Turbo Rounds 859 + 861 + 863
Review & Comparison

Howdy TMB'ers! Clutch here with a special comparative turbo round review for rounds 859, 861, and 863. This review will be a bit different than my past ones, so I hope y'all enjoy it. Any feedback would be great -- please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this blog.

All three of these rounds featured 10:1 ratios on credits added (861 & 863 were uncapped), with 20 members per family, 10% banking, and super-increased killers, level 1, and level 2 prizes. It's been a complete gong-show with many families starting early (instead of being formed in the last 2 hours of the round, like usual). We've seen some massive builds, incredible killer runs, and some of the most expensive jackpots in recent TMB turbo history. Let's take a look at how these rounds stacked up against each other!

Level 4 has become more and more expensive, each and every round. Round 859 was a reasonable 428T for the JP ... now, that's definitely doable and shouldn't break the bank... but rounds 861 and 863, that's another story! 4318T for round 861, and then 5041T for round 863! That will definitely leave a hole in your pocket if you try to compete with those numbers. In round 861, "Up" tried to compete, but fell short with 3854T. That has to be the most expensive silver medal ever achieved in a turbo round.

Usually, if you can get anywhere over 100T, you should have enough to lock down a top 5 spot, but in the last round (863), 5th place went for 272T. These numbers are absolutely insane... largely in part to the increase in family/union prizes we've seen over the last month or two, but also, due to the fact that there are significantly more level 4's subbing up each round. No doubt, most of these ranks are from families pooling their resources, rather than just one player spending, but still -- those are some expensive tiers. As much as it pains me to say this, it looks like UC has taken 'back to back to back' turbo jackpots... Will anyone be able to stop them, or are they too much to handle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Comment from Hollywood Hubert (JP Winner - Round 859)

Capped! This really means who has the best team, especially with such a low cap. The answer was pretty clear... the good guys! (UC) I was just the one at the end with the money. UC- spreading the wealth like Obama! UC- always pays it's debts!

Comment from Spade (JP Winner - Round 861):

I was set to take that round and when I saw the turbo rules posted with an extra 500k for lvl4 gold I thought things might get interesting. At eor everything seemed pretty calm surprisingly enough and my fam had already collected a pretty substantial amount of cash but a few minutes before eor I saw Up start to build ops so I pulled more turns, finished my build and collected. It was close and I really have to thank my family for everything as I definitely would not have won without their help. Shout outs to everyone who helped me out that round and every other round, you guys know who you are and a good team you can trust is worth more than the jackpot any day as BigBen said a few rounds ago[

Comment from LaCosta (JP Winner - Round 863):

I have to give a big shout out to that gay boy, Reck. He was a big reason the win was possible and he also finally came to terms with his sexuality, so big ups to him. And of course a big shout out to the good guys, UC. Nothing but good times since I've been here. Happy to be apart of the team, even happier no one stinks. Well, at least not bad enough for me to address it... You know what, fuck that. Depthz smells like shit and we're gonna have to talk about it. Excuse me.
- Level 4 –

Click here for larger image: http://i63.tinypic.com/2djrzev.png

Level 3 is kind of going in the opposite direction of level 4, with ranks gradually getting cheaper. There was a time when you couldn't hope to get a top 3 for less than 35T. Round 859 was the most expensive, with J & Minister spending outrageous amounts, trying to go for the gold. Other than those two guys, most people have been able to do decently well for under 30T. Just to clarify, a level 3 with a subscription and 99,999 credits added (in a 10:1 ratio round) can generate 30-40T, depending on how they build and how many turns they save for collecting.

With the sub-pack deals that TMB has been offering, literally anyone could have bought themselves a level 3 gold for approximately $75 USD. With the super-increased level 1 and 2 ranks, and the increasing number of level 4 players, there's never been a better time to complete your level 3 medal sets, folks. Just something to keep in mind for upcoming rounds!

- Level 3 –

Click here for larger image: http://i65.tinypic.com/14c8tjo.png

Level 2 has been getting increasingly more expensive to get gold in. Round 859 started out at 80T (though all other spots in the top 5 were significantly cheaper), then Round 861 went for 108T, and Round 863 went for a ridiculous 327T (which - I'm pretty sure - is the most expensive level 2 gold in TMB turbo history). Gold has been costing a fortune... but the other ranks, 2nd to 5th, have been pretty reasonable, with the exception of Round 861, which ended up costing more than their level 3 equivalents. Even with the increase in prizes, level 3 ranks are all still worth more than level 2, so I'm surprised we haven't seen more players move up to claim a bigger prize. It could be a matter of negative returns though.

You only need to add 1000 credits to go level 2, but 25,000 to get to level 3... meaning it might actually cost you more credits than it's worth to go level 3, if you're being given the level 4's. It's definitely worth watching the tiers at EOR to see if it's worth it for you to jump up a level to gain more credits total (once you deduct the amount you have to spend to get there). It will be interesting to see how these ranks change if the prizes end up returning to their normal amounts.

- Level 2 –

Click here for larger image: http://i64.tinypic.com/14xpkj7.png

With the exception of Mystic, in Round 861, who managed to get his hands on a ridiculous amount of 190T for his gold, the level 1 tiers have been going for reasonable amounts -- considering the prizes have been greatly increased. 20T should be enough to get you a medal in level 1, which is pretty much the same as it's been in recent past rounds (without the increased prizes)... and half the time, you can snag a medal with only 10T.

Ranks in level 1 have mostly been going to players from families that don't have enough to rank in the top 5, so they gather their cash and pick a player to try to rank. If you're a family full of level 4's, it's definitely worth leaving one spot open for a level 1 to join, so you can rank them for their efforts in the main rounds. This tier is definitely the wildcard though, so it's very hard to predict if the cost of level 1 ranks will increase or decrease in the rounds to come... only time will tell!

- Level 1 –

Click here for larger image: http://i65.tinypic.com/16hrp5t.png

The support killers tier is becoming harder and harder to rank in, especially with the increased prizes (where 1st place takes home a HUGE 300k credits). Round 859 saw Carnal with 14M KP, but then he was over doubled by Saul_Goodman in Round 861, who had a massive 30.3M KP. The last round (863) saw NHM (Spade) take it a step further and lock down the gold for an unbelievable 33.1M KP (again, that's got to be some kind of TMB Turbo record). One thing worth noting is that even though it's getting harder to get gold, it's actually getting easier to take 4th or 5th place.

In order to get a top 3 rank, you're going to have to build around 20M+ DU's, which is approximately 150K credits + a level 4 sub. This means, even if you get gold, you're only gaining approximately 150K credits once you account for how much you have to spend to get it. If you don't get first place, you're most likely losing credits going for the gold. It will be very interesting to see what happens if: (1) we get a no-range round for hits, or (2) if the competition will remain if the prizes revert back to their regular amounts.

There's been some huge pushes in game from many players (and trolls) to get Storm to bring back the Family Killer Medals. He hasn't budged an inch on this front, and remains firm in his resolve to never bring them back, but with the increasing amount of players who are interested in building DU's and killing, it will be interesting to see how things play out over the next few months.

– Supporter Killers –

Free killers have been pretty consistent over the past 3 rounds, with only a slight decrease in difficulty to take home gold. We had MigatteNoGokui take gold for 1.8M KP, then USA take gold for 1.7M KP, then most recently, McLovin take gold for 1.5M KP. Round 861 was the most competitive, with 3 players have over 1M KP. Anything over 650K KP should be enough to land you in the top 5, but don't count on that being enough for a medal. It's definitely harder than ever for free killers to break the 1M KP mark, with all the level 3's & 4's competing for that juicy 300K credit reward in the support killers tier.

Another thing I've noticed is that there are a handful of players each round who build DU's exclusively for attacking those who are going for killer ranks. They seem to be building, but staying at a low networth, and when they see someone start their killing run (which usually only lasts a couple hours at best), then they raise their networth and attack... just to stop the killers from getting their rank. These 'suicide bombers' may be trying to help out their friends by 'icing' the competition, so that it's easier for their friends to get a rank. This has almost always been done in main rounds, but we're seeing it more often in turbo rounds now too! If you're a free killer, you should keep an eye on all players with over 1M DU's ... not just the level 1's. I am happy to report that there's been less kill-feeding though, where family members are letting their buddies kill them. Let's keep things legit, and may the best killer win!

– Free Killers –

With the increased cost for JP's, it's definitely to be expected that Family Ranks have also slightly increased as well. Usually, you'll need about 300-400 trillion banked to secure a 1st place family rank. However, last round (863) we saw 1st place bank a MASSIVE 1179T. It may not seem like the biggest amount ever, but when you factor in that it's 10% banking per member, that's a LOT of cash to get banked.

Bank rolls are becoming more important than ever, under this rule set, as family bosses can no longer hope to just have the banker do a 'max bank' during the final seconds, and have that be enough to secure a legitimate family rank. We do still see some last minute banks, especially by those who are competing for the jackpot, but we're also seeing some early bank-ups with more than 30 minutes to go in the round, to lay down what I like to call a 'base bank' to ensure at least a top 5 spot.

Something that's surprising, when looking at the totals, is that the 5th place family spot (the last place that actually wins credits) is becoming a lot more expensive. In Round 859, it only cost 1.5T for 5th place (30k credits for all members), which is really a steal if you think about it. However, in the following rounds, we saw Death_Dealers pay 57.6T for 5th place in Round 861, and then Unemployment_Line pay 286.1T for 5th place in Round 863. It looks like the days of just getting 20 people to join, and winning an easy handful of credits is ... well, it's over! This is actually good news though, as it's showing that more people are joining and contributing in the turbo rounds, which means more competition, and more bragging rights to those who do rank.

With that said, it does make things more difficult for any new families (from the main round) to emerge in the turbo rounds -- especially looting families. As long as no one 'craps the bed' then the top 5 groups (in terms of subs & credits) from the main round should be able to secure a top 5 family spot in turbo rounds. It would be awesome to see some turbo-only families emerge, with players from various main round families getting together in turbo rounds to take over!

– Family Ranks –

Click here for larger image: http://i66.tinypic.com/imqn0j.png

Congratulations to all of the families, JP winners, and everyone else who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and I will see you all again next turbo round. Cheers folks!



If you have any interest in writing turbo or main round reviews, doing player interviews, or other types of blog posts, please message "Ink-Slinger" (preferred) or "Storm" in the main round. You will be paid in 'won credits' for your time -- the amount will be based on the quality of your posts, the length of your posts, and your tenure on the blog staff. This is an easy way to earn some extra credits, and only takes an hour or two per round to earn as many credits as some families earn over the course of 10 days. It's not a bad gig, and no previous experience is necessary. Also, Ink is a pleasure to work with, so please reach out if you're interested.