my previous round.
Dub is the man!

Thank you everyone in IC for recognizing my hard work, even though they could have ranked anyone else they chose me again this round! So this medal means more than just any other medal, but the feeling of earning the respect of others is much better than a medal.

I also have to say one thing to say to all my hardcore fans that send me emails that I haven't had time to respond too.
"Fuck You"
Level 3 prizes were spread out and pretty much uncontested. No real action here which could be the result of the impending Christmas holiday and people were starting their holiday travel to spend time with family and friends. Whatever the reason, here were the results.

Ducky from InnerCircle took home 50k credit and the Gold with $15T networth. Prospect from UC earned the Silver and 40k credits and ASH-Marlon_Brando also of UC took the Bronze and 30k credits. Congrats to Ducky on the Gold and all the other prize winners in Level 3.

I tried to get comments from this level but received no replies…. or Christmas presents either for that matter. ☹ Coal to all of you next year!!

-Level 3-

1 50,000 turns DUCKY $15,054,739,173,983
2 40,000 turns Prospect $7,203,556,343,103
3 30,000 turns ASH-MARLON-BRANDO $3,805,749,130,616
4 20,000 turns LaCosta $3,374,132,351,451
5 15,000 turns Rock $3,002,435,681,991
6 12,500 turns ChicanoWolf $1,281,066,746,482
7 10,000 turns pro $779,585,256,022
8 7,500 turns MafiaGod $720,215,381,528
9 5,000 turns Whiskey_Dick $113,655,427,132
10 3,000 turns EFH $20,365,525,759

In Level 2 we did see a bit of a battle between (UC), Blunts (Brotherhood) and Mumbaki (UC). When the final seconds had ticked away it was Blunts coming out on top for the Gold medal and beating out Mumbaki by just $97 billion. pulled down the Bronze medal in this level and left everyone wondering how he knows that HH gives Erotic head?

Congrats to Blunts on the Gold and to the other medal winners and rankers in this level!

-Level 2-

1 25,000 turns Blunts $3,000,052,586,544
2 20,000 turns Mumbaki $2,902,725,234,315
3 15,000 turns $1,938,530,326,458
4 10,000 turns TeAsE $795,660,107,242
5 9,000 turns Mario_Maserati $63,887,393,051
6 8,000 turns iCoN $58,243,863,224
7 7,000 turns Ak_47 $55,638,920,017
8 5,000 turns PublicRound $22,541,249,408
9 2,000 turns Spade $11,459,118,849
10 1,500 turns IcePick $9,894,258,439

from mumbaki

I just want to thank my team mates in family and union and specially to my boss Hollywood_Hubert for helping getting that level 2 medal thats all lol
Looking now at the final level in the individual ranks (Level 1) we saw only one real battle happening and interestingly enough, it was between two ladies, xTrinity and ILoveBites. Both were battling for the bronze medal. When it was over, only 3 billion separated the two ladies and it was ILoveBites of Capo taking the medal and xTrinity ending the round in the 4th place position. The Gold went to Jimborally (UC) took home the Gold Medal and his teammate Salazar got in on the rankings by taking the Silver medal. Congrats ladies and gents on your accomplishments this round!

-Level 1-

1 20,000 turns Jimborally $1,204,160,718,515
2 15,000 turns SALAZAR $905,255,646,091
3 10,000 turns iLOveBiTeS $602,267,573,492
4 9,000 turns xTrinity $599,528,512,127
5 8,000 turns MaXx $525,959,403,926
6 6,000 turns St_Michael $379,000,095,334
7 4,000 turns dopey1 $203,203,759,077
8 2,500 turns RobinHood $29,581,170,789
9 1,500 turns Outlaw $17,945,700,130
10 1,000 turns ELL $14,984,206,122

from jimborally

You have to believe to receive, so I"m sitting on the toilet, "bling", it"s none other than Santa HUBERT, "turn on your autos fool" came a rush from the sky.. So i did, next thing you know, KAPLAW!!! It came out of nowhere. oh wait.. we push out ranks. , neat trick we have going on ...Forever.
Meanwhile, in Killer ranks action we saw Stinger take home another gold killer medal in the supporter ranks with 10+ million kps. The next closest killer was his fellow union mate, Blues, who posted up 7.2 million kill points for the Silver Medal and the Bronze went to Bahumbug. Rounding out the field of five was BigBen (UC) and AfterDeath (FoundHell). Nice job killers and congrats on your ranks.

-Supporter Killer-

1 40,000 turns Stinger 10,254,221
2 30,000 turns Blues 7,273,105
3 20,000 turns Bahumbug 4,288,979
4 18,000 turns Bigben 1,623,067
5 16,000 turns AfterDeath 1,430,502

from Stinger

I think building that much handed me the killer gold I didn't do much killing so probably didn't deserve the accolade. But Enid was attacked by EL_chapo or some queer like that. And I have a philosophy if one of my guys gets hit by one of yours, especially a long standing member, then iam go after the whole union.
Good to know Stinger and spoken like a real killer.

The true action tho, as always, is in the free killers ranks where contenders must work within the restraints of their daily game turns and no more than 999 added turns. In this level the trick is to make every hit count and to stay low and out of range when not killing and hope that no one uses their revenge on you.

For the medals we saw three killers who all had a good chance on getting the Gold medal prize and bragging rights on being the best free killer in the game. With just over two hours left in the round, I saw 0844 of Nameless having a very narrow lead over Ajax (CoolCats) of just 1754 kps. Trolly (CapoDiTuttiCapri) was just 13,130 kills behind which means it would take only a couple of good hits to catch up.

I half expected things to stay this way and for 0844 to take the Gold but Ajax wasn’t about to let that happen and moved forward towards more kills and ended up beating 0844 to the Gold medal with 525,932 kps to 0844’s total of 505,925. Trolly stayed in place and finished with 492,795 earning him the Bronze medal. Cassy (CoolCats) and Sebastian took the 4th and 5th place spots. Congrats free killers on a job well done!

-Free Killer-

1 20,000 turns Ajax 525,932
2 15,000 turns 0844 505,925
3 10,000 turns Trolly 492,795
4 9,000 turns Cassy 414,864
5 8,000 turns Sebastian 347,942

from 0844

Actually it was fun. I did exert some effort for that killer rank. Unfortunately during crucial moments, I accidentally hired Card Dealer and Whores (I was too drunk to notice that one lol) But all in all, it was fun.

But as what one of the most inspiring motivators in history says

When the road seem so long and endless
And all you see is nothing but darkness
Dont give up just walk on Have faith in your heart

- Marcus Sison
from Ajax

Hey Inky...
That was quite a satisfying win actually. I didnt really have a plan to go for gold but when a multi logged in and hit me hard (I must have been seen as a threat to someones efforts for gold) I was a bit pissed.

So a rebuild, bit of effort and voila 😉 Happy days. Love to my tmb family, even the northern monkeys....
Moving on to Collecting ranks, this round Brotherhood came out on top earning the Gold Medal and 50k credits for their members with a family bank of $12.8 trillion. Foundhell teamed up with Loco Ghosts and took the Silver medal with $9 trillion banked. Nameless slid into the Bronze position with just $2T in their bank.

The other ranking families were newcomers, Shinobi and veteran family CapoDiTuttiCapri who ranked their members with just $4.8 billion in the bank! ….. yes.. I said billion! How cool is that?!?

Congrats to all the families and their members that ranked this round.

-Collecting Family-

1 50,000 turns Brotherhood $12,862,182,226,292
2 35,000 turns FOUNDHELLWENTLOCO $9,346,727,643,742
3 30,000 turns NaMeLeSs $2,046,926,960,049
4 25,000 turns Shinobi $883,439,475,606
5 20,000 turns CapoDiTuttiCapri $4,830,850,910

from Hypocrisy

To my adoring fans and everyone else happy holidays and eat a dick! Dirtynick for president!!

In our final category of the round we saw InnerCircle take another uncontested Gold medal in the Collecting Union level by beating out second place UC_World_Champions by more than $67 trillion. Valhalla union earned a shiny new Bronze medal and OrchestratedChaos and Southside completed the ranks in forth and fifth respectively.

-Collecting Union-

1 75,000 turns IC_Sex-Drugs-and-DUB $77,392,113,961,554
2 50,000 turns UC_World_Champions $10,766,602,679,970
3 35,000 turns VALHALLA $6,630,690,877,801
4 30,000 turns OrchestratedChaos $3,791,584,271,278
5 25,000 turns SouthSide $1,419,311,397,955

Unfortunately, no comments from this level either so this will complete the review of round 846.

Hope everyone had a joyous holiday season and best wishes to all of you for a prosperous New Year.