Howdy folks! Clutch here with another doubleheader turbo review for rounds 849 & 851. Both rounds featured a 10:1 ratio on credits added, but 849 allowed 20 members per family, while 851 only allowed 10 members per family. Both rounds also featured increased family prizes. Without further ado, let's take a look at how the rounds unfolded.

Round 849

Round 849 started hot-and-heavy, right off the bat. We saw several large builds, with 1.618 leading the pack by the 1 day mark and having one of the largest builds I've ever seen by the end of it. A couple of families were started early, which I'm personally a fan of, and most players under 4M DU's were wiped out before their KP reached above 300k.

Level 4 was a bit of a blowout this round, with 1.618's 100M+ OPs and 70M DU's -- holding over 5000T during the final hour. Everyone else was simply competing for second place. Scootch took the silver with a respectable 354T, and Max locked down the bronze with 230T. Superman was able to hold down the 4th place spot with 139T, and A snagged the 5th and final spot with 50T. Well done to all the high-rollers this round, especially 1.618!

from 1.618 (Rizzky)

THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT. CATCH YOU ALL IN A FEW MONTHS, hopefully better challenges when I am back.
-Level 4-

1. 1.618 $4,032,615,849,416,865
2. Scootch $354,004,316,656,923
3. Max $230,038,785,520,704
4. SUPERMAN $139,243,393,482,485
5. A $50,287,343,872,657

Level 3 was quite competitive this round, as there was a fair amount of cash left over from the level 4 ranks. There was a lot of movement during the last 5 minutes, but when all was said and done, Cypriot (the real one or fake?) was on top, with 145T, and Gadzooks following close behind with 120T. 88 locked up the bronze medal with a solid 75T, less than 8T more than Cold who was in 4th place (67.8T). JD rounded out the ranks with a respectable 54.8T. Congrats to the winners!

-Level 3-

1. CYPRIOT $145,027,933,131,573
2. Gadzooks $120,003,498,505,378
3. 88 $75,006,279,709,000
4. Cold $67,837,231,882,177
5. JD $54,809,331,520,011

In level 2, we saw a serious competition between Point_Blank and Palu_Man. They both had over 80T, with only 1.6T separating the two in the end. Point_Blank edged out the gold with 83T, and Palu_Man took the uncontested silver for 81.4T. For the bronze rank, we also saw a very close race, between Snikkel and Jiraiya, with only 2.5T separating the two. Snikkel locked down the bronze for 16.1T in the end, and Jiraiya settled for 4th with 13.6T. ImThatGuy sneaked in and took the 5th and final spot for only 5.6T. Well done!

-Level 2-

1. Point_Blank $83,001,473,712,736
2. Palu_Man $81,466,926,603,165
3. Snikkel $16,108,056,249,240
4. Jiraiya $13,676,807,482,534
5. ImThatGuy $5,602,812,009,803

Level 1 was a blowout with the gold going to GoldenGate, holding a huge 80 trillion. Sushi locked down the silver second place finish with 25.6T, and Swiper ended up with the bronze, holding 13.8T. Me and Real_Rogue duked-it-out for the remaining spots, with less than 1T separating them. Me took 4th place with 8T, and Real_Rogue rounded out the ranks with 7.3T. It looks like we're finally seeing lower levels join level 4 families and snagging some solid wins again. Good job!

-Level 1-

1. goLdeNgaTe $80,049,440,088,712
2. Sushi $25,673,901,265,135
3. Swiper $13,842,957,208,551
4. Me $8,021,171,645,002
5. Real_Rogue $7,363,274,855,076

Support killers was an interesting tier this round, with the huge build 1.618 had. Players pretty much needed his blessing to build, as he could zero literally anyone if he wanted to. 1.618 took the support killers gold with ease, only needing 10M KP to do so. Burn secured the silver second place finish with a respectable 5.1M KP, and Superman edged out Iced for the bronze spot by 60k KP, for totals of 4.4M KP and 4.26M KP, respectively. Weirdo managed to round out the ranks with only 1.5M KP. Congrats fellas!

-Supporter Killers-

1. 1.618 10,032,926
2. Burn 5,114,343
3. SUPERMAN 4,396,188
4. Iced 4,259,119
5. Weirdo 1,568,013

Free killers was very competitive this round, given the 10:1 ratio and many support killers that needed to be avoided. With 1 day remaining in the round, this tier could of went to any of the top 5, but in the end, it was A1 who managed to come out on top with a respectable 863K KP. 9 took the silver with 854K KP -- less than 10K KP below A1. Rumble was closely behind with 783K KP, which was enough to secure him the bronze. Real_Rogue and Hector rounded out the ranks with a smooth 617K KP and 575K KP, respectively. It's nice to see a round where little to no farming (free kills) were given. Great job on keeping it legit!

-Free Killers-

1. A1 863,015
2. 9 853,686
3. Rumble 783,011
4. Real_Rogue 617,255
5. Hector 575,552

Family ranks were very spread out, with no surprises. 1.618's family took the gold with 1284T banked, with Pinky_Blinders following almost 1000T behind to claim the second place silver. Burn_Notice secured the bronze with a respectable 125T banked (less than half of what Pinky_Blinders had). AllByMyself took home the 4th place with only 21T, and NewYrs_Crew rounded out the ranks with a measly 5.1T. The Grove family tried to rank, but didn't have enough cash to get into the top 5 -- better luck next time! Great job to all families involved!

-Collecting Family-

1. PERFECTION 1.618 $1,284,823,671,697,476
2. pinky_blinders Canada $298,985,016,139,769
3. Burn_Notice Burn $125,434,955,675,376
4. AllByMyself A $21,138,386,593,861
5. NewYrs_Crew Mr.GrEeNtHuMb $5,169,859,774,153
6. Grove Banana $7,714,917,998

Round 851

Round 851 started out very slowly, with a few individuals building early, but killing was almost nonexistent until the 1-day mark on the game clock. Mcreason looked to be the biggest build leading up to EOR, but many players chose to wait until the final hour to add their credits in, at a 10:1 ratio, which really mixed things up.

Level 4 was all over the place during the final 15 minutes, with multiple players having over 100T on hand. Many big collects were made, but at the end of it all, it was Faded who came out on top, blowing away the competition with a huge 1309T. Second place was secured by Dic with a respectable 225T, and RIPT took home the bronze with 190T. We saw a very close competition between Budoo and Rudimental for the 4th & 5th place - only 6 billion separating the two. Budoo took the fourth-place finish, and Rudimental had to settle for 5th. Congrats guys!

from Faded (ShayneG)

I just wanna say thank you to UC for the help!!! ... and I also wanna say f*** you all, for saying I'm a noob and a shitty player.
-Level 4-

1. Faded $1,309,795,866,063,764
2. Dic $225,290,358,470,050
3. RIPT $190,153,497,188,000
4. BUDOO $100,018,223,479,154
5. RUDIMENTAL $100,012,594,233,798

Level 3 had some healthy competition with 5th place going to Qwerty, holding 20.8T. Uranus ended up in 4th place, with 26T, and J7 locked down the bronze with a respectable 30T. LazloMorphine was aiming for first place, with 40.9T on hand, but was beaten easily by MolassesNasses, and ended up in 2nd place. MolassesNasses's 125T was enough to secure the gold, and it also made a statement to the game, that first place medals in level 3 are worth spending for (unlike what we've seen in the past, as recent as only a few rounds ago). Well done to all winners!

-Level 3-

1. MolassesNasses $125,038,253,713,025
2. LazloMorphine $40,940,131,857,005
3. J7 $30,013,448,825,000
4. Uranus $26,124,045,804,792
5. Qwerty $20,810,325,882,932

Level 2 was pretty much up in the air until the final 10 minutes. It looked like 999 was going to take an easy gold, but then we saw three other players jump in to make it interesting. Tommy ended up on top with a large 85.4T cash stack, which secured him the gold medal. With less than 2 minutes to go, we saw 1337 move from level 1 to level 2 and go for it. It looked like he had the silver medal secured, but in the final minute, DarkSyndicate came out of nowhere with a 40T cash stack, to take silver. 1337 ended up in third with 26.7T, and 999 finished in 4th place with 16.5T. Maxer_here rounded out the ranks with only 6T to take the 5th and final spot. Well played, Tommy!

-Level 2-

1. Tommy $85,459,752,972,068
2. DarkSyndicate $40,048,056,379,263
3. 1337 $26,762,763,289,147
4. 999 $16,506,308,060,704
5. MAXER_HERE $6,006,776,675,601

Level 1 was looking to be a bit cheaper this round, since it was only 10 players per family, and most families with a lot of cash didn't have any level 1's. Horror took 5th place with only 829B -- not bad for some easy won turns. Lenovo ended up in 4th place with exactly 2 trillion, and Wish secured the 3rd place bronze with just over 2 trillion (84B more than Lenovo had). I_suck_dick locked down the silver second place with 10T, and the big winner was "MR_BIG" (and we can see why) with 50T to take home the level 1 gold. Well done and congratulations to all!

-Level 1-

1. MR_BIG $50,000,575,465,194
2. i_sUCK_dICK $10,007,533,395,395
3. Wish $2,084,974,922,369
4. Lenovo $2,000,663,913,001
5. Horror $829,175,234,561

Support killers was a bit surprising to me, as mcreason had built fairly large early, but didn't really engage in much killing. He ended up in 5th place with just under 2.9M KP. We saw a last minute battle for 3rd place between HardHeadBtHrAsSoft & Ace. In the end, it was HardHeadBtHrAsSoft who came out on top, with 4.7M KP to Ace's 4.2M KP. The second-place silver went to Dirty, who had a respectable 9.8M KP. 1st place was taken by "1" who had a HUGE 18.1M KP -- there was no way anyone was going to catch up to him. Well played, good sir!

-Supporter Killers-

1. 1 18,115,032
2. Dirty 9,828,485
3. HardHeadBtHrAsSoft 4,742,668
4. Ace 4,198,389
5. mcreason 2,884,233

Free killers was very interesting, as most killing was done before players had joined families. With 10 hours to go, 1337 was on top with over 1.3M KP, but he moved up to level 2 during EOR, which left the gold medal uncontested. Saber took gold with nearly 1.4M KP of his own, more than 600K KP above 2nd place, which went to CaCaPuffs, who had 754K KP. Pipa locked down the bronze for only 660K KP, and was followed by YSL & Alcopop who had 355K KP and 220K KP, respectively. Saber was able to rack up 1.3M KP in only a couple hours, which is usually only possible to do if you're farming (having people build just the right amount, and letting you kill them). I'm not saying this is for-sure what he did, but it does look very suspect, as he came out of nowhere with an average build at best. Nevertheless, well done to all winners!

-Free Killers-

1. saber 1,386,730
2. CaCaPuffs 754,040
3. Pipa 660,832
4. YSL 355,904
5. Alcopop 220,103

The family ranks were filled by 7 families this round, as the rules only allowed for 10 players per family -- leaving many players unable to join their main round family/union's turbo family, due to limited capacity. Playgames ended up taking the gold with a very respectable 412T. NoLickyLicky secured the silver, second place finish with 343T, and Hood-Rats locked down the third-place bronze with 144T. PoppyFarm followed closely behind with 136T of their own, to take 4th place, and The_Tribesman, led by Enfufu (who started his family very early into the round) rounded out the ranks with 70T to take the 5th and final spot. Sideways_Shooting was definitely in the mix, but only had less than 50T to work with, so they decided to unbank and go for tiers instead. Ronin ... well, I don't really know what they were trying to do, but at least they didn't waste much cash trying to rank, as the 126B was banked by someone who was offline for EOR (if my sources are correct). Congratulations to all the families who ranked!

from Scratch

With the holidays over, most of our guys have taken a step back and are focusing on work and making money in RL. Game time for our motley crew has been less and less recently, but we were still able to come together in the last 20 min and collect our way to a nice, unexpected medal.
-Collecting Family-

1. Playgames OhDontDoIt $412,053,980,366,209
2. NoLickyLicky Scratch $343,625,610,932,746
3. Hood-Rats Crypto $144,262,133,410,559
4. PoppyFarm LazloMorphine $136,079,224,756,022
5. The_Tribesman Enfufu $70,738,603,029,986
6. Sideways_Shooting 1337 $3,821,974,381,394
7. Ronin MEME $126,645,850,441

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Congrats again to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!