Hello TMB community. Ink here with a recap of Turbo round 829. All I can say is Wow.. ...what a doozy it was! This was the round that we’ve all been waiting for… Big builds, a dash for cash and finally a real JP battle between allies… or are they ex-allies??? But first things first…..

The rules for this round were one city (New York), uncapped, no revenge with a 10:1 ration on added turns and 100 turns for op hits. Things started out pretty slow imo. We saw the normal starting builds of game turns and someone did add a bit to the JP but nothing to write home about…. Yet anyway. In those beginning hours, Seris, (Sons_of_Anarchy) was the one to watch as he seemed like a possible candidate for a JP run. But by the 24 hr mark it was clear that he had other plans. More on that later but for now let’s get to the run for the JP.

With 4 hours left in the round I saw Redux1 (Skyfall) being the man on top with just over 14 million ops and 8.9 million du, and Kankakee1 and Northtexmafia lagging behind with 8 million ops each. I was beginning to think that Redux1 might be the one making a run for the JP, but I was wrong. The JP amount hadn’t moved since the first day and the payout at this point was $338.

Fast forward a few hours and the JP still at $338 with Redux1 still the man on top. Weelet and Jami had been hitting ops for the last few hours and had knocked Kankakee1 and Northtexmafia down enough to allow Silver_Oak and Scratch to take over the spots for 2nd and 3rd highest Ops.

I watched Weelet and Jami (WetDreamTeam) for quite a while and must say they did an outstanding job of demolishing operatives on the opposition. They were also using hire protection to keep from getting zeroed by killers. Whether this made a difference at EOR, we will never know, but one things for sure, they should get recognition for their efforts. So I’m here to say NICE JOB guys!

At the 52-minute mark I snapped a photo of the standings and saw that Tar (Don’t_Hate) had entered the running with 14.7 million ops. Was he the “one”? The JP was still the same so I assume Tar was using won turns for his build. Nothing wrong with that, just an observance on my part. I thought at this point the JP run was going to be between Tar and Redux… but after many years of playing this game I know that things can change very quickly… And that they did!

With 30 minutes to go, the JP jumped to $427 and soon after Amex (WetDreamTeam) built up to 23.7 million operatives and was holding over $715 trillion. It was then that I had a feeling something big was going to happen and it wasn’t over yet.

Unfortunately, at this point I was called away and missed about 20 minutes so didn’t see exactly what happened during this period. When I returned I saw the Jackpot had risen to $903 and there was a battle going on between WetDreamTeam and Franchise_Mode. L of WetDreams had built to 48.9 ops and Ultra from Franchise_Mode had hired up as well. These two families were longtime allies in main round and there has been some talk on the streets that there was a falling out. I’m not sure if all that is true, but something was obviously going on for these two families to be challenging each other like they were.

Ranked 1 in Level 4, and 1 national.
Currently in New York
This mafioso got 48,976,100 operatives
and 30,197,025 defensives
This mafioso has 465,052 kill points
member of WetDreamTeam family.

Assuming it wasn’t going to be easy, both L and Ultra had backup builders (Amex and Phunny) to help with the run for the JP. This is the old school way of playing and I haven’t seen that type of play in a long time. In the earlier years of TMB it was not uncommon for a family to have 2 or even 3 backup builders to help secure the win. It was always fun to watch as you wasn’t sure who was going to be building next. But I digress…

For this round, the last two minutes were intense with both teams collecting furiously. The networths were the craziest I’ve seen in all my years of TMB and both players were on their way to the 2017 record book and probably didn’t even realize it. The highest I’ve ever witnessed this year for a turbo was back in round 805 between Hallelujah and BK.

Round 805
1. Hallelujah $1,249,401,403,324,328
2. BK $1,206,826,039,368,469

But in this round, both L and Ultra were on the fast track to easily surpass those amounts. And that they did… and not by just a little.. They more than DOUBLED the previous record holders values! In fact, if you add both Hallelujah and BK’s NW together, it still would not have been enough to beat L or Ultras’ EOR value this round. That’s some serious cash folks!

By the time he reached $2.7 quad, Ultra had had enough and didn’t challenge any further, leaving L in the winners seat with a NW of $3.5 quad. It was a gallant effort by Ultra and his team and nothing to be ashamed about. He may not have won, but mucho respect to him for at least having the balls to try.

The ultimate congratulations go to L who takes home another gold medal and a nice JP of $903…. proving once again he IS the man to beat in this game. Both he and Ultra will go down in the TMB 2017 record book for having ended the round with more networth than any other player so far this year. Nice job gentleman!

In other level 4 ranks, NoBlackness (Skyfall) took home the bronze followed by Pop and oplan_tokhang.

-Level 4 Prizes-

1 Jackpot $903 L $3,414,881,459,027,127
2 130,000 turns Ultra $2,736,221,414,958,135
3 110,000 turns NoBlackness $51,250,978,153,495
4 90,000 turns Pop $15,865,951,210,263
5 70,000 turns oplan_tokhang $8,304,395,414,918

from TMK
Wasn't planning on going , just did when I saw the challenger.
In level 3, HellRaiser easily emerged as the gold medal winner with a piggybank of $35T followed by Bugsy and I_C_U. NorthTexMafia and Fixer rounded out the field in 4th and 5th respectively.

After the action seen in level 4 the other levels seemed less impressive but still worth a congratulatory note to those involved. So congrats to the Level 3 rankers and use your won credits wisely. 😉

-Level 3 Prizes-

1 100,000 turns HellRaiser $35,113,212,184,058
2 80,000 turns Bugsy $27,630,851,733,116
3 60,000 turns I_C_U $25,449,961,717,273
4 40,000 turns NorthTexmafia $23,316,579,978,869
5 30,000 turns FIXER $15,350,224,008,251

from Leith2
Not much to say other then we kicked ass as a fam thanks to fam for the lev 3 4th was last min and didnt know was getting it till last hour or so

Level 2 prizes saw a battle between WinterWar and Glock on the prize list. When it was all said and done, WinterWar edged out glock by just $113 billion. That may seem like a lot, but in a round with a 10:1 ration, I liken it more to tossing a few dollars into a beggar’s tin cup. Booo and Khaleesi had their own battle going on for 3rd with Booo emerging as the bronze winner beating out Khaleesi by $243 billion. Boom rounded out the field in 5th spot.

-Level 2 Prizes-

1 50,000 turns WinterWar $19,415,015,334,306
2 30,000 turns glock $19,301,308,737,550
3 20,000 turns Booo $8,478,716,411,064
4 10,000 turns khaleesi $8,235,056,050,728
5 5,000 turns Boom $2,745,018,034,810

Level 1 saw NL-1 making a bold statement and taking home the gold with a value of $42 trillion. That amount was more than either of the gold medal winners in level 2 or 3 held at EOR. If only NL-1 could have leveled up at EOR he could have added an additional 80k credits to his prize purse. But then again, maybe he was looking for the level 1 medal to add to his set? This I will never know.

The remaining ranks in level 1 were pretty well spread out with no real challenges for the prizes. Congrats to all in this level!

-Level 1 Prizes-

1 20,000 turns NL-1 $42,001,002,522,023
2 15,000 turns Retro $27,501,430,952,739
3 10,000 turns BumLoveMatters $9,000,795,935,663
4 5,000 turns hsilgneyddap $3,531,115,691,881
5 2,000 turns I $1,398,368,196,760

Moving on to killer ranks, Seris (Sons_of_Anarchy) jumped out almost immediately and took a commanding lead in the supporter ranks. He was a man on a mission and there was no catching him. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I thought he had plans to make a stab at the JP but I soon realized he was only interested in one thing… and that was the killer gold medal.

I was quite impressed with his kill count. He beat his competitors three and four times over this round. I can’t remember a time that I saw 12.8m kps in a turbo round (if at all) and after checking back over the turbo ranks for 2017 I did find a few killers that came close.

Round 785
Sinix – 12.7 m kps

Round 825
Lionel_Richie – 11.7m kps

Round 815
Nike – 11.3 kps

So with that being said, I think Seris has also earned a place in the TMB 2017 record book for having the most kills in a turbo round… Great job Seris and congrats!

-Best Supporter Killer Prizes-

1 40,000 turns Seris 12,832,131
2 30,000 turns Bron 4,070,093
3 20,000 turns Fix 3,650,303
4 10,000 turns Redux1 3,620,119
5 5,000 turns KingKunta 2,490,217

Free killers ranks were lower than the previous turbo round, but that could just mean that Seris was really effective at eliminate the targets. Either way, gh was able to rack up 1.2 m kps and walk away with 20k won turns and the gold medal. Spike (that’s my cats name! Was he playing??) narrowly beat out Pun to take home the silver medal. Only 30k kps separated second place from third. Nice job free killers!

-Best Free Killer Prizes-

1 20,000 turns gh 1,237,267
2 15,000 turns Spike 888,115
3 10,000 turns Pun 858,061
4 5,000 turns Huh 769,299
5 2,500 turns eEeE 543,810

With the Jackpot battle between Franchise_Mode and WetDreamTeam the Collecting family prize was up for grabs. Drunk_N_Disorderly put most of their value in the family bank rather than individual levels and it paid off with a gold medal and 75k in won turns each for their members. Dont_Hate focused on both family and individual and earned the silver medal and 50k turns for their team members. Bronze went to Kim_Jong_uns_Krew with Skyfall and Sons_Of_Anarchy families rounding out the prize spots for this turbo round. Congrats to the families and their bosses for a job well done!

-Collecting Family Prizes-

1 75,000 turns Drunk_N_Disorderly $152,097,759,541,448
2 50,000 turns Dont_Hate $113,932,902,611,476
3 35,000 turns Kim_Jong-uns_KREW $104,501,983,989,768
4 30,000 turns Skyfall $97,727,907,750,134
5 25,000 turns Sons_Of_Anarchy $20,021,801,577,095

from MaXx

It went smooth . Got 3 golds -1 lvl 4 5th and silver in fam tiers 2 nd place .. with my money shuffling skills i say i was impressed myself .. Dont_Hate
Wow nice job Maxx! Those are some mad skills you got there! Congrats.

from LOPOV

I would like to thank my "friends" for a great turbo
Indeed Lopov. Congrats to you and your team. Good job!

from Snowman

This Turbo we got First Fam and 4th lvl 3.

Thanks to the team for their hard work and being there on time, also those unfortunate few who gave up there ranking spot.

Also a massive shout out to L and Ultra, you hero's kept your families from banking gold!! We IC salute you, may the foolishness continue!!

And on that note, this is Ink-Slinger signing off until next time!