Turbo 865: What a finish!

Wow! What a round I must say. In turbos, we usually see most action (beside killers) in the last hour.

To start things off, I’ll talk about killers (I know everyone wants to hear about the jackpot), but anyways, we saw a couple of big builds at the start. Turbo and 865 notably. 865 ended up with only 7.4m kill points which is kind of low for a 15m build, however, he ended up getting 100k back from the medal. Sizif ended up with near 23m killpoints to secure the gold with MisterBrown taking silver respectively. In free killers we saw KK2018 secure the bag with 1.5m kps, pikko with 980k, and Cici, I saw hit exclusively at the last hour only snatched himself a bronze as well as a bronze in level one!

The Race:

As the last hour started, I honestly did not know what to expect. My sources were telling me that either TMK or Babbo would go for the round.. There were couple early big collects in the last hour from Kankakee1 and Turbo. They were both sitting at near 20m ops and Kankakee1 collected nearly 400trn for his team.

With this early lead, it looked like IC would contend for the round, however; we saw Godsplan start collecting. He had some nice ops, and I was like ok, maybe he’ll go for it. From what I heard, it was ShayneG, and he trapped a bunch of high level players, from IC to UC to RIAM in his family, which ended up not ranking. I was still unsure as to which family would jump to lead, but I knew it would come in the final couple minutes. I did notice “TolietFromHell” aka IC started to bank up, which made me think that they would not contend for the round.

I slowly saw Jeff_Bezos of Blockchain climbing his way up the rankings as people were sending up. With about 10 minutes left, TiCk_ToCk (J-Money from FH) had the most ops, but Jeff_Bezos was sitting on around 700trn when things got interesting. I was not expecting TiCk_ToCk to challenge, but in the end, he did end up with 1q of his own to take third and got his family the fifth spot single-handingly.

Jeff_Bezos built up to 25m ops so it looked like he would contend for the pot. Out of nowhere, FT from “ToP” fam had 50m ops ready to go as jackpot rose to $680. Jeff_Bezos had started his collect with a small lead. The one thing I saw was “Yourmom” build up to 28m ops as well. When I checked, he was in the same family as Jeff_Bezos. The Amazon man was going up against FT (Apple man????) and it was getting close. As FT had 50m ops, Jeff_Bezos and Yourmom had 52m ops between the both of them. With nearly two minutes left, it looked as if Jeff_Bezos was going to run away with it when Yourmom sent up a collect of nearly 1.5quad.

At that point they lead was nearly from 3.5q to 2.5q. Jeff_Bezos did bank up 300trn to get his family the second spot and sent off the cash to Dudley who eventually won. With about 45 seconds left, it was 3.5q to 2.9q, and I saw FT make a late push to get to near 3.4q, however, it was not enough. In the end, Dudley had 3.7q to take the gold. After yourmom sent off his/her cash, I saw him/her do another collect at the end to help secure the win.

Congrats to Dudley for taking home a juicy pot by doing virtually nothing!

Family Ranks:

As ToP family contended with Blockchain for the round, TolietFromHell (IC) gained a big lead. They took gold with 373trn, and Blockchain came up short by 40trn to take silver at 330trn. Usually, the family that takes the jackpot will end up with the gold, however, this round, another bank-up could have been the difference in winning the jackpot, or not. To put turns into perspective here, Winning gold family gives nearly 400k turns more than silver, however; I’m sure Blockchain will enjoy their win. NOW_WATCH_THIS took third place (BH) with 257trn banked. Had FT banked up at the end, ToP (placed fourth) could have taken gold! In fifth place, we saw TiCk_ToCk (J-Money) carry his boys in ReVolution to a 5th place finish. One thing that I noticed was Godsplan and his family ended with 6th place, however, they had over 500trn in cash. At first, I thought Godsplan wasn’t going to rank anyone, however, I caught up with him, and I was told that they just got unlucky.


Level 1:

Level 1 was relatively low. Gold was taken with only 30trn. Silver and bronze, sheesh! That was close! Partygoblin had about 1.2bn more than Cici for silver. Cici took the bronze peacefully as MOSSBERG, who took fourth only had 3trn. I bet Cici won’t complain as he did take bronze in killers too. 4th and 5th were really low. I do like the boosted turns for level 1 and 2, I think they can be used to an advantage for free players.

Level 2:

As TolietFromHell (IC) did not rank in level 4 (to my knowledge as Cholera took 9th place). They went heavy on the other tiers. In level 2, they took the gold peacefully. I saw a couple different Kankakees this round, and one of them ended up with the gold. 905 was sent cash as he took silver with 31trn. Playa rounded off the bronze medal with 20trn.

Level 3:

Sheesh, someone really needed the gold this round. HURRICANE took the gold with 196trn. A bit much, but nonetheless, took home the 100k! DOKKAEBI was sent cash from godsplan last minute as he took silver with 74trn and SgtMaj took bronze with 20trn. I have noticed, the fourth and fifth places in each level have always been cheap. Free players should look there if they want to gain some turns. 5trn would have ranked 5th in level 3, 5th in level 2, and 4th in level 1.

Level 4:

Level 4 was quite expensive this round. I already touched on the medal winners above, but 4th and 5th place was both above 350trn. Greenmonster was edged out of some turns with holding 314trn. If he knew, I bet he would have sent some cash off for other tiers.

Congrats to the winners!

from Dudley:

Another one for the good guys! Great team effort. Nice try IU. March doesn’t seem to be your month. Go Michigan!
from Godsplan:

As for turbo, they went pretty good. I decided I will add some to help out and try to get a family going to get in some knobs that worked but at the end we got sixth family, I got fourth level 4, in level 2, fourth and level 3 silver.
from TiCk_ToCk:

I wasn’t really planning on going for it but saw an opportunity to make a move. With a family full of level 1’s knew my chances were slim but I took the chance. Even though I didn’t get the win it was a fun time, maybe I’ll do it more often.
from Cici:

I was away most of this round cause of spring break but was able ot get enough kills for bronze and was transferred enough to get bronze in lvl1 as well. It was a close eor but ultimately our builders were able to get the win. Thanks to everyone who helped and congrats to the winner.
from Greenmonster:

Turbo was business as usual for us.
from LandShark:

Our goal was Family gold and we accomplished that with ease. We have a good team of experienced players who respond well under pressure. We came, we saw, and we got er done!!