Dobrý den TMB community, Ink here with coverage of the main round 828. In all fairness, I must admit that I missed the first 3.5 days due to internet issues from storms but when I finally got back online I saw that there were a few big builders, Renzi of Foundhell and TMK from I-Flashpoint-U. Family members of each looked to be focusing on building ops for collection rather du for killing, something we don’t typically see from IU union. Don’t get me wrong, they do have collectors each round, but this round, it looked like even the killers were building to collect rather than kill.

The biggest thing I noticed though, was that the JP was already over $700 so I knew there must have been some battles taking place. I needed to find out who so I quickly checked the killers ranks….. and there he was…. Hakkamaestro from IC with 5m ops, 8m defenses and already sporting over 3 million kill points. Not sure who he was hitting, but I am guessing pretty much anyone he wanted to. I tried to do a bit of investigative work to see who this mystery killer was, but the only replies I got was, “He’s new”. So much for that, sigh…….

The round continued on pretty normally I thought. Inner Circle was hitting IU and IU responded as always by returning the favor… But neither union was hitting as hard as other rounds. Southside and Nameless appeared to be in battle with someone but not sure who, if anyone. Were they keeping their old rivalry alive by hitting each other? I messaged both bosses to see what was going on but neither replied. Meanwhile Warhounds kept the peace by minding their own business and just doing their usual thing, building some, collecting some and generally just staying out of trouble.

from Klown

No wars that I can speak of
We have no NAPS or allies so it kinda keeps us out of everyone bitching at us over noob hits or a single player in the fam having personal grudges with anyone

Less drama seems to be working better for us.
from TonyGiovanni

The whole round was kinda slow moving, either way, thanks!
from TonyGiovanni
Oh. Also lol fuck the haters. 😊
Thanks for the comments guys!

In other action, Hakkamaestro continued hitting everyone, including allies, which probably resulted in lots and lots of hate mail for Tru, the IC boss. I did see one interesting thing though, and that was a guy by the name of JolietJake. He started off in Southside, then got booted sometime after day 4 and spent the rest of the round alone on the streets, and attacking big builders in many families including SS. This round he is shown as Boss of UC Avengers. I tried to find out what was going on with him, but out of the 10 or so messages that I sent out, only one person replied.

from PiLlOwPaNtS

It was a smooth round as far as im concerned. No wars besides the basic attacks we receive each round.

The thing with jolietJake getting kicked didnt have anything to do with him personally..we just felt that he was coming in and going right after the top nets and just hitting ppl that we may not have wanted hit. Might have brought us more trouble in the long run. But dont really know the person all i can say is wish him/her good luck.

Respects PillOwPaNtS
So let’s move on to the EOR results. If you weren’t here for it, you certainly missed a good one! Checking stats 3.5 hours to EOR I saw Renzi as the ‘Sugar Daddy’ with the most Ops (4.4 mil) followed by Domenico @ 3 million ops and Tech-N9ne with 2.8 mil. I knew though that this was going to change, but probably not until the last 10-15 min of the round.

With just under 7 minutes left in the round, TMK built and took over the “Sugar Daddy” spot with a build of 5.2 mil ops. He appeared to be the one that would make the run for the JP. Renzi and Domenico’s ops hadn’t budged and TMK’s union, I-Flashpoint-U had done a good job of collecting and looting cash this round, so it looked like it could be an easy win for him. The JP at this point was $1362.

At the 5 minute mark, TMK was sitting comfortably in the lead with 31 trill of union money, just waiting to see if any challengers would step forward. The clock was ticking down; 5 min……4 min……3 min with TMK not making a move. I’m guessing that he was probably watching the ranks to make sure there were no late builders before commencing the task of distributing cash for union and level ranks. THEN IT HAPPENED!

With one-minute left, I saw Emperor emerge from virtually nowhere and build quickly to 12m ops. I refreshed my screen and he had already collected 72T to TMK’s 31T and was still collecting. I looked quickly at TMK and saw he was still at 31T and I wondered if Emperor had caught him off guard and he didn’t realize that someone was challenging. Seconds later I saw TMK’s net worth start to go up as he was collecting rapidly to try and catch Emperor. The seconds were ticking down fast but there just wasn’t enough time to catch Emperor and TMK would take home the Silver Medal and 125k won turns with a value of $57 trillion in his pocket. Emperor with a networth of $138.9 trillion would get the Gold medal and a jackpot of $2020. Trailing waaaaaay behind was Hollywood_Hubert with $6.2T but it was still good enough to earn him a bronze medal and 75k in won turns. Congratulations to Emperor on the JP win and to TMK and Hollywood Hubert on your level 4 medal ranks.

-Level 4 Prizes-

1 Jackpot $2,020 Emperor $138,972,065,333,761
2 125,000 turns TMK $57,073,398,570,818
3 75,000 turns Hollywood_Hubert $6,256,438,618,002
4 50,000 turns MaXx $5,169,729,736,339
5 40,000 turns 12 $5,103,560,992,600
6 30,000 turns Zodiac $3,781,316,248,797
7 15,000 turns triggerman23 $2,008,615,512,700
8 10,000 turns Klown $1,530,777,025,600
9 7,500 turns Benny-Blonco $847,229,128,902
10 5,000 turns 0844 $784,583,642,497

from Babbo_Bravo

Thank you Ink-Slinger!

Yes, our Team once again rocked the Round! After Family Gold in Mini we managed to snatch Gold in Main for the 4th Time in a row! Looting and Collecting Teams did a terrific Job!

EOR went pretty smooth. I was delighted about TMK going for it since its always nice to steal from him - and an opportunity to show IU that from now on we are ready to steal EVERY JP no matter how big or who is going for it.
And so it happened! I out collected TMK and took his money

Some people say a new Era is beginning .. I cant say that yet but we are def on the right path to re-establish some sort of "equilibrium" between all big families and make the Game GREAT AGAIN!!
Thank you for the comment Babbo and congrats again on your win.

I asked TMK for a comment as well, but unfortunately he did not reply back to me.

Moving on to level 3 we saw a good race between Fixer and Patttaya555 for the gold and another between Ducky and SexualChocolate for the bronze. Fixer came out on top by $199b, followed by Patttaya555. Ducky snuck in at the last moment to take the bronze from SexualChocolate.

Congrats to the medal rankers in this level as well as the other rankers.

-Level 3 Prizes-

1 50,000 turns FIXER $5,005,044,333,333
2 40,000 turns Patttaya555 $4,801,310,234,729
3 30,000 turns DUCKY $3,271,138,608,335
4 20,000 turns SexualChocolate $3,000,356,776,479
5 15,000 turns Bull $2,001,134,609,832
6 12,500 turns THEALLM1GHTY $738,183,425,614
7 10,000 turns Odie $341,533,340,734
8 7,500 turns Priest $275,497,561,511
9 5,000 turns Freke $101,843,814,329
10 3,000 turns MarkoeZ $22,714,580,865

from DUCKY

Yep....It was again, a team effort! We also have become a known presence in TRU and Babbo and Co. have shown.
The battle for first in level 2 was between Ickey_Thump, Carbide and dopey1 with dopey1 emerging as the gold medal winner. What was interesting here is that EOR round values for the top three spots were all over $2T but 4th place was awarded with only $386 billion and 10th was a lowball value of just $1.1b. I know those lower ranks aren’t a lot of credits guys… but you may want to keep an eye on them and jump in when you can to grab a few won credits.. even if it’s only a few thousand… they are FREE credits so why not??? 😉

-Level 2 Prizes-

1 25,000 turns dopey1 $2,503,517,190,728
2 20,000 turns Carbide $2,202,192,898,572
3 15,000 turns Ickey_Thump $2,002,819,373,460
4 10,000 turns TonyGiovanni $368,796,569,846
5 9,000 turns Qwerty $95,707,512,134
6 8,000 turns Mario_Maserati $39,617,582,016
7 7,000 turns Swiper $11,101,773,638
8 5,000 turns Mrs.Rome $5,033,106,768
9 2,000 turns Dutchi-Hit $3,387,842,354
10 1,500 turns atjeh $1,156,115,790

from dopey1

Had a good fun round. Shout out to everyone in THE HOOD for the medal. Good group of guys that put work in looting and collecting but have a good time in the process. Big up to my homie Simpson
Thanks for your comment dopey1 and congrats on your win in level 2!

Level 1 medal prizes went to Fearless187 from Nameless with $1.1 trillion in cash, followed by Yandel in second with $857 billion and DMX with $675 billion in his wallet. 10th place in this level went for 10x more than what we saw in level 2. $10 billion compared to $1 billion. Interesting…….

-Level 1 Prizes-

1 20,000 turns Fearless187 $1,169,273,825,182
2 15,000 turns Yandel $857,899,662,360
3 10,000 turns dmx $675,143,183,447
4 9,000 turns I_C_U $464,954,964,153
5 8,000 turns Beva. $301,414,966,469
6 6,000 turns harryverderchkish $300,232,990,136
7 4,000 turns BIRTHDAY_ROME $87,718,889,746
8 2,500 turns Cowboy $85,504,952,603
9 1,500 turns EvaLday $36,962,311,654
10 1,000 turns Gemma $10,247,461,199

from Fearless187

It was going slow most of the round. Then we caught them with there pants down at eor. It was all team work. Family member in each tear ranked, medal or not. 1 family members ranked in supporter killer and 1 in free killer. Both achieved medals for killer ranks. Plus 4th in family, that's how family and team work happens. Stay strong, stay warehouse.
from Yandel

Hi..thanks... Not to much last round I was busy but Benny was trying to rank me for while.. I play for fun and he knows that.. I'm not interested in personal ranks I'm more a family player.. Been playing since 2010 here.
Thanks for your comments Fearless and Yandel and congrats on your ranks! 😊

Moving on to Killer ranks….. As previously mentioned hakkamaestro was tearing things up in the Supporter Killer ranks and there was no stopping him. He was in the top spot when I signed in and he stayed there as the round came to an end. He finished strong with 9,737,312 kps, outkilling Votan, the second place killer by more than two and a half times the kps. SNORLAX finished in the third spot 2.8m kps. Congrats mates!

-Best Supporter Killer Prizes-

1 40,000 turns hakkamaestro 9,737,312
2 30,000 turns Votan 3,676,388
3 20,000 turns SNORLAX 2,806,086
4 18,000 turns Viking_Slap 2,702,136
5 16,000 turns phillip 1,441,014

from Votan
Thanks, I did it for the lulz!
I tried to track down hakkamaestro for a comment, but I was unable to find him this round. Maybe he will grant us a few words in the comments section below. Fingers crossed!

In Free Killer ranks we saw Beva. (That’s Beva with a period at the end) coming out in first with 555,495 kill points. Next in line was HellBoy in second with 480,563 and Tig in 3rd with 476,882. I tried to get comments in this level but was unsuccessful.

-Best Free Killer Prizes-

1 20,000 turns Beva. 550,495
2 15,000 turns HellBoy 480,563
3 10,000 turns Tig 476,882
4 9,000 turns Depthz 324,126
5 8,000 turns cheeks 304,026

In Family collecting ranks we saw a close race between LOCO_GHOSTS and UC_Avengers with only $219 billion separating the two families. To put it in perspective, for a player with 1.3 million hustlers that would be a collect of approx. 15,000 turns. UC_Avengers came out on top winning the gold medal with Loco coming in second and Southside_Elite snapping up third place quite easily over Nameless and CoolCats in 4th and 5th respectively.

-Collecting Family Prizes-

1 35,000 turns UC_Avengers $10,481,135,869,461
2 30,000 turns LOCO_GHOSTS $10,261,579,342,377
3 25,000 turns SouthSide_Elite $8,038,661,192,327
4 20,000 turns NaMeLeSs $2,061,493,414,961
5 15,000 turns CoolCats $1,021,254,546,444


HI. solid solid solid another family gold.

We had a goal of 15t for the round and we out did that by 7T. So that was nice because there was a lot of competition out there for that loot.

We took family gold pretty easy and got some solid tiers, including myself in tier 4, bronZe. silvers in lv3 and lv2, Patttaya555 and carbide. i missed lv1 this round little upset about that, it was cheap.

all and all it was UC like performance, professional, ice cold, no mistakes.
Sounds like you were on top of things at EOR Hollywood and it showed in the rankings. Congrats to you and our family on a job well done!

In Union ranks, we saw IC_Pyramid-Scheme come out on top with a family bank of $21T and I-Flashpoint-U a few trillion behind in second place with $17T. This was mostly because TMK was involved in a battle for the Jackpot with Emperor and I think he may have just ran out of time to bank more for the union ranking. THE_HOOD easily beat their competition and went home with a bronze medal and 30k turn for their members.

I tried to get comments from the union dons of IC_Pyramid-Scheme (Tru) and THE_HOOD (DirtyKY), but was unable to get a reply from either of them.

I did however get a comment from Union Boss Lopov, but he wasn’t able to offer much insight on EOR.

from LOPOV

Havent been around at eor, but seems babbo won the pot, so congrats to him
Thanks for the reply LOPOV and sorry you missed EOR.

-Collecting Union Prizes-

1 50,000 turns IC_Pyramid-Scheme $21,650,701,620,386
2 35,000 turns I-Flashpoint-U $17,365,067,940,747
3 30,000 turns THE_HOOD $10,156,771,574,335
4 25,000 turns EARLY $6,288,777,548,893
5 20,000 turns REBORN $1,071,909,007,027

That brings us to the end of the review for round 828. You may be wondering about the Brown Sea Cucumber award section but that is Bloggers deal and I’m not gonna step on his toes. 😊 Hopefully he will be back soon and can pick up where he left off.

Until next time, this is Ink-Slinger saying Congrats once again to all the rankers and have a Good Night everyone!