Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of BREAKING NEWS. Its late, I just had some Pepsi Max. Am I the only one who thinks it tastes better than regular Pepsi and Coke? let me know what you think.. or don’t… that was a pretty shitty question actually. Pepsi Max clearly tastes way better…

Anyway, lets get this started.

Families and Union News

5 union ranks instead of 3

Well it has been a while hasn’t it? 5 union ranks instead of 3. When I read the rules for the round I was a little surprised and curious to see what would happen. Would certain families join certain unions? Or would they form their own union? Would they go solo? Would new families be formed? Would existing unions split their members to take more ranks? One thing I didn’t expect was to get to crunch time and see four unions. Not five but four. And guess what? Nothing else really changed either

Southside like last round went union. I was a little curious to see if they would. They got a great result last round but it was fairly clear from the get go that Hammer Time, with the other half of IU back in the union would defiantly rank in the top 3 this round. I was also confident Inner Circle would want to make sure they ranked this round, especially after missing out on a union rank last round. And Warhounds have just been growing in strength since they were formed. If there were not five ranks instead of three, then I would be writing SS look like they are going to miss out on a union rank. But there are five so I guess it doesn’t matter.

I was a little surprised Foundhell did not go union. They always have a solid 30 members and as of writing would have been 3rd in the union ranks. But saying that, 3rd would get them 30k turns and so would first family in family ranks, which it looks like they will get. But it’s worth a mention that the ten wo/man fam of Pinoy are close behind so maybe not….

Nameless don’t do unions, well a part from that one time they joined clutches union and well yeah… the words ‘troll’ and ‘job’ come to mind…. So I didn’t really expect them to join or form a union. Warriors and Skids don’t really have the members to form a union alone or together so I expected them to stay in the family rankings and they did…

So yeah 4 unions and 5 rank spots. Maybe next round if 5 union ranks remain open we will see something different happen here… like you know...5 unions maybe?

Pinoy and co in a league of their own?

Since Pinoy and Co emerged on the seen they have been one of the most consistent performers in the rankings, which is a great achievement. But that doesn’t separate them from the other consistent performers like IU and Inner Circle. What separates them is that they do what they do with very few members. And most of these members are free players. So what is there secret? I decided to message a few people in Pinoy to find out. Here is what Leith had to say….

From NorthTexmafia aka Leith:

Well to answer the question about do we all pull our weight. Yes all of do when we can Real life comes first so sometimes we can't get on to loot. But we are a family of the best looters in the game. There are few select people we let in. For the answer to who and how that's done you will have to talk to theallm1ghty he is the boss he controls all that.
I messaged almighty but he didn’t get back to me.

Moving on….

Are we seeing the end of Capo?

With 3 members and having not had a solid set of performances in some time I had to ask the question. Is this the end of Capo? I messaged Michele_Greco to ask him. Here is what he had to say…

From Michele_Greco aka the ugly duckling?

Nope we sent mom and dad on a vacation from all the drama. So now we teased some other brothers and they joined other fams atm. About the ranks we don’t rank as a family atm much but we do rank tiers even with just 2 or 3 members.

But dont worry these old slackers may be on vacation but they will prevail all the other fams.

Signed the " ugly duckling"
I guess not…..

Moving on…..

War News:

So after witnessing many (most) of you cuddling around a campfire holding hands and singing Kumbaya last round…..I told you all in no uncertain terms what I thought. And guess what? it seems to have done the trick…. This round there has been very little hand holding.

Klown Wars

You’ve heard of clone wars but I know you’ve never heard of the Klown wars. Dont fear, TMB reporter is here to tell all.

Along time ago in a galaxy far far away.....

There has been unrest in the streets of Chicago. The Warhound republic led by supreme leader Klown and his army of Klown clones are battling for control. Standing in his way are the forces led by Chicago native Madd Maxx who has assumed the identity of Bozo da Klown.

I got in contact with both camps to get some comments. Here is what the invading Klown forces (warhounds) had to say…

From Klown:

They were begging for peace while hitting. By the reception we got I'd say we are in their heads that or they are just handing us the landfill they call Chicago. We don't want it but don't mind taking it.
After a few follow up messages I also received this from Klown:

From Klown:

Not at all. I enjoy the competition but they chose to hit us so we retaliated Then Maxx begs for peace then ccs others trying to talk tough. Skeemin went straight to his knees as skeemins often do. When that didn't work he tried sending in the Klowns. Next round it'll be back to lets be friends fam.
Here is what the forces led by the Chicago native Madd Maxx had to say…

From Bozo da Klown aka Madd Maxx:

Just like klowns they shall be gone .. circus never stays in one city- they like gypsy. Traveling fools
From Shaggy to Dope aka Big Sarge:

We really haven't noticed. Guess we will have to stuff them back into their little clown cars and send them on their way. I mean what a half-assed bunch of clowns. They aren't even selling peanuts or cotton candy. All they have are those truck guns that have a sign that says BANG! when you pull the trigger. I'm gonna watch some paint dry as it is much more entertaining.
From ChucklesThaKlown aka Scaliwag:

ScaliWag here! We will be forcing the clowns to pack up the whole clan including the dildo jugglers. They are the outcasts of the clown clan. They gotta go.

Hammer Time vs Inner Circle

So Hammer Time and Inner Circle are back at war. I know, it’s shocking right. Especially for those of you who were thinking they would just let bygones be bygones, put on their best dresses, light that camp fire back up, and sing that song. You know the one. Kum ba….

Since day one of the round both unions have been hitting one another. Speaking to a source in IU I can tell you the plan from IU was to make sure nobody from Inner Circle could get a large build going. This was so the op hitters could go to town on their ops later in the round. And that is pretty much how it is panning out. Of course Inner Circle did hit back but did not do nearly as much damage to Hammer Time compared to the amount Hammer Time did to them.

Hammer Time has also hit the looting hard this round and currently lead Inner Circle by 11 trillion. With 2 days left I can’t see them closing that gap down. I decided to get on to my sources in Inner Circle to see what was going on with them.

According to my source after the events of last round they knew Hammer Time would come after them hard this round and in the process spend allot of turns. So they made the collective decisions to allow them to do so and only use sub turns to retaliate. My source was also quick to remind me that wars are not one in a round.

Moving on…..

Southside vs Nameless

Late in the round I was contacted by a source in Southside who informed me that it looked like war with Nameless was back on. My first thoughts were Warounds and Nameless? You may be biting of a bit more than you can chew here SS… but what do I know.. anyway? I decided to send out some messages to find out what was going on. Here is what Southside had to say….

From Madd Maxx:

Ur birdie is giving to much info .. At the moment there are no certainties
From Shaggy to Dope:

Not sure what's going on, TBH. All I know is it takes a bunch of balls to hit a family that has been warring all round. Then hitting our ops is a bigger bitch move.

What goes around comes around though.
I later also received this from Shaggy to Dope…

From Shaggy to Dope:

After seeing some messages by Dom and some in SS, we've come to find out it wasn't a planned attack. Apparently there some miscommunications about perceived NAPs and attacks. We have worked through it. As far as the Ops hits, I still think it was a bitch move... and others agree...

It is what it is... so what can you do???
From HomieDaKlown:

No war going on with nameless, that little bird of yours must be an ostrich always sticking its neck out, I'm going to get an ax the next time it road runs its little ugly beak in your direction :-)
Here is what the Nameless side had to say….

From Domenico:

It’s the same thing over and over. We don't do NAPs, we only had an agreement for a round or two after the last war. The families exchange hits, Maxx still tells them we have a NAP so then they get angry with us because they think we are breaking some sort of deal. We saw them coordinating hits across our entire family one night, so we decided to hit some of their ops

We know they are already at war with two other families/unions, and aren't trying to pile on or bully them while they have other wars going on. We are just defending ourselves when we saw a coordinated hit on us, and the op hits are what get their attention.
From Tweety:

No we are not at war with SS. A few of them decided to make some coordinate hits on us one night and me and dom caught it. I couldn’t understand it really since they were warring warhounds and apart from minor hits from both sides we haven’t had an issue with them. After the hits I decided to build and whack a few of maxxs ops since they had no dus to wack. I took 350k and was going to leave it at that until skeemin started running his mouth so I hit SS ops the rest of the day. Just defending the 29 motherfuckers next to me
Moving on…..

Who will be taking the JP home?

It’s that time of the review again. The time I discuss the JP contenders. Last round we had a great battle for the JP with 23 just missing out on the gold by a little over 12 trillion. Will we get the same this round? Ehhh… maybe not….

Here are the contenders.

Player one: Renzi

The player not many really know much about but we will get to that later. Renzi has recently won a JP… or two.. or three. He currently has 2.2 million ops and with NAPs with IU and IC it doesn’t look like he will suffer any op hits this round. Will this be Jackpot number four? Or three? for Renzi..

I did ask Renzi if he was going for the round but he didn’t get back to me.

Player two: Lachey

The artist once known as Righty. Righty has been winning pot after pot for the good part of a year now. Rumors have it he hasn’t taken one in a while. Could this be his round? With a little over 2 million ops and with Hammer Time currently holding an 11 trillion lead over Inner Circle perhaps soo….

Here is what he had to say when I asked him if he was going for the round.

From Lachey aka Righty:

No actually I don't pay attention to anything. But I will say this, if I want the round I'll take it.

Player three: BigAnt23

BigAnt23, another member of IU. With 1.5 million ops could this be the round BigAnt add’s a third level four gold medal to his collection?

Here is what he had to say when I asked him if he was going for the round..

From BigAnt23:

You'll have to see what happens eor

Player four: 23

Yes this round I have included a fourth player. Think of it as a wild card pic. You see I have a theory. A theory that 23 will end up winning the round. A theory that this round will be won without spending a dollar. A theory that IU will try to regain some of the credits 23 lost last round. With a current 10 trillion lead over ever family in the game, a few collects at eor, and a guaranteed 20k turns for the union and most sub holders in Inner Circle with less than 1 million ops.. maybe I will be right?....

As usual we will see what happens at EOR.

Moving on…

Names of the past and who is Renzi?

Names of the past

So near the beginning of the round I was informed by one of my now growing flock of birdies that I needed to take a look at something. This something was the family RU_IU, which has full of the names of IU players who used to play in the past but don’t anymore. All the names/players were banned.

Names like Sheikh, Murderer, and even Nino whom is actually in the round were used by a person or persons. I asked around and was told that these account were members of the IU family during this round but got booted and banned soon after.

I went back to my birdie for some additional information but he had no information, just a theory. He believed that they were multiple accounts created by IU who were trying to intimidate Inner Circle. I put these claims to Evocator aka Nino. Here is what he had to say…

From Evocator aka Nino:

Lmao.. no Way, first if some of those names really Was back would they be l4 from start.. but the first i Saw Was Missmack and Got confused myself if she realy Was back then i Saw all the other names and Was sure someone Was fucking up game..
Many of the names do i doubt Will ever again play, but there is a few that always Will come back if they are asked, but only if there is a major Challenge othervise are they bored..
After a few follow up messages I was also sent this….

From Evocator aka Nino:

And if ic realy believe all those Was back do they need there School money back, how the hell should that be able to get that many gone players back that fast.. It took me like 30 sec to figure out something Was wrong
To be honest I tend to agree with Nino here. It would be obvious to anyone that so many players (I counted 10) returning to IU all at once was a little shady to say the least. As for the claims made by my birdie, I think you may have been wrong on this one. No bird food for you

Who is Renzi?

The artist currently known as Renzi. The man who has appeared out of nowhere so it seems. Is he a new player? Is he a returning player? Is he someone we know under a different name? I tried asking the man himself but he was being very cagey with me.

I received replies such as this..

From Renzi:

Am I under investigation ? HAHA
The only thing I had managed to establish was that renzi has a seven-year badge so is not a new player. This information however didn’t come from renzi. It came from a little bird but renzi did confirm it.
From Renzi:

Wow. Only one person knows that.
Perhaps Renzi knows one of my birdies. Or perhaps he doesn’t. Maybe I can get him down to the TMB studio to reveal all….

This is TMB Reporter …. Later…..